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1. Abbreviation: Afo Any of a class of external orthopedic appliances, braces, or splints devised to control, limit, or assist foot and ankle motion and provide leg support. Typically, orthotics are made of lightweight materials such as thermoplastics.

Abbreviation, Afo, Any, Appliances, Assist, And, Ankle, Are, As

2. An ankle-foot orthosis, or Afo, is a support intended to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities. Afos can be used to support weak limbs, or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position.

An, Ankle, Afo, And, Afos

3. AliMed is a trusted leader for Afos, offering a wide selection of sizes (from pediatric to adult styles, with weight capacities up to 350 lbs.) and materials (from prefabricated polypropylene to …

Alimed, Afos, Adult, And

4. Ankle foot orthosis (or Afo or foot drop brace) is a recent development in the medical field which is designed to help people having a weak ankle joint problems such as paralysis, damage to the nerve, or irritation in the lower leg.

Ankle, Afo, As

5. Boston Orthotics & Prosthetics is an expert in manufacturing and fitting ankle foot orthotics (Afos) for the treatment of defects and abnormalities in the lower legs due to congenital abnormalities, disease, injury, trauma, or other conditions.

Amp, An, And, Ankle, Afos, Abnormalities

6. The Afo must fulfill the purposes of medical aids and provide a therapeutic benefit

Afo, Aids, And

7. Aquatic Facility Operator (Afo) Certification The National Recreation and Park Association offers the premier certification program in swimming pool operations, the Aquatic Facility Operator (Afo) certification

Aquatic, Afo, And, Association

8. The Afo program provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date training for pool operators and includes information on water chemistry

Afo, And

9. Afo stands in solidarity with the API community

Afo, Api

10. An ankle-foot orthosis (Afo) is a hard brace worn on the lower leg that improves overall walking safety and efficiency for people with certain medical conditions

An, Ankle, Afo, And

11. Afos provide gait stability, keep joints properly aligned, and help compensate for muscle weakness

Afos, Aligned, And

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14. Afo: Authorised Firearms Officer (UK police) Afo: Advanced Furniture Outfitters (Bryan, OH) Afo: Armed Forces Only: Afo: Advanced Force Operations (US DoD) Afo: Additional Forms: Afo: Air Failure Open (valve operation mode) Afo: Alzheimer's Family Organization (Florida) Afo: Axial Force Only (engineering) Afo: Auxiliary Fuel Oil: Afo: Awaiting

Afo, Authorised, Advanced, Armed, Additional, Air, Alzheimer, Axial, Auxiliary, Awaiting

15. We created Afo to be as simple as possible to get started playing

Afo, As

16. Make sure] When the Afo site is finished loading, you will see the title screen.


17. An ankle foot orthosis (Afo) is a brace that provides correction, support, or protection to the ankle or foot

An, Ankle, Afo

18. Learn how to care for an Afo, including how to clean it.

An, Afo

19. An Afo is a police officer who has been selected, trained, accredited and authorised by their chief officer to carry a firearm operationally. MORE GUN COPS; Region's firearms officer numbers to increase in fight to combat terrorism

An, Afo, Accredited, And, Authorised

20. Usually, an Afo is absolutely essential if you have foot drop. Rather than letting your toes drag on the ground, they help your ankle to keep your foot in place so that you can move safely and prevent falls after stroke.

An, Afo, Absolutely, Ankle, And, After

21. The gold standard for custom-fabricated ankle foot orthoses (Afos) since 1994, our devices are helping hundreds of thousands of patients lead more comfortable, more independent lives.

Ankle, Afos, Are

22. Afo filtering works with PC's, Macs, Smart Phones, Linux and more.

Afo, And

23. Afo is short for ankle-foot orthosis, which is a support to provide direct control of the position and motion of the ankle and foot to improve gait

Afo, Ankle, And

24. The goal of Afo use is to stabilize the foot and ankle and provide toe clearance during the swing phase of gait

Afo, And, Ankle

25. Ankle Foot Orthosis Support Afo Leaf Spring Splint, Padded Drop Foot Brace & Ankle Foot Support for Foot Drop, Stroke, Achilles Tendon Injury, Keeping Foot in Straight Right Angle - Right (Medium) $52.99 $ 52

Ankle, Afo, Amp, Achilles, Angle

26. Ankle–foot orthoses (Afos) are used in two ways: first as an aid for ambulation, providing both support and assistance and allowing the patient to move through the various stages of gait

Ankle, Afos, Are, As, An, Aid, Ambulation, And, Assistance, Allowing

27. The Afo can be articulated at the ankle with various types of ankle joints that will limit or assist dorsiflexion and plantarflexion as needed.

Afo, Articulated, At, Ankle, Assist, And, As

28. Cotton Knee High Afo Sock, designed for Afo's


29. Our Afo Sock, designed by an orthotist for children and adults wearing an ankle foot orthosis

Afo, An, And, Adults, Ankle

30. What is the Afo? The Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (Afo) is the uniting organization and the political voice of Francophonie in Ontario

Afo, Assembl, And

31. Protosthetics also offers the Zero G Afo which is an off the shelf offloading boot designed to alleviate 90% of weight bearing on the ankle and foot

Also, Afo, An, Alleviate, Ankle, And

32. The Zero G Afo consists of the calf lacer, silicone interface, and Afo base which can each be ordered in different sizing to achieve best fit and results.

Afo, And, Achieve

33. The Aquatic Facility Operator (Afo) certification provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date training on operations, mechanical systems, water chemistry, disinfection, safety and much more

Aquatic, Afo, And

34. Afo certification will help you or your staff better understand the entire pool system and run all types of aquatic facilities safely, efficiently and

Afo, And, All, Aquatic

35. An ankle–foot orthosis (Afo) is an orthosis or brace that encumbers the ankle and foot

An, Ankle, Afo, And

36. Afos are externally applied and intended to control position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities

Afos, Are, Applied, And, Ankle

37. Afos can be used to support weak limbs, or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position.


38. Foot Braces, Afos, Splints When dealing with certain foot conditions – whether a sprain, break, tear or structural disorder – one of the most effective ways to treat pain is through a foot brace or splint.


39. Afo: Advanced Force Operations (US DoD) Afo: Auxiliary Fuel Oil: Afo: Awaiting Further Occurrence: Afo: Announced Flight Opportunity: Afo: Announcement of Flight Opportunities: Afo: Accounting & Finance Office/r: Afo: Alaska Field Office: Afo: Available for Obligations: Afo: Army Finance Officer: Afo: Area Finance Officer (various organizations)

Afo, Advanced, Auxiliary, Awaiting, Announced, Announcement, Accounting, Amp, Alaska, Available, Army, Area

40. Afo's are made in many different styles, according to the medical, bio-mechanical and environmental needs of the individual

Afo, Are, According, And

41. Contact us for a no charge assessment to fund out if an Afo is appropriate for you.

Assessment, An, Afo, Appropriate

42. The other OTC Afo that we recommend is the Ossur Afo Light


43. This carbon-fiber Afo provides necessary support only where it is needed, eliminating unnecessary bulk and providing a cosmetically appealing look

Afo, And, Appealing

44. Afo, KAfo, and SMO Socks by SmartKnit and Core-Spun are form-fitting, durable interfaces designed to be worn under the orthosis to provide patients protection and comfort

Afo, And, Are

45. The Afo evaluation process includes an assessment of muscle strength and joint mobility, careful examination of an individual’s walking pattern, and thoughtful consideration of any underlying disease processes

Afo, An, Assessment, And, Any

46. Following your evaluation, your orthotist will select or design the appropriate Afo

Appropriate, Afo

47. A hinged Afo allows free ankle motion, resulting in a more normalized gait pattern and ankle power

Afo, Allows, Ankle, And

48. However, a hinged Afo is only appropriate if more severe spasticity is not present

Afo, Appropriate

49. Medical Afo abbreviation meaning defined here

Afo, Abbreviation

50. What does Afo stand for in Medical? Get the top Afo abbreviation related to Medical.

Afo, Abbreviation

51. Ankle-foot orthoses (Afos) are among the most commonly prescribed lower limb orthoses

Ankle, Afos, Are, Among

52. The FBI is seeking to identify individuals involved in violent assaults on federal law enforcement officers (Afo) at the U.S

Assaults, Afo, At

53. Absolute Force Online, a video game; Academia Film Olomouc; Advanced Force Operations; Aero Force One, a fan club for the rock band Aerosmith; Afghan Film Organization; Afo Dodoo (born 1973), Ghanaian footballer; Afo Records, the first African-American owned record label in the US; Air Force One (disambiguation)

Absolute, Academia, Advanced, Aero, Aerosmith, Afghan, Afo, African, American, Air

54. For Ankle-Foot Orthoses (Afo) and Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (KAfo) definitions of off-the-shelf and custom fitted, refer to the CODING GUIDELINES section in the LCD-related Policy Article

Ankle, Afo, And, Article

55. Afos NOT USED DURING AMBULATION: An L4396 or L4397 (Static or dynamic positioning ankle-foot orthosis) is covered if either all of criteria 1 - 4 or

Afos, Ambulation, An, Ankle, All

56. Once installed, the Afo system continuously monitors the integrity of all the pipes and provides notification to trained personnel if a potential problem is detected in any pipe section

Afo, All, And, Any

57. Shop ankle foot orthosis Afo brace products - static, dynamic, carbon fiber, plastic, & more

Ankle, Afo, Amp

58. Afo andre ba no sia'a mböwö: eluahania, Afo la be'e ba dekhe tanö yawa ba ngawalö genoli hada ba nono niha

Afo, Andre

59. Afo basö-basö dödö: Afo tobali fangokafu dödö


60. Afo fangebolo dödö; Amaedola Sanötöi Afo

Afo, Amaedola

61. Military Afo abbreviation meaning defined here

Afo, Abbreviation

62. What does Afo stand for in Military? Get the top Afo abbreviation related to Military.

Afo, Abbreviation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AFO stand for in America?

Americans for Oxford, Inc. (AFO), the University's primary charitable organization in North America, accepts gifts in support of Oxford and its Colleges. It enables Oxford to maintain and enhance its tradition as one of the great universities of the world.

What does the name AFO mean?

ankle-foot orthosis. Abbreviation: AFO. Any of a class of external orthopedic appliances, braces, or splints devised to control, limit, or assist foot and ankle motion and provide leg support.

What does AFOs stand for?

The meaning of AFOS abbreviation is "Anterior Fontanelle Open and Soft". What is AFOS abbreviation? One of the definitions of AFOS is "Anterior Fontanelle Open and Soft".

What does AFO stand for in medical category?

AFO stands for ankle-foot orthoses. An AFO carbon fiber brace, or carbon fiber AFO brace, is the latest medical breakthrough for managing foot drop. Foot drop is a condition in which a person has difficulty lifting their ankle and toes while walking, stepping forward and running.

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