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1. Affordances are properties of objects which show users the actions they can take

2. Users should be able to perceive Affordances without having to consider how to use the items

3. See why Affordances are key to …

4. Affordances are relationships between a physical object or a digital one and a person. Affordances help determine how an object can be used

5. The key is that Affordances are relationships

6. Affordances, or clues in the environment that indicate possibilities for action, are perceived in a direct, immediate way with no sensory processing

7. The theory of Affordances, a conceptual pillar of the ecological approach to perception and action, has the potential to become a guiding principle for research on perception and action in sport

8. Affordances are opportunities for action

9. When applied to design, Affordances are visual clues that make designs easier to use and encourage the users to undertake the intended actions

10. Affordances are action possibilities in the environment

11. The available Affordances vary for each individual and depend on the individual’s abilities, intentions and the characteristics of the environment

12. Our perception is mostly aimed at perceiving Affordances, and the Affordances we perceive are shaped by our abilities and prior experiences.

13. Similarly to the nature of a CLA, Affordances exist – they are properties of the environment that are ‘real’, emerging and decaying naturally.

14. In other words, Affordances are the actions that the design of an object suggests to its user

15. Affordances provide strong clues so that no instructions or labels are needed: a design with labels is often a bad design and this is also true in the case of computing artefacts.

16. Don Norman description: "The proper Affordances exist to make the desired action possible." Although this seems like a very simple concept, it is the one that seems to have confused readers of this book the most

17. When many people talk about Affordances, they describe them as stimuli that show users what actions can be done

18. There are perceived Affordances for what you consume and what you build, you just need to recognize them and analyze their tradeoffs

19. Like interaction in general, Affordances are underutilized in visualization

20. That is partly understandable, since Affordances always play off of physical things, even as parts of user interfaces, and visualization can be very abstract

21. 'Affordances' are a characteristic of an object which makes it obvious how that object will be used (Norman, 1988)

22. Toms (1997) suggested that, like any interface object, text has 'Affordances' which are activated when a user interacts with the text and are directly influenced by …

23. Affordances are the characteristics of a space that encourage certain behaviors

24. This course presents the physical, emotional, and cognitive Affordances employees need in order to do their work, as well as the role of the workplace in providing support.

25. In “Technologies, Texts and Affordances”, Ian Hutchby proposes a middle ground between realism, “the view that worldly objects have inherent properties that act as constraints on observational accounts” and contructivism, “the view that the very ‘reality’ of objects is itself an outcome of discursive practices in relation to the object” (Hutchby 443).

26. What is Technological Affordances? Definition of Technological Affordances: This term is used to refer to new technologies and what tasks users can possibly perform with technologies at their disposal

27. For example, danah boyd has stated that the "Affordances" of "networked publics" include things like the persistence of information within them, and the ease by which information can be reproduced and transmitted far beyond its initial context of production

28. Affordances and visual consistency are important concepts in user interface design

29. Hidden Affordances occur when there are possibilities for action, but the person does not directly perceive them

30. This paper examines the Affordances of Reddit, a digital media platform where Users share and discuss content

31. The aim of the study was to understand the Affordances of Reddit, and how the Affordances of Reddit through various features of the platform lead to outcomes, specifically those relating to political loyalty and the creation of political narratives.

32. Gibson: …highly influential theory of “Affordances,” which are qualities of an object or environment that communicate opportunities to do certain things (e.g., dark shade indicates an opportunity to get out of the sunshine; a thick cushion signals the availability of comfortable seating).

33. For Gibson, Affordances have to do with the limits of potentiality for an object — what can be done with it, not what is done with it

34. Concerned with design, Norman talks about perceived Affordances in terms of communicating the proper use of an object through design choices, and not about the total scope of potentiality of an object.

35. On a Kindle, the four Affordances work together to make it user-friendly and accessible

36. It made good use of all four Affordances in order to be marketable

37. These implicit Affordances can exist because of long standing learned behaviours, and unless it is a very common interaction, its best not to hide Affordances in your digital interfaces without some signal or clues for how to use them.

38. Affordances are also often sensitive to small physical changes

39. The idea of Affordances is especially helpful for anyone interested in play space design

40. Drawing on the concept of Affordances (Gibson 1979), the article argues for a recognition of the constraining, as well as enabling, materiality of artefacts

41. “The Affordances of Social Media Platforms.” In The SAGE Handbook of Social Media, edited by Jean Burgess, Thomas Poell, and Alice Marwick

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What is the meaning of affordances?

Affordances are relationships between a physical object or a digital one and a person. Affordances help determine how an object can be used. The key is that affordances are relationships. Look at the word affordances. The root is afford. Affordances help people understand what actions an object affords.

What is an object affordance?

Thus, an object’s affordances depend on users’ physical capabilities and their goals and past experiences. A chair only affords “sitting,” because past experience supports that action. Don Norman’s definition of affordances as perceivable action possibilities soon became the predominant one in HCI and UX design.

What are affordances in Microsoft?

Affordances are properties of objects which show users the actions they can take. Users should be able to perceive affordances without having to consider how to use the items. For instance, a button can be designed to look as if it needs to be turned or pushed. See why affordances are key to users’ desired actions.

Are affordances perceivable?

However, in human-computer interaction (HCI) expert Don Norman’s 1988 book, The Design of Everyday Things, affordances became defined as perceivable action possibilities—i.e., only actions users consider possible. Thus, an object’s affordances depend on users’ physical capabilities and their goals and past experiences.

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