Use affirms in a sentence

Word suggestions (3): Affirm, Affirmed, Affirming




  - state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.

  - offer (someone) emotional support or encouragement.


declare, state, assert, aver, proclaim, pronounce, attest, swear, avow, vow,

"Affirms" in Example Sentences

1. How to use affirm in a sentence. Example sentences with the word affirm. affirm example sentences. Definitions . Synonyms . and with Charles Nisard that his object seems to be to deny all that Cardan affirms and to affirm all that Cardan denies. It may be that we first of all of'h primitively or spontaneously affirm cause, substance, sophy.
2. If it be true, as Bishop Alcock of Ely affirms, that Lydgate wrote a poem on the loss of France and Gascony, it seems necessary to suppose that he lived two years longer, and thus indications point to the year 1451, or thereabouts, as the date of his death.
3. Use "affirms" in a sentence " After all, this bass is the instrument of his youth, one of his iconic symbols, as Mr. Carlin affirms on the way to this muddle-up of the moment: It is his Rosebud, his Excalibur.
4. Here are 65 fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "affirms".
5. Example sentences for: affirms How can you use “affirms” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: As for the divisive issue of whether the Mass is a sacrifice for the remission of sins, the statement affirms that "Christ's death upon the cross
6. Sentence Examples for affirms. Josephus suggests, and Jerome, apparently following him, affirms, that the name is identical with that of the Ishmaelite tribe of Nebaioth (Gen. How to use affirms in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of affirms.
7. It affirms something that the audience might have doubts about. Go. You use frustration in a sentence when the subject person is upset, mad, or confused, because of a situation that is
8. Examples of affirms in a Sentence. Raphael Chiche:. Chris Brown affirms that there was no sexual relationship with the complainant.. Muhammadu Buhari:. Your vote affirms that you believe Nigeria's future can be better than what it is today, you voted for change, and now change has come.. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.: On the whole, I am on the side of the unregenerate who affirms the worth of
9. The argument affirms a first cause, or uncaused cause.; Josephus suggests, and Jerome, apparently following him, affirms, that the name is identical with that of the Ishmaelite tribe of Nebaioth (Gen. The first law affirms that every body, so far as it is altogether unaffected by extraneous causes, always perseveres in the same state of motion or of rest; and the second law that simple or
10. Affirmed in a sentence. Faithfulness to one another is a long affirmed Christian value and can strengthen the relationship. 0. upheld in a sentence affirming in a sentence affirms in a sentence affirm in a sentence has upheld in a sentence
11. 85+1 sentence examples: 1. Her mother was a dedicated apostle of healthy eating. 2. Here the apostle Peter affirms his belief that the Scriptures are'inspired '. 3. That is an odd prescription from an apostle of efficiency: you pay your most producti
12. Actually no :) the examples are good, but you translated "ja" the way "doch" would be translated. "ja" does not seek affirmation that openly. It affirms and there might be different reasons why such affirmation would be put into a sentence. In the first example it might well be intended as a sort of reproach like
13. Second Circuit affirms Sentence Based on Correct Application of Career Offender Guideline, Yet Majority of Panel Agrees the Result is “Unjust” and “Close to Absurd”
14. affirms quotes from YourDictionary: God, Most High, is the very one who Himself affirms His unity by the tongue of whatever of His creatures He wishes. If He Himself affirms His unity by my tongue, it is He and His affair. Otherwise, brother, I have no
15. Svatantrya in a sentence - Use "svatantrya" in a sentence 1. The theory of " Svatantrya " affirms that " Shiva ", the fundamental reality, appears as distinct subjects and objects, but this does not conceal his real nature. 2. Here, creation is considered real, and the will to create is considered free and unfettered .
16. I think this sentence may need to be edited (too long, perhaps?) but i'm mainly focused on my use of 'lack thereof'. I want to be positive that it is appropriate. Any other revisions would be helpful. Here it is: Though the nature of violence itself affirms its prevention, as it is dependent upon the intent of those by which it is employed, its removal altogether is unlikely because both
17. Home > Gdp in a sentence. By analyzing the relations between import and export and China's GDP growth, this paper affirms the importance of import trade to GDP growth impetus. 20. Artificial lighting, despite huge efficiency improvements, has cost a constant percentage of GDP for three centuries.
18. Sixth Circuit affirms Sentence Enhancement Based on Acquitted Conduct--United States v. White, 551 F.3d 381 (6th Cir. 2008) The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides a criminal defendant with the right to a trial by an impartial jury. (1) If a jury convicts a criminal defendant
19. The constituent parts of a sentence are noun and verb phrases (Owens, 2001). Radford (2007) defined sentences as follows: Affirmative sentence-sentence that affirms a proposition, Negative sentence-states that something is not true or incorrect, Interrogative sentence-asks a question.
20. Colossians affirms this in the first chapter when. But, whereas Krishn affirms in the chapter that God. The Bible affirms that man does not live on bread. Krishn affirms that only men of perfection can see God. What affirms that which we have said is God's saying:. It is up to the person who affirms anything to prove it. affirms that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent – there is.
21. CRIMINAL LAW--LIFE SENTENCES WITHOUT PAROLE--SUPREME COURT OF MISSISSIPPI affirms A SENTENCE OF LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE FOR A JUVENILE OFFENDER.--Chandler v. State, 242 So. 3d 65 (Miss. 2018) (en banc). Under the Supreme Court's Eighth Amendment jurisprudence, life without parole (LWOP) is reserved for
22. Position of for sure in a sentence. Discussion in 'English Only' started by awa131, Oct 25, 2014. Previous Thread Next Thread. Loading awa131 Senior Member. #1 is OK because "for sure" clearly affirms "left". #3 is OK because "for sure" clearly affirms the entire preceding sentence. panjandrum, Oct 25, 2014 #5. Previous Thread Next Thread.

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