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1. Definition of Affirmably in the dictionary


2. What does Affirmably mean? Information and translations of Affirmably in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Affirmably, And

3. Affirmably definitions In an affirmable manner.

Affirmably, An, Affirmable

4. Affirmably (comparative more Affirmably, superlative most Affirmably)


5. (redirected from Affirmably) Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial.

Affirmably, Also

6. Example sentences with "Affirmably", translation memory Our position is also duly reflected in the relevant resolutions adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations with the affirmative vote of my country, as one of the many countries that so firmly support these resolutions.

Affirmably, Also, Adopted, Assembly, Affirmative, As

7. And a levee break in Western Nevada today sent a wall of frigid water gushing into a town Affirmably.

And, Affirmably

8. If it didn't know that the United States was solidly and Affirmably in its corner and the same is true with respect to other concessions that …

And, Affirmably

9. Synonyms for Affirmably in Free Thesaurus


10. The latest posts from Affirmably


11. It’ll help them cleanse their psyche and to maintain their focus Affirmably

And, Affirmably

12. "Affirmably" Meaning in Urdu is "توثیق پذیری سے، توثیق کرتے ہوۓ" We are showing all the meanings of word "Affirmably" even it is noun, verb or adjective

Affirmably, Are, All, Adjective

13. Adverbs for affirmation include Affirmably, affirmationally, affirmatively and affirmingly

Adverbs, Affirmation, Affirmably, Affirmationally, Affirmatively, And, Affirmingly

14. You can see that the words Affirmably and loyal, which are an adverb, and an adjective, receptively, have been changed so as to become nouns affirmation and loyalty

Affirmably, And, Are, An, Adverb, Adjective, As, Affirmation

15. The only sentence where Affirmably is transformed into a noun is C.


16. Since she was Affirmably loyal, keysha was able to become a secret agent

Affirmably, Able, Agent

17. A) Since she was Affirmably loyal, Keysha was able to become a secret agent

Affirmably, Able, Agent

18. Since she was Affirmably loyal, Keysha was able to become a secret agent

Affirmably, Able, Agent

19. In which revised sentence did Alexander change the underlined word to use it as an noun? A.) Since she was Affirmably loyal, Keysha was able to become a secret agent

Alexander, As, An, Affirmably, Able, Agent

20. From the time of our initial interaction we aim to have you feel welcomed, respectfully and Affirmably into our skin care family

Aim, And, Affirmably

21. I Affirmably believe that the designs are worked by both mind and heart

Affirmably, Are, And

22. 🆕️ Maybe I'm not the nicest living being in the world, but I won't even strive to be if instead of sending me a first message greeting respectfully / Affirmably, they put me ′′ value ", ′′ hello value ′′ ′′ price ′′ etc


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