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1. Affiliated definition is - closely associated with another typically in a dependent or subordinate position

Affiliated, Associated, Another

2. How to use Affiliated in a sentence.


3. 4 synonyms of Affiliated from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Affiliated, And, Antonyms

4. Find another word for Affiliated

Another, Affiliated

5. Affiliated Bank offers a full suite of personal and commercial banking products and services, supported by a robust technology platform

Affiliated, And

6. Affiliated Metals, a division of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., is a provider of products and services that are recognized as essential critical infrastructure pursuant to the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in its March 19, 2020 Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19

Affiliated, Amp, Aluminum, And, Are, As, Agency

7. Welcome Affiliated Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians has been dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care since 1982, in a compassionate and cost-effective manner

Affiliated, And

8. Find 5 ways to say Affiliated, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Affiliated, Along, Antonyms, And, At

9. Affiliated definition, being in close formal or informal association; related: a letter sent to all Affiliated clubs; a radio network and its Affiliated local stations

Affiliated, Association, All, And

10. Affiliated provided an initial risk analysis and created a management plan that easily laid out the prioritized steps we needed to complete to get compliant

Affiliated, An, Analysis, And

11. Affiliated Importers has 23 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and importing furniture

Affiliated, And

12. Affiliated Engineering Laboratories is an engineering consulting firm experienced in offering services covering all principle engineering disciplines including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Industrial, Controls, Safety and Materials

Affiliated, An, All, And

13. Affiliated: adjective allied , associated , closely allied , closely related , confederated , connected , coupled , incorporated , intimately allied, intimately

Affiliated, Adjective, Allied, Associated

14. For more than 30 years Affiliated Physicians has provided preventative healthcare services to individuals and companies across the country

Affiliated, And, Across

15. Affiliated Dermatologists and Dermatologic Surgeons, P.A

Affiliated, And

16. Welcome to Affiliated Dermatologists and The Skin & Laser Center, your source for expert dermatological care in Brookfield, New Berlin, Waukesha, and Germantown, Wisconsin

Affiliated, And, Amp

17. Affiliated Dermatologists of Virginia is committed to providing a safe environment for all patients and staff

Affiliated, All, And

18. As a medical and surgical practice, Affiliated Dermatology® is open and committed to providing dermatological services

As, And, Affiliated

19. Affiliated Communications provides businesses of all sizes across all industries with quality voice and data communication platforms – all within one simplified invoice

Affiliated, All, Across, And

20. Affiliated is the largest authorized distributor of Gamewell - FCI by Honeywell fire alarm products in the Chicagoland Area

Affiliated, Authorized, Alarm, Area

21. Affiliated Dentists East Office


22. Mission Hospital Affiliated Physicians, St


23. Joseph Hospital Affiliated Physicians and St

Affiliated, And

24. Jude Affiliated Physicians have come together as a network of dedicated health care professionals with one central vision – making our community its healthiest.

Affiliated, As

25. Affiliated definition: If an organization is Affiliated with another larger organization, it is officially Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Affiliated, An, Another, And

26. Affiliated Control was founded in 1963, and is still a family owned company today

Affiliated, And

27. What is the Affiliated Fund? The Fund seeks to deliver long-term growth of capital and current income by investing primarily in dividend-paying stocks of large U.S

Affiliated, And

28. True to its mandate, the Affiliated Fund is focused on companies that pay dividends.


29. Is the company Affiliated to or with the pension plan? I suspect both are OK, but is there a diiference in meaning? or is one British usage and the other American? thxs

Affiliated, Are, And, American

30. Affiliated Eye Surgeons offers a broad spectrum of eye care services to the metropolitan Phoenix area ranging from routine eye exams, cataract surgery, refractive surgery and laser surgery

Affiliated, Area, And

31. Affiliated providers belong to a local medical group that we have contracted with to provide care to Kaiser Permanente members.


32. Affiliated Orthopaedic Specialists, PA, is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of orthopaedic care


33. Every doctor at Affiliated Orthopaedic Specialists is …

At, Affiliated

34. Affiliated Company means any partnership, corporation, limited liability company, trust or other entity directly or indirectly Affiliated or under common Ownership or Control with the Corporation including, without limitation, any subsidiary, holding company or intermediary company (as those or similar terms are defined under the Gaming Laws of any applicable Gaming Jurisdictions), in each

Affiliated, Any, As, Are, Applicable

35. Affiliated Warehouse Companies works direct with reputable public warehouses and contract warehouses in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Affiliated, And

36. Affiliated Advisors, founded by Rita Robbins in 1994, is a leading national advisor network supported by Rita’s partnership with independent broker-dealer Royal Alliance, a member of Advisor Group

Affiliated, Advisors, Advisor, Alliance

37. Affiliated Steam and Hot Water serves customers in a wide and varied range of industries, including: food processing, pharmaceuticals, concrete, laundry, …

Affiliated, And

38. 265(a)(2) when an Affiliated group member borrows funds and transfers them to another member, who then invests them in exempt obligations, However, the Tax Court addressed this issue in H Enterprises Int'l, Inc., TC Memo 1998-97, aff'd, 183 F3d 907 (8th Cir.

An, Affiliated, And, Another, Addressed, Aff

39. Affiliated students are non-UMMC students enrolled at external academic institutions who are engaged in educational experiences at UMMC to meet learning objectives for the external academic programs

Affiliated, Are, At, Academic

40. They are Affiliated with UMMC for an academic semester or a portion of an academic semester

Are, Affiliated, An, Academic

41. Affiliated students are supported with current, binding affiliation agreements between UMMC and the

Affiliated, Are, Affiliation, Agreements, And

42. Affiliated Bank is pleased to offer a positive, team-oriented work environment! Our competitive benefit package includes the following:


43. Affiliated Entity means any corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other form of legal entity in which a majority of the partnership or other similar interest thereof is owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the Company or one or more of its Subsidiaries or Affiliated Entities or a combination thereof.For purposes hereof, the Company, a Subsidiary or an Affiliated

Affiliated, Any, An

44. Make payment processing for your recurring memberships painless and affordable with Affiliated Acceptance

And, Affordable, Affiliated, Acceptance

45. Affiliated Practices & Practitioners

Affiliated, Amp

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AFFILIATED [əˈfilēˌādəd]

Frequently Asked Questions

What affiliated means?

Definition of Affiliates. Affiliates means all persons and entities directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by or under common control with the Company, where control may be by management authority, equity interest or otherwise.

What does affiliated company mean?

Affiliated Companies. Definition - What does Affiliated Companies mean? Affiliated companies refer to a company and a parent company that holds less than 50% ownership and is therefore the minority shareholder. In addition, companies may also be considered affiliated if they are both owned by a parent company.

What is the noun for affiliated?

Noun affiliate (plural affiliates) Someone or something, especially, a television station, that is associated with a larger, related organization, such as a television network; a member of a group of associated things. Our local TV channel is an affiliate of NBC.

What is affiliated person?

affiliated person. Definition. A person who is able to exert influence on a corporation, often as a result of minority ownership.

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