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AFFABILITY [ˌafəˈbilədē]

affability (noun)

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1. Condescendingness, condescension - Affability to your inferiors and temporary disregard for differences of position or rank; "the queen's condescension was intended to make us feel comfortable" mellowness - geniality, as through the effects of alcohol or marijuana

2. Noun the quality of being pleasantly easy to approach and talk to; friendliness or warm politeness:Her Affability and good nature endear her to all those acquainted with her, and put at ease anyone meeting her for the first time.

3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Affability the state or quality of having a pleasant or agreeable manner in socializing with others First Lady Dolley Madison was beloved by the nation for her Affability toward people from all walks of life

4. / ˌæf.əˈbɪl.ə.ti / the quality of being friendly and easy to talk to: Her decisiveness and Affability were valuable assets

5. The actor uses his Affability to his advantage without ever overplaying it.

6. While jaunty Affability is Danson’s trademark, Fey is a withering social critic whose deeply pessimistic outlook on race, gender and other social-justice issues has been known to incite controversy.

7. But Affability, like intelligence, can mask a mean and meager spirit as well as the absence of a sense of proportion. Perhaps his ability to weather the ebb and flow of public fickleness lies in his sheer Affability and generosity of spirit

8. He was a brilliant attorney with a self-effacing kindness and Affability unlike any I have ever seen.

9. The three A’s of physician success are availability, Affability and ability.

10. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Affability

11. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Affability, affableness, amiability, amiableness, bonhomie, geniality (noun) a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)

12. ‘The virtue of justice comes wrapped in other tempering traits: gratitude, liberality, Affability, and mercy.’ ‘But Affability alone does not guarantee success.’ ‘But Affability, like intelligence, can mask a mean and meager spirit as well as the absence of a sense of proportion.’

13. Thomas Aquinas speaks of a certain virtue which is commonly translated as “the friendliness which is called Affability.”

14. Affability meaning The state or quality of being affable, friendly, or approachable.

15. 1749, Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling: The landlady […] was not without some concern for the confinement of poor Sophia, of whose great sweetness of temper and Affability the maid of the house had made so favourable a report, which was confirmed by all the squire

16. Affability Sounds Like: Silence; Hi! Hello! Would you like to play with us? How are you doing? May I sit with you? Listen to the "Virtue Minute" Featured Scriptures

17. Affability is the quality of being easy to talk to

18. If you walk into a party smiling and generally seeming up for whatever, your Affability will draw people to you

19. Affability and intelligence will get you far in this world! To be affable is to be friendly and good-natured.

20. Affability is one for certain! An affable person is not only easy to approach, and easy to talk to— but is also a friendly person that even strangers feel comfortable conversing with

21. To grow in the virtue of Affability, let us meditate on the interaction between Jesus and Zacchaeus as told to …

22. Everyone was charmed by his Affability

23. (Translation of Affability from the PASSWORD English–Thai Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

24. ‘The virtue of justice comes wrapped in other tempering traits: gratitude, liberality, Affability, and mercy.’ ‘But Affability alone does not guarantee success.’ ‘But Affability, like intelligence, can mask a mean and meager spirit as well as the absence of a sense of proportion.’

25. Affability Meaning: "readiness to be sociable or to converse," late 15c., from Old French affabilité (14c.), noun of quality… See definitions of Affability.

26. Dictionary entry overview: What does Affability mean? • Affability (noun) The noun Affability has 1 sense:

27. A disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to) Familiarity information: Affability used as a noun is very rare.

28. Affability is a habit of directing one’s emotions towards others in a spirit of warmth, caring and friendship

29. Affability The virtue of approachableness

30. But charity also enters into Affability

31. Affability throws the InvalidArgument exception when DialogFlow detects invalid arguments

32. To handle this, it is recommended to use the understand function in a try and except block: try: reply = Affability

33. Affability (noun) in the sense of friendliness Beneath the surface Affability there was a struggle for power.

34. Definition of Affability noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

35. Translation for 'Affability' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.

36. -- Gothic Affability is the mode you think proper to adopt, the condescension of a Baron, not the civility of a liberal man (47).

37. Editorial Notes to 'Letter to the Women of England' But they exude a certain Affability on-screen and off.

38. The words came as easily from his lips as if his practice in Affability had been of the very longest.

39. Affability Investment Limited is Nigeria No.1 REAL ESTATE, E-COMMERCE AND MULTI LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) PLATFORM

40. See authoritative translations of Affability in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

41. Synonyms for Affability in Free Thesaurus

42. 42 synonyms for Affability: friendliness, warmth, good humour, civility, benevolence, sociability

43. Antonyms for Affability include disagreeableness, unfriendliness, unpleasantness, aloofness, coldness, coolness, hostility, obnoxiousness, foulness and surliness

44. Find 20 ways to say Affability, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

45. An Affability which clashes with the horrors he must witness every day.: Une affabilité qui contraste avec les horreurs auxquelles il est contraint d'assister chaque jour.: GREMOLI: The Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani received me with great Affability and openness from the time he was hereditary prince.: GREMOLI: L'émir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani m'a accueilli avec une grande affabilité et

46. How to say Affability in English? Pronunciation of Affability with 2 audio pronunciations, 16 synonyms, 1 meaning, 5 sentences and more for Affability.

47. French Translation of Affability” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online

48. Our goal is to provide care with availability, Affability, empathy and ability to deliver health and wellness.

49. Affability is often a quality that is lost in the fast-paced and often tense medical environment

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51. Affability Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Affability in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu

52. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Affability in Urdu is تلطف, and in roman we write it Taltaf.

53. Affability Real Estate Action - AREA, Lagos, Nigeria

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