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1. Aerate: [verb] to supply or impregnate (something, such as the soil or a liquid) with air.

Aerate, As, Air

2. Aerate definition, to expose to the action or effect of air or to cause air to circulate through: to Aerate milk in order to remove odors

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3. Aerate synonyms, Aerate pronunciation, Aerate translation, English dictionary definition of Aerate


4. To supply with air or expose to the circulation of air: Aerate soil

Air, Aerate

5. Aerate the Lawn Whether you're using a core aerator or a steel spike aerator , you should cover the lawn completely in one direction and go back over it in a perpendicular motion

Aerate, Aerator, And

6. Aerate is loosely about things that grow, but that’s like saying a first date is loosely about where you went to high school, and the Batcave is loosely about a parking spot

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7. Ideally, Aerate the lawn with cool season grass in the early spring or fall and those with warm season grass in the late spring

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8. Aerate is a user-friendly cloud-based web application and device that visualizes and informs you of the air quality in your room caused by exposure to dust particles, gasses, chemicals, and more! The application allows monitoring of your room while visualizing it in colorful, user-friendly graphics and even provides tips on increasing air quality!

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9. Note: Don't Aerate a lawn that has been seeded or sodded within one year of planting


10. Aerate when turf problems arise

Aerate, Arise

11. Q: I was told by a garden center person that if I Aerate after applying a pre-emergent it would be less effective

Aerate, After, Applying

12. You can definitely Aerate your flour right in the bag, but I like to store my loose flour in a plastic bin with a wide mouth (I use an OXO Pop container) because it makes both …

Aerate, An

13. Aerated definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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14. You can hire a lawn service to Aerate for you or do it yourself like a pro


15. You want to Aerate the lawn when your grass is in its peak growing period so it can recover quickly—think early spring or fall for cool-season grasses, and late spring through early summer for warm-season grasses

Aerate, And

16. If you have high-traffic areas or heavy clay soil, you will want to Aerate

Areas, Aerate

17. When to Aerate Don’t just run out to the rental store and fire up the aerator

Aerate, And, Aerator

18. The best time to Aerate depends on your grass type and when it’s growing its strongest

Aerate, And

19. Only Aerate when the lawn is growing vigorously, says the Maryland Extension.


20. When is the Best Time to Aerate? Aeration is best performed just before or during periods of high growth

Aerate, Aeration

21. The type of grasses that make up your lawn will determine the best time of year to Aerate.


22. Although spring is a fine time to Aerate, the best time to Aerate lawn is actually in the fall

Although, Aerate, Actually

23. The first reason fall is the best time to Aerate lawn has to …


24. Capable of aerating more than 100,000 square feet per hour, the Z-Aerate 40 makes quick work of even the largest jobs

Aerating, Aerate

25. The first stand-on zero-turn aerator of its kind, the Z-Aerate 40 can also be fitted with attachments including a seeder, de-thatch rake, spiker and spray system.

Aerator, Aerate, Also, Attachments, And

26. To supply with air or expose to the circulation of air: Aerate soil

Air, Aerate

27. When you Aerate your lawn, you are opening up the soil surface to let grass roots get the air and moisture it needs for healthy growth

Aerate, Are, Air, And

28. Aerate is an industry leading lossless image compression tool with support for PNG and JPG images

Aerate, An, And

29. In containers or other tight locations of the garden, it may be necessary to hand drive a single spike to Aerate compacted soil


30. To Aerate your yard, start by figuring out what kind of grass you have and when it grows the most, so you can Aerate right before then

Aerate, And

31. When you’re ready to Aerate, rake the leaves and sticks from your yard, mow the grass, and water your lawn if you’re using an aerator with spikes

Aerate, And, An, Aerator

32. "When you Aerate and get oxygen deeper into the soil you are encouraging deeper roots, which in turn will improve a grass's drought tolerance and durability," says Gary Peiffer, an agent with the DeKalb County Extension Office in Georgia

Aerate, And, Are, An, Agent

33. The best time to Aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass you grow


34. If you live in a cool northern region, you have cool-season grasses, which should be Aerated in the fall


35. If you live in a warm southern region, you have warm-season grasses, which should be Aerated in late spring.


36. Overly dry or hardened soil can be tough to Aerate, so moisture eases the process.


37. Aerate in the fall to help break up compacted soil and remove excess thatch, allowing fertilizer nutrients, sunlight and air to infiltrate the soil

Aerate, And, Allowing, Air

38. In autumn, spike the lawn to Aerate it, rake out old dead grass and topdress with compost then feed with low nitrogen lawn feed to toughen grass up for the winter.

Autumn, Aerate, And

39. The best time to Aerate your lawn is during the growing season, either in early or late spring or autumn

Aerate, Autumn

40. What does Aerate mean? To supply with air or expose to the circulation of air

Aerate, Air

41. The best way to Aerate your Bermuda grass lawn is to rent a core aerator from your local hardware store

Aerate, Aerator

42. Aerate translations: gasificar, airear

Aerate, Airear

43. Aerate 08 is a bodifying and volumizing hair cream-mousse

Aerate, And

44. The best time to Aerate lawn is when your lawn is moist and during the correct season, depending on where you live

Aerate, And

45. Living in the north, the best time to Aerate lawn is in the early spring or early fall


46. In the south, the best time to Aerate lawn in late spring or early summer.


47. Aerate asked artist Jeff Scher to animate this phenomena and the result is spectacular: a creative triumph as dramatic as the visual one

Aerate, Asked, Artist, Animate, And, As

48. … Read more in Aerate · 2 min read 5


49. Why You Need to Aerate Your Lawn


50. If your soil has become compacted, it’s time to Aerate


51. Aerate is a social enterprise that creates and develops scaleable concepts that connect and support people through online platforms and applications

Aerate, And, Applications

52. Aerate 08 is a bodifying and volumizing hair cream-mousse

Aerate, And

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AERATE [ˈerāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does aerate mean in cooking?

The process of allowing air to be combined into ingredients to make them lighter and/or create more volume, which may also be referred to as aeration . For example, sifting flour removes lumps and adds air making the resulting flour and typically the food dish using the flour, lighter in texture and consistency.

What is another word for aerate?

activate, aerate(verb) aerate (sewage) so as to favor the growth of organisms that decompose organic matter. Synonyms: set off, trigger, actuate, oxygenize, trigger off, air out, spark, oxygenise, oxygenate, trip, activate, spark off, air, touch off.

Why and when you should aerate your lawn?

Aerating also alleviates soil compaction and provides ideal conditions for overseeding. Aeration works best when the grass is actively growing in the late summer through fall time. But proper nutrients aren’t the only advantage to lawn aeration.

How can I aerate?

Aerating is easiest on you (or your equipment operator) and your lawn when your soil is moist from irrigation or rainfall the day before . Overly dry soil can be tough to aerate, so moisture eases the process. Never aerate overly wet lawns; wait a few days instead. Slicing aerators slice through lawns and leave soil in place.

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