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1. Aegis Has Greek and Latin Roots We borrowed "Aegis" from Latin, but the word ultimately derives from the Greek noun aigis, which means "goatskin." In ancient Greek mythology, an Aegis was something that offered physical protection

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2. Aegis Security Insurance Company is an “A- (excellent)” rated insurer by A.M

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3. Aegis Sciences Corporation is a national leader in healthcare and forensic laboratory sciences We leverage innovative technology and best practices to deliver the insight and answers for healthcare providers, sports organizations, and employers.

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4. Aegis provides consulting services designed to conduct a full assessment by reviewing and auditing existing practices and analyzing environmental pressures.

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5. If you are an Aegis customer, use the login information provided by your customer service representative to view results Username Password Sign in

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6. If you are a patient that had COVID-19 testing performed by Aegis, use the button below to view a copy of your laboratory report.

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7. The Aegis is the number one source for local news about Harford County, Maryland, offering unmatched coverage of local government, high school sports, community news and events.

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8. The Aegis Technologies Group (Aegis) provides advanced engineering solutions across the space superiority, directed energy, missile defense, electronic warfare & cyber, C4ISR, and intelligence markets.

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9. Aegis Credit Union belongs to over 3000 Member-Families that we serve


10. Aegis noun /ējis/ 1) The power to protect a person or organization


11. The Aegis System™ specializes in non-violent crisis de-escalation and prevention techniques

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12. Aegis really does put employees first


13. Aegis Series – the most durable mod in vape industry, from the smallest Aegis Pod to the handy Aegis Mini to the legendary Aegis Legend to the mightiest Aegis Boost to the most popular Aegis Hero, offers …


14. The Aegis Combat System is an American integrated naval weapons system developed by the Missile and Surface Radar Division of RCA, and now produced by Lockheed Martin.It uses powerful computer and radar technology to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets

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15. Initially used by the United States Navy, Aegis is now used also by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, …

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16. Welcome to Aegis Medical Group Your Home For All Your Medical Needs

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17. With multiple locations throughout Lake and Osceola county , Aegis Medical Group looks to provide our patients with friendly, personalized care, ranging from preventative medical care plans, routine screenings and a network of Specialists and affiliates that can handle almost any medical concern you may have.

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18. Aegis is the recognized industry leader because of our: Unmatched Technology We leverage technology to distribute information, improve execution, assess scenarios, and deliver actionable insights through web and mobile apps.

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19. User experience is paramount to Aegis, and only through total control of design and implementation can we assure the user experience to be exceptional

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20. Aegis has a complete and robust oilfield production treating chemicals product line

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21. The treating programs provided by Aegis are designed to accomplish these objectives: reduce costs, increase production, protect customers’ assets and ensure the safety of …

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22. Cottage in the woods.Built on 10 acres, Aegis Living Issaquah, in a suburb of Seattle, is a nature lover’s paradise

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23.Aegis Company does a great job using their skills to assist in job recruitment, but this doesn’t tell the whole story

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24. Aegis provides a continuum of post-acute healthcare services which improves quality of life for our patients

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25. Aegis® inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces by utilizing a charge disruption mode of action

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26. Aegis® is a cationic antimicrobial that’s attracted to the microbe's cell wall and neutralizes the cell wall's natural protection by interacting with cellular proteins needed to maintain cell wall integrity.

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27. 17 synonyms of Aegis from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 20 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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28. Aegis: means or method of defending.


29. egis (US) [ˈiːdʒɪs] N under the Aegis of (= protection) → bajo la tutela de; (= patronage) → patrocinado por, bajo los auspicios or (frm) la égida de Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co

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30. Aegis is an end to end lifecycle partner through R&D, development, and into operations

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31. Aegis Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/H.

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32. Aegis Worldwide specializes in Engineering job placement, Manufacturing jobs, Executive level positions and Maintenance job placement throughout Indiana and the nation.

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33. Behind the Shield of Aegis Security We pride ourselves on the products we offer, our commitment to underwriting profitability in the segments we serve, the claims service we provide to insureds and the agency relationships we’ve fostered

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34. CONTACT 515 Great Circle Road Nashville, TN 37228 800.533.7052 [email protected]


35. Sponsorship or protection; auspices (esp in the phrase under the Aegis of) Greek myth the shield of Zeus, often represented in art as a goatskin Word Origin for Aegis C18: from Latin, from Greek aigis shield …

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36. Aegis Protective Services is a complete security solutions provider headquartered in Cincinnati, OH


37. At Aegis, we help you effectively manage and simplify your business operations so that you can focus and expand on what you do best.

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38. Aegis Locations Making an Appointment

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39. Aegis CSL can be used across a variety of ship classes and land-based systems to perform a wide range of missions

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40. Aegis Security & Investigations is a full-service security, investigative, training & consulting solution

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41. To all Aegis fans this is for you guys! hope you like Enjoy! :)Playlists Title:1

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42. Welcome to Aegis Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students Our purpose is to safeguard the welfare of international students studying at schools, colleges and universities in the UK, making them feel safe, welcome and cared for.

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43. Aegis, in ancient Greece, leather cloak or breastplate generally associated with Zeus, the king of the gods, and thus thought to possess supernatural power

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44. Zeus’s daughter Athena adopted the Aegis for ordinary dress

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45. Athena placed on her Aegis a symbolic representation of the severed head of the

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46. "Aegis Property Group was a critical member of the team tasked with making the vision for the Barnes Foundation project a reality


47. Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3 NX 4GB 256-bit Encrypted FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated Secure USB 3.0 Flash Drive, ASK3-NX-4GB 4.7 out of 5 stars 151 $52.99 $ 52

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48. (Aegis) is a certified small business and premier provider of Information Technology consulting services to Federal Civilian, Defense, and Commercial sector clients

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49. Aegis is a quality process driven, CMMI rated organization.


50. Aegis Sortation is a technology and innovation leader specializing in the Freight and Parcel as well as the Warehouse and Distribution industries

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51. Wherever cost-effective, consistent and intuitive performance is paramount and downtime is not an option, you’ll find ultra-rugged Aegis Sortation equipment

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52. Aegis [not an acronym] US Navy phased array radar-based combat system (Aegis is the Greek word for Shield) showing only Military and Government definitions ( show all 12 definitions )

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