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1. Advocacy definition is - the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal : the act or process of advocating something

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2. How to use Advocacy in a sentence.


3. Advocacy definition, the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; active espousal: He was known for his Advocacy of states' rights

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4. What does Advocacy mean? The definition of Advocacy is the act of speaking on the behalf of or in support of another person, place, or thing

Advocacy, Act, Another

5. Advocacy (1) The process of actively supporting the cause of, speaking or writing in favour of, or defending or interceding on behalf of a person (case Advocacy) or group (class Advocacy)

Advocacy, Actively

6. Advocacy may include providing information and tools for self-empowerment in patients’ health and social care, and helping them obtain needed services.

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7. We also know that Advocacy is a broad concept that goes beyond changing or shaping legislation; seeking change, securing and promoting social justice, shaping social and political outcomes, systematically influencing decision making, and educating the public with the purpose of bringing about change, are all actions associated with Advocacy.

Also, Advocacy, And, About, Are, All, Actions, Associated

8. Advocacy is defined as any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others

Advocacy, As, Any, Action, Argues

9. This fact sheet offers a look at how Advocacy is defined, what kinds of activities comprise Advocacy work, and what kinds of Advocacy projects several tax-exempt groups are currently leading.

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10. Advocacy is not — Tutoring those students in an after school program

Advocacy, An, After

11. Advocacy is — Gathering signatures from members of your community for a petition to alter public educational practices that are putting your students at a disadvantage and/or not offering ample classroom support.

Advocacy, Alter, Are, At, And, Ample

12. ANA believes that Advocacy is a pillar of nursing

Ana, Advocacy

13. Nurses instinctively advocate for their patients, in their workplaces, and in their communities; but legislative and political Advocacy is no less important to advancing the profession and patient care.

Advocate, And, Advocacy, Advancing

14. Advocacy’s most requested publication, Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business, gathers the most up-to-date statistics about American small businesses in one place

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15. Simply put, Advocacy is the public support of a particular cause, policy, or position


16. Advocacy can take any number of forms, from raising awareness online to …

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17. Find 23 ways to say Advocacy, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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18. Advocacy synonyms, Advocacy pronunciation, Advocacy translation, English dictionary definition of Advocacy


19. The Advocacy Center helps exporters of U.S


20. Advocacy n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


21. Advocacy is the active support of an idea or cause expressed through strategies and methods that influence the opinions and decisions of people and organisations

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22. In the social and economic development context the aims of Advocacy are to create or change policies, laws,

And, Aims, Advocacy, Are

23. APA Advocacy efforts are guided by the Advocacy Coordinating Committee, which evaluates and prioritizes Advocacy goals for the discipline of psychology and the professions of psychologists in scientific, educational, public interest, health service practice and applied practice settings.

Apa, Advocacy, Are, And, Applied

24. Advocacy; Congressional Update: New Online Vaccinator Portal, Increased Medicare Payment Rate for COVID-19 Vaccinations March 16, 2021


25. Advocacy for Access helps uninsured and underinsured people access various programs that can pay for healthcare services, thereby reducing or eliminating inability to pay as a barrier to receiving health care

Advocacy, Access, And, As

26. The goal of FB Advocacy, AFBF’s Grassroots and Political Advocacy Program, is to increase Farm Bureau's effectiveness and visibility as the national advocate for farmers and ranchers

Advocacy, Afbf, And, As, Advocate

27. Impact, Farm Bureau members’ Advocacy efforts ensure all of agriculture speaks with one voice through FB Advocacy

Advocacy, All, Agriculture

28. Advocacy for patients doesn’t happen in a vacuum


29. Advocacy NAMI advocates to improve the lives of people affected by mental health conditions

Advocacy, Advocates, Affected

30. In Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others, Daly explains in full detail how to transform ideas into practice

Advocacy, And

31. Advocacy experience is highly prized by employers; not only does it improve communication and research skills, it also develops confidence and is a great test of academic ability

Advocacy, And, Also, Academic, Ability

32. Advocacy is essential for hopeful barristers, however, due to the range of skills Advocacy encompasses its application is not even confined to a legal career.

Advocacy, Application

33. The Community Advocacy Coalition is another avenue for statewide partnerships with self-advocates, parents, providers of community services essential to people with developmental disabilities, and other advocates including Community Residential Services Association (CRSA), Community Employment Alliance (CEA), Disability Rights Washington (DRW).

Advocacy, Another, Avenue, Advocates, And, Association, Alliance

34. Find out how the ADA's Advocacy supports research funding, health care access and more

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35. Learn about the Advocacy priorities for 2020 at the state and federal levels, as well as those for legal Advocacy

About, Advocacy, At, And, As

36. Advocacy Toolkit (UNICEF) – Chapter 3 of this toolkit provided by UNICEF is devoted to developing an Advocacy strategy and gives an outline of questions that need to be asked

Advocacy, An, And, Asked

37. The chapter concluded with an Advocacy planning worksheet

An, Advocacy

38. The AAP Advocacy Conference curriculum is designed to prepare attendees for virtual congressional meetings (held on Tuesday) and builds on the previous day's sessions

Aap, Advocacy, Attendees, And

39. This one-hour Advocacy 101 session prepares participants to advocate effectively for psychology on federal policies affecting the profession and its clients, and the importance of becoming an advocate

Advocacy, Advocate, Affecting, And, An

40. Advocacy Conference The NAADAC Advocacy in Action Conference is designed to educate addiction professionals about current public policy issues and to bring their day-today experiences and stories to decision-makers at all levels of government

Advocacy, Action, Addiction, About, And, At, All

41. Advocacy The VFW is one of the most respected voices in Washington, D.C., and within local governments across America

Advocacy, And, Across, America

42. Advocacy can be aimed at public officials, support systems, and the general public

Advocacy, Aimed, At, And

43. Our Advocacy work is directed by our member-approved resolutions, principles, and legislative platform

Advocacy, Approved, And

44. In 2021 we are introducing our Focus on Advocacy program

Are, Advocacy

45. Synonyms for Advocacy in Free Thesaurus


46. 21 synonyms for Advocacy: recommendation, support, defence, championing, backing, proposal, urging


47. See 2 authoritative translations of Advocacy in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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48. Advocacy means supporting and promoting a cause you believe in

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49. Advocacy is as essential to the role of a nurse as any other aspect of nursing care

Advocacy, As, Any, Aspect

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ADVOCACY [ˈadvəkəsē]

advocacy (noun)

  • public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.
  • the profession or work of a legal advocate.
Synonyms: defense . espousal . espousing . approval . approving . endorsement . endorsing . recommendation . recommending . backing . supporting . favoring . promotion . promoting . championship . championing . sanctioning . acceptance .

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