Use Advising in a sentence


ADVISING [ədˈvīz]


  • offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone:
  • recommend (something):
Synonyms: counsel . guide . direct . instruct . illuminate . educate . advocate . suggest . recommend . commend . urge . admonish . bid . encourage . enjoin . push for . endorse . champion . back . support . speak for . call for . promote . prompt .

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5. Kennesaw State University Advising directs students in the continuing conversations between advisor and advisee that centers on academic matters, career and professional plans, additional educational opportunities, and other related topics.

6. Academic Advising OU Academic Advising Knowing that academic Advising is the key component to helping students graduate, our goal is to help you succeed academically so that you can fulfill your dreams and meet your potential.

7. Academic Advising Academic advisors at HCC are committed to your success

8. Advising The goal of Advising at LaGuardia is to provide you with education and guidance according to need at every point along a clearly defined pathway from admission to graduation. Advising helps you stay on track, select courses, connect with free support …

9. Because academic Advising is a critical component to student success, students can access Advising services from the CLAS Academic Advising Center through Zoom meetings through the end of the Spring 2021 term.

10. It’s home — and a place of learning: Academic Advising for first-years and sophomores is centered in the residential colleges

11. Moraine Valley's Academic Advising team can help plan your educational future

12. Academic Advising at FGCU begins at orientation

13. Academic Advising at Cal State LA can help you achieve your educational and career goals

14. Academic Advising for New and Continuing Students Explore and accomplish your goals through academic Advising. Whether you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university or you want to go directly into the workforce, you will need to complete your degree/certificate.

15. The Advising Centers provide integrated academic and career services to students

16. Through collaborative teaching and learning, the Advising process empowers our diverse student populations to explore and navigate their academic and career pathways.

17. Find Your Academic Advisor The UArizona Advising community will be available to support students during the COVID-19 situation

18. Many Advising units may be moving the majority of their services to phone and Zoom/Skype.

19. First-time students, new to Reynolds, planning to enroll in courses will receive academic Advising through required new student orientation

20. Learn more about our virtual Advising services, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions

21. Faculty advisors will continue to offer Advising either remotely and/or in-person based on their specific schedules

22. The mission of the UA College of Engineering Academic Advising Center is to educate students on the importance of academic Advising by fostering a working advisor-student partnership designed to support students in achieving academic and personal goals.

23. Advising is one of the first steps that a student takes toward achieving their academic goals! The Advising process is a consultation between the student and his/her advisor to discuss and determine the best educational plan according to the student’s …

24. The Advising Center is a hub of information to move students from starting their academic journey to realizing their goals and dreams

25. The Student Success Coaches serve students by: Registering students for classes Advising students on degree and career pathways

26. All undergraduates have an assigned academic advisor in the LAS Advising Center and will be a part of that advisor’s student cohort for the duration of their academic career at UIC – from Orientation to Graduation

27. To schedule an Advising appointment: Please visit MyIvy and click on STUDENT > Advising > Schedule an Advising Appointment.

28. Advising Advising for Student Success Academic Advising educates students as they navigate the world of higher education; providing support for articulation and achievement of their educational and career goals, and by creating an environment for personal transformation, lifelong learning, and success

29. Virtual Advising Front Desk (via Zoom)

30. Academic Advising is a collaborative relationship between a you and your academic advisor to develop educational goals that are consistent with your personal interests, values and abilities

31. Please view the Academic Advising Syllabus to understand your role in an effective Advising relationship

32. Basic Advising help is available in a drop-in appointment

33. Call or email an Advising office associate to be scheduled for a drop-in appointment

34. Exploratory and Undecided Advising CLAS Academic Advising Center C-1-120 Mackinac Hall C-1-140 Mackinac Hall 1 Campus Drive Allendale, Michigan 49401 (616) 331-8585 [email protected]

35. The Academic & Transfer Advising office is committed to assisting students with their academic planning needs

36. The Office of Advising is located in the Ramer Administration Building

37. It is available to serve the Advising needs not only of degree-seeking students but also for the non-degree-seeking students

38. As a Regent student, you are assigned to an Advising team to assist you with course selection, financial aid information, degree planning, and university resources

39. Academic Advising Academic Advising is your primary resource for advice, information, and guidance regarding your academic career.

40. Student Advising 9 Blazer Dining Hall Lexington, KY 40506-0012 Phone: 859-257-4839

41. Welcome to Advising! During NSC campus closure due to COVID-19, Advising will still be available for scheduled appointments through both Zoom and phone

42. Your faculty advisor can remove Advising stops, help you choose classes, and make sure that you are on track to fulfill degree requirements.

43. Explore Advising at Texas Wesleyan

44. Academic Advising is a key part of Idaho State University's commitment to helping students achieve academic success

45. Academic Advising can help you start your college experience on the right foot, and can help keep you on track to achieve your academic goals and graduate

46. Lyman Briggs Virtual Advising Office

47. COVID-19 REMOTE PERIOD: In adherence with campus directives, L&S Advising will postpone in-person services until further notice.Please note that our main phone line will not be operational during this time and our office locations will be closed.

48. Advising Appointment Needed / Friday are Walk-ins

49. To set up a virtual Advising session please call 806-371-5440

50. We resume Advising appointments

51. While we encourage Advising sessions to be conducted virtually (Skype/Google Meets, phone

52. The Pre-Nursing Advising Seminars are now online within D2L! The seminar module is step up in an asynchronous online course model, and applicants must pass the seminar course with a 3.0/81% or higher

53. The Pre-Nursing Advising Seminar is located under the …

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What does advising mean for You?

Advising is a recursive process. Advising is a changing relationship. Advising is creating community. Working together toward a common goal, you and your advisor will learn and grow together. Over time, both students and advisors:

What is the noun for advising?


  • To offer advice to; counsel: advised him to study abroad; advised that we should reconsider the idea.
  • To recommend; suggest: advised patience.
  • To inform; notify: advised us that the meeting had been postponed.
  • What is the definition of Advisors?

    An adviser or advisor is normally a person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area and usually also includes persons with cross-functional and multidisciplinary expertise. An adviser's role is that of a mentor or guide and differs categorically from that of a task-specific consultant.

    What makes a good academic advisor?

    Academic advisors should be organized and punctual for meetings. They should also respond to your emails in a timely manner. An advisor who is organized and punctual can make registration periods run smoothly and help schedule a balanced course load with ease.

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