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ADVISEES [ədˌvīˈzē, ˌadˌvīˈzē]


  • a person who is being advised by someone.

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1. Advisers serve Advisees as advocates, guides, and group leaders

2. Unfortunately, few professors tell their Advisees how to both finish their dissertation and obtain a full-time academic position at the same time.

3. Advisees definitions Plural form of advisee.

4. Assist my Advisees in understanding how study abroad can contribute to their academic and personal goals, and guide Advisees in their early thinking about study abroad options; Monitor my Advisees’ progress toward meeting their goals; Be accessible for meeting with my Advisees through office hours for advising, telephone, e-mail, or web access

5. Liberal arts Advisees are students in their first five terms and these convert to major Advisees when they declare a major (or a first major) during their sixth term

6. Departments assign advisers to their majors and the Director of Advising assigns advisers to all liberal arts Advisees.

7. A list of all of your current Advisees will be displayed

8. Overview The Advisees Query form (Advisees) provides the ability to view a list of students assigned to a specified advisor enrolled for a specific term

9. Advisees Responsibilities of Advisee

10. To become responsible Advisees, students need to be able to: realistically assess their academic, professional, and life goals

11. Roles of Advisors & Advisees In order to produce alumni who are both academically accomplished and prepared to become global citizens, students are encouraged by their advisors to be empowered, thoughtful, reflective, interdependent individuals who are both committed to their own life choices and respectful of the choices and lifestyles of others.

12. Sitting down to a meal is a powerful way to cement social and academic bonds with your Advisees

13. First-year and sophomore advisors can have lunch with their Advisees once per year at the Faculty Club or at a local restaurant or can invite students to their home for a meal.

14. Both advisers and Advisees share responsibility for making the advising relationship succeed

15. By encouraging their Advisees to become engaged in their education, to meet their educational goals, and to develop the habit of learning, advisers assume a significant educational role.

16. ‘Advisers serve Advisees as advocates, guides, and group leaders.’ ‘Unfortunately, few professors tell their Advisees how to both finish their dissertation and obtain a full-time academic position at the same time.’ ‘Some departments use a centralized advising system; others disperse the Advisees among the department's faculty members.’

17. Your Advisees may need you to help them appreciate the need to strike a balance between academic commitments and extracurricular opportunities

18. Advisors can view their Advisees in the Student Administration System

19. The My Advisees page provides a list of the students that have been assigned to you as an advisor

20. Advisees RESEARCH Writing Grants Felon Voting TEACHING 4111 4977-8 4141 8001 8111 8890

21. Advisees can schedule individual advising appointments, reserve a spot in a group appointment, and manage their advising appointments in the portal

22. Advisees can view lists of upcoming, past, and cancelled appointments

23. Select Advisees Enrolled for Term [FAC_Advisees]

24. Select Advisees Enrolled for Term (FAC_Advisees

25. Advisees are managed using the SGAADVR form in Banner (see Student Information Manual for more detail)

26. For faculty advisors, Advisees are assigned and managed at the department level

27. Advisees Post-doctoral researchers

28. Remind your Advisees that, even though add/drop periods offers them the opportunity to adjust their course schedules, they will need (1) to keep up in the classes they preregistered for so that they don’t find themselves behind if they decide to retain those courses; and (2) to keep up with any courses they plan to add to their course schedules

29. Administrators can view and print an Advisees by Advisor report in the Student Administration System

30. To view and print an Advisees by Advisor report, Log in to the Student Administration System

31. Providing Advisees with accurate and up-to-date information is crucial to successful academic advising

32. The best way to facilitate a positive relationship with Advisees is to communicate with them early in their first semester and to clarify the nature of academic advising

33. Develop Advisees' self-advocacy skills and ability to identify, strategize, & overcome adversity in academic and co-curricular collegiate pursuits, Maintain comprehensive knowledge of available campus resources and support services to help Advisees overcome obstacles to their success,

34. Select Self Service, then select Advisor Center, then select My Advisees

35. An advisor can view a list of his or her Advisees and access other academic and personal information about them, for example, class schedules, term progress, transfer credit reports, and transcripts.

36. Expectations of Advisors and Advisees

37. Log in to WISER and view your Advisees

38. To notify all your Advisees, click the notify all Advisees button beneath the list

39. To notify some Advisees For each recipient, click the checkbox to the left of their name in the Notify column.

40. Note: Only send via Outlook if you have less than 60 Advisees

41. How to Create a List of Advisees NOT registered for the next semester: Log into E-services


43. This document will hopefully assist advisors in better understanding the needs of their Advisees

44. Student Self Report Card [pdf] - The Student Self Report Card is a tool advisors can ask Advisees to complete at various points in their college experience

45. Advisees – FAQ If you are my advisee, let me offer some general guidance for you as you enter the iSchool and start to navigate course selection and career planning

46. Dan one of my Advisees caught up with me as I was going to my office in the University Education Center

47. Mentor Advisees in preparing their vita and training application materials, as well as write recommendation letters Assist the Department Chair in documenting student progress through the program; when necessary, this includes crafting individual Academic Development Plans for Advisees, tracking their compliance, and documenting their progress

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