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1. If you want to describe a negative reaction to something (such as a harmful side effect from medication) or dangerous meteorological conditions (such as a snowstorm), Adverse is the correct choice; you …

As, Adverse

2. Adverse most commonly means unfavorable or hostile, as in Adverse conditions, Adverse weather, or Adverse criticism. Averse means strongly opposed to or having a feeling of strong dislike toward something, as in I’m extremely averse to taking on debt. Averse is often used in negative constructions, as in We are not averse

Adverse, As, Averse, Are

3. Harmful, damaging, conflicting, dangerous, opposite, negative, destructive, detrimental, hurtful, antagonistic, injurious, inimical, inopportune, disadvantageous, unpropitious, inexpedient The decision would have no Adverse effect on the investigation.

Antagonistic, Adverse

4. Coming from the Latin adversus meaning "turned against," Adverse is an adjective describing a factor that seems to work against or actively harm something

Adversus, Against, Adverse, An, Adjective, Actively

5. Think of the related word, adversary, which means "enemy or opponent," so that if something is Adverse, it acts as if it were the enemy.

Adversary, Adverse, Acts, As

6. Find 39 ways to say Adverse, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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7. Both Adverse and averse are used to indicate opposition

Adverse, And, Averse, Are

8. Adverse, usually applied to things, often means "harmful" or "unfavorable" and is used in instances like "Adverse effects from the medication." Averse usually applies to people and means "having a feeling of distaste or dislike."

Adverse, Applied, And, Averse, Applies

9. An Adverse Event (AE) is any unfavorable and unintended sign (including an abnormal laboratory finding), symptom, or disease temporally associated with the use of a medical treatment or procedure that may or may not be considered related to the medical treatment or procedure

An, Adverse, Ae, Any, And, Abnormal, Associated

10. The remaining reports are classified as serious, which means that the Adverse event resulted in permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness, or death.

Are, As, Adverse

11. Having a negative or harmful effect on something: The match has been cancelled because of Adverse weather conditions


12. They received a lot of Adverse publicity / criticism about the changes

Adverse, About

13. So far the drug is thought not to have any Adverse

Any, Adverse

14. The definition of Adverse is unfavorable or acting against a person, goal or circumstance

Adverse, Acting, Against

15. Hurricanes with strong winds, tornadoes and hail storms are each an example of an Adverse weather condition.

And, Are, An, Adverse

16. Adverse and averse are both turn-offs, but Adverse is something harmful, and averse is a strong feeling of dislike

Adverse, And, Averse, Are

17. Rainstorms can cause Adverse conditions, and many people are averse to rain

Adverse, And, Are, Averse

18. Adverse describes something that works against you, like a tornado or a …

Adverse, Against

19. Definition of Adverse in the dictionary


20. What does Adverse mean? Information and translations of Adverse in the most comprehensive …

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21. Adverse is a first-person shooter platformer with a fluid movement system, set in an idyllic universe, in which players have to fight through enemies spanning eight unique worlds and 40 different levels.

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23. Adverse is an arcade first-person shooter platformer set in an idyllic world of corruption

Adverse, An, Arcade

24. Clearly contrary, such as an Adverse party being the one suing you

As, An, Adverse

25. An Adverse interest in real property is a claim against the property, such as an easement.

An, Adverse, Against, As

26. Adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Adverse decisions, conditions, or effects are unfavourable to you

Adjective, Adverse, Are

27. The police said Mr Hadfield's decision would have no Adverse effect on the progress of the investigation


28. Despite the Adverse conditions, the road was finished in just eight months.


29. Adverse means ‘unfavourable or harmful’ and is normally used of conditions and effects rather than people, as in Adverse weather conditions

Adverse, And, As

30. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood

Adverse, Aces, Are

31. According to the US federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of February 26th, over 1,000 deaths have been recorded as possibly related to the experimental COVID vaccinations, tens of thousands of reported injuries, and hundreds of permanent disabilities

According, Adverse, As, And

32. At least 4,000 of the Adverse reactions have rendered people “unable to work,” or perform “daily…

At, Adverse

33. It is easy to confuse Adverse and averse but their meanings are totally different.

Adverse, And, Averse, Are

34. Adverse means unfavorable, contrary or hostile, and can never be applied to humans.You often hear it used in the term ‘Adverse weather conditions’, a phrase which is best avoided in favor of ‘bad weather’

Adverse, And, Applied, Avoided

35. Synonyms for Adverse in Free Thesaurus


36. 55 synonyms for Adverse: harmful, damaging, conflicting, dangerous, opposite, negative, destructive


37. The term Adverse possession refers to a legal principle that grants title to someone who resides on or is in possession of another person's land.

Adverse, Another

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39. Adverse (adj.) late 14c., "contrary, opposing," from Old French advers, earlier avers (13c., Modern French Adverse) "antagonistic, unfriendly, contrary, foreign" (as in gent avers "infidel race"), from Latin adversus "turned against, turned toward, fronting, facing," figuratively "hostile, Adverse, unfavorable," past participle of advertere "to turn toward," from ad "to" (see ad-) + vertere

Adverse, Adj, Advers, Avers, Antagonistic, As, Adversus, Against, Advertere, Ad

40. Report an Adverse Event using the VAERS online form or the downloadable PDF

An, Adverse

41. Adverse is also an adjective and is defined as “to be acting in

Adverse, Also, An, Adjective, And, As, Acting

42. Adverse‘s corresponding noun is adversity

Adverse, Adversity

43. Averse‘s is averseness (aversity is not a word so far recognized by dictionaries).As adverbs, they’re inflected similarly—Adversely and aversely.

Averse, Averseness, Aversity, As, Adverbs, Adversely, And, Aversely

44. Johnson & Johnson's late-stage coronavirus vaccine was paused after a participant reported an "Adverse event" about 36 hours earlier, the company's chief financial officer said …

Amp, After, An, Adverse, About

45. Adverse selection models with private values can also be further categorized by distinguishing between models with one-sided private information and two-sided private information

Adverse, Also, And

46. An Adverse action notice is intended to inform borrowers of the reasons why their loan application was rejected

An, Adverse, Action, Application

47. Adverse - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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48. Common Adverse effects may be fever, malaise and local reactions in the vaccination site

Adverse, And

49. Very rarely, there is a serious Adverse effect, such as eczema vaccinatum, a severe, sometimes fatal complication which may result in persons who have eczema or atopic dermatitis.

Adverse, As, Atopic

50. Adverse change/circumstances/weather conditions; Lack of money will have an Adverse effect on our research programme

Adverse, An

51. They have attracted strong Adverse criticism

Attracted, Adverse

52. This drug is known to have Adverse


53. Adverse effect synonyms, Adverse effect pronunciation, Adverse effect translation, English dictionary definition of Adverse effect


54. Adverse is a first-person shooter platformer with a fluid movement system, set in an idyllic universe, in which players have to fight through enemies spanning eight unique worlds and 40 different

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55. Adverse selection is most likely to occur in transactions in which there is an asymmetry of information—where one party has more or better information than the other party

Adverse, An, Asymmetry

56. Suspected Adverse reaction means any Adverse event for which there is a reasonable possibility that the drug caused the Adverse event

Adverse, Any

57. For the purposes of IND safety reporting, "reasonable possibility" means there is evidence to suggest a causal relationship between the drug and the Adverse

And, Adverse

58. Adverse adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (of opposite direction) αντίθετος επίθ επίθετο : Περιγράφει το ουσιαστικό που συνοδεύει, π.χ

Adverse, Adj, Adjective, An

59. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that occur during childhood

Adverse, Aces, Are

60. The term “Adverse impact” does not appear in APA Standards for Testing or SIOP Principles Uniform Guidelines suggest that impact ratio is a characteristic of the test that accompanies it from place to place

Adverse, Appear, Apa, Accompanies

61. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has compiled information and resources related to Adverse events in nursing homes to assist providers to identify, track, and systematically investigate Adverse events that have occurred, as well as develop and implement systemic interventions that will help prevent Adverse events

Amp, And, Adverse, Assist, As

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