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ADVENTITIOUS [ˌadvenˈtiSHəs]

adventitious (adjective)

  • happening or carried on according to chance rather than design or inherent nature.
  • coming from outside; not native.
Synonyms: unplanned . unpremeditated . accidental . unintentional . unintended . unexpected . unforeseen . involuntary . chance . fortuitous . serendipitous . coincidental . casual . random . fluky . unlooked-for . aleatory . planned . foreign . alien . nonnative . outside . external . extraneous . extrinsic . native . indigenous .

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1. Adventitious is an Adventitious word: it comes to English from the Latin adventicius, meaning "coming from outside." This, in turn, comes from "adventus," the past participle of the verb advenire, meaning …

2. Arising from an external cause or factor; not inherent: symmetry that was purely Adventitious; Adventitious circumstances that contributed to the plan's success

3. Of or belonging to a structure that develops in an unusual place: Adventitious roots

4. Adventitious (of a root) growing laterally from a stem rather than the main root, e.g

5. Adventitious In this case, multiple possible conformations taking advantage of the now numerous Adventitious contacts will be possible and the system will exhibit complex kinetics

6. From the Cambridge English Corpus It is possible that much of this variation is Adventitious

7. Synonyms & Antonyms of Adventitious not being a vital part of or belonging to something the point of view that art should be for art's sake and that moral considerations are Adventitious to the study of art

8. Adventitious breath sounds are abnormal lung sounds heard in the chest, typically with a stethoscope.� They can provide clues that help diagnose pulmonary (relating to the lungs) or heart diseases

9. Some Adventitious breath sounds can be heard without the help of a stethoscope.

10. Manual identification of Adventitious lung sounds is a challenging task, and agreement between observers is often only moderate

11. 15 To have a rigorous method of identification and to control the risk of over-identification of Adventitious lung sounds, a 2 …

12. Adventitious crisis – also called social crisis

13. Inter-rater agreement for all abnormal and Adventitious breath sounds varied greatly throughout the upper, middle, and lower zones, particularly where more Adventitious sounds were present

14. Adventitious virus assays are performed as part of raw materials testing, cell-line characterization, and lot-release testing of biologicals such as monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy vectors, recombinant proteins, and vaccines

15. Plant structures, including, roots, buds, and shoots, that develop in unusual locations are called Adventitious. Such structures are common in vascular plants. Adventitious roots and buds usually develop near the existing vascular tissues so that they can connect to the xylem and phloem

16. Adventitious Agents / Virology Testing When using cell lines for production of a biotechnology product or biological, Adventitious agents are a major concern and In Vitro testing is …

17. Find 6 ways to say Adventitious, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

18. Of or belonging to a structure that develops in an unusual place: Adventitious roots.

19. Adventitious (adj) associated by chance and not an integral part "poetry is something to which words are the accidental, not by any means the essential form"- Frederick W

20. Robertson; "they had to decide whether his misconduct was Adventitious or the result of a flaw in his character" Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:

21. Adventitious (comparative more Adventitious, superlative most Adventitious) From an external source; not innate or inherent, foreign

22. 30: The Adventitious disappearance of those nearer the throne than the duke had, moreover, set tongues awagging.

23. Adventitious hearing loss or sudden sensorineural hearing loss which is commonly called as sudden deafness happens as a rapid and unexplained hearing loss generally inside one ear

24. Know the causes, diagnosis and treatment of Adventitious hearing loss.

25. ‘It was an Adventitious consequence of the fixing of the date of the hearing.’ ‘But that specification will be partly Adventitious.’ ‘That result was not an Adventitious distortion of the tradition.’ ‘It is by no means Adventitious that this statement combines an ethical proposition with an economic prescription.’

26. What does Adventitious mean? Of or belonging to a structure that develops in an unusual place

27. (adjective) Adventitious roots.

28. Adventitious (of a root) growing laterally from a stem rather than the main root, e.g

29. Adventitious roots are plant roots that form from any nonroot tissue and are produced both during normal development (crown roots on cereals and nodal roots on strawberry [ Fragaria spp.]) and in response to stress conditions, such as flooding, nutrient deprivation, and wounding.

30. Infectivity assays are routinely used to screen for the presence of infectious virus contaminants, whether these are nonspecific for the detection of Adventitious virus contaminants, or specific for the detection of specific bovine, porcine, murine or hamster viruses.

31. Definition of Adventitious adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

32. Adventitious root formation in vitro has been studied in detail in many species, e.g

33. Generally, Adventitious root formation both in vitro and in vivo can be divided into four phases:

34. Adventitious roots are still roots, and therefore, their main function is the absorption of minerals and water

35. Definition of Adventitious Root System: Roots that grow from any part of plant other than the radicle or its branches are called Adventitious roots (L

36. A mass of Adventitious roots along with their branches constitute an Adventitious root

37. Adventitious (adj.) "of the nature of an addition from without, not from the essence of the subject; accidentally or casually acquired," c

38. Definition and synonyms of Adventitious from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

39. This is the British English definition of Adventitious.View American English definition of Adventitious.

40. Cuttings are plant pieces, usually stems or branches, capable of growing new roots, called Adventitious roots.

41. Leaf-buds occasionally arise from the roots, when they are called Adventitious; this occurs in many fruit trees, poplars, elms and others.

42. According to botanists, Adventitious buds can emerge at any moment in a plant’s life, regardless of its age

43. The Adventitious skyscraper stood out amongst the town’s historical buildings

44. When the doctor heard Adventitious sounds coming from the patient’s chest, he ordered a number of lab tests

45. Janice was detained at the airport when the x-ray scanner picked up Adventitious materials on her body.

46. Adventitious is a word you use to talk about things that "just kind of happen," not because you are trying to do them, but because they just come along.

47. Adventitious budding can form if a new circumstance changes something in the plant's situation

48. Adventitious organs sometimes perform special functions

49. The ivy and the vanilla have aerial rootlets, and the Adventitious roots of a number of Ficus species cling to supports

50. In some epiphytic orchids, the Adventitious roots turn green and

51. Adventitious roots, arising from the stem of the plants, are the main component of the mature root system … The spermatophyte root system is composed of a primary root that develops from an embryonically formed root meristem, and of different post-embryonic root types: lateral and Adventitious

52. Adventitious breath sounds are abnormal sounds that are heard over a patient's lungs and airways

53. Adventitious roots can grow from other parts of the plant besides the base

54. Adventitious roots can grow from plant stems, bases of leaves, corms (swollen underground stem), rhizomes (mass of roots

55. The main difference between taproot and Adventitious root is that the taproot is the main root, growing down deep into the soil, whereas the Adventitious root (or fibrous root) is made up of a group of roots of similar size and similar shapes

56. Furthermore, taproot penetrates deep into the soil while Adventitious root does not penetrate into the soil deeply.

57. Adventitious From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Adventitious ad‧ven‧ti‧tious / ˌædvənˈtɪʃəs , ˌædven- / adjective formal CHANCE/BY CHANCE happening by chance SYN unexpected — Adventitiously adverb Examples from the Corpus Adventitious • But the more rapidly an organism learns, the more vulnerable it is to

58. Spanish Translation of Adventitious” The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online

59. Adventitious root growth is extremely evident in strangler figs, which produce this type of root as a support

60. Exogenous SA treatment at appropriate concentrations promotes Adventitious root formation in cucumber hypocotyls, via competitive inhibiting the IAA-Asp synthetase activity of CsGH3.5, and increasing the local free IAA level

61. Adventitious root formation is critical for the cutting propagation of horticultural plants

62. Adventitious Agents • Adventitious agent testing utilizes a combination of methods and strategies and is performed at various stages during the manufacturing process

63. ¾Use of multiple strategies for testing provides assurance, to the extent possible, that products are “free” from Adventitious agents.

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