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1. Your local aging and disability resource center (Adrc) is the first place to go to get accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.

2. Adrc -- Aging and Disability Resource Connection of Oregon Get connected to local information and services for seniors and people with disabilities

3. The Adrc is here to assist elders, persons with disabilities and caregivers to find services and resources to help them live well and independently

4. Adrcs are part of a federal effort to help people more easily access the long-term services and supports available in their communities

5. The Adrc goal is to be a trusted resource.

6. Adrc of Eau Claire County Phone: 715-839-4735 Toll Free: 888-338-4636 TTY/TDD/Relay: WI Relay 711 Email: Office Location: 721 Oxford Ave., Room 1130 Eau Claire, WI 54703

7. The Adrc is part of a single, coordinated system for information and access to services for all Floridians seeking long-term care resources

8. The Adrc provides information and assistance about state and federal benefits, as well as available local programs and services

9. WI Dept of Health Services Adrc Consumer Page; Adrc Quick Link – A Community Resource Guide for La Crosse County (October 2020) …

10. The Aging and Disability Resource Center (Adrc) is your one-stop access point for aging and disability information and resources in Delaware

11. The Aging & Disability Resource Center (Adrc) provides older adults and adults with physical or intellectual/developmental disabilities the resources needed to live with dignity and security, and achieve maximum independence and quality of life.

12. The Adrc PCI is the first step in the Medicaid Waiver application process

13. For more information regarding the waiver process, call the Adrc in Anchorage at 907-343-7770

14. Adrc Virtual Outreach - Brown Bag Education Series The Adrc will be resuming the Monthly Brown Bag Educational Presentations, virtually of course!

15. The Aging and Disab ility Resource Center (Adrc) is a trusted source of information where people of all ages, abilities and income levels - and their caregivers - can go to obtain assistance in planning for their future long-term service and support needs.

16. Aging and Disability Resource Center (Adrc) The Alliance for Aging is designated by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs as the Aging and Disability Resource …

17. Due to current public health concerns regarding COVID-19 in Racine County, the Adrc is happy to address your questions/needs over the phone

18. The Adrc of Dane County provides information about resources and support on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability and is a one-stop shop for older adults, people with disabilities and their families

19. Adrc staff are unbiased and knowledgeable professionals who listen to your concerns, help clarify your options and direct you to appropriate resources.

20. The Adrc is a no cost, "one-stop shop" for older people, people with disabilities, their families, guardians and caregivers

21. Español Adrc Locations [accordion] Alamo Adrc 206 Schreiner St

22. The Adrc is a highly visible and trusted source where people of all incomes and ages can turn for information

23. Adrc staff will help to determine if you are eligible for government paid programs, assist you in finding providers you may pay for yourself, and work with you to develop an individual plan for meeting your future long-term care needs.

24. And for many of them, the answer is Adrc

25. See below to contact your local Adrc

26. By sharing a common information and referral system, the Adrcs are able to provide elders with uniform assistance no matter where they live

27. In an effort to ensure the health and safety of the Adrc team, our caregivers, and the Central Florida community during this public health crisis, all Adrc workshops and support groups will be offered virtually through the Zoom platform until further notice

28. The mission of the Aging and Disability Resource Center (Adrc) of Winnebago County is to empower and support seniors, people with disabilities and their families, by providing useful information and finding the help people seek so they may live with dignity and security, and …

29. The Aging & Disability Resource Center (Adrc) serving Calumet, Outagamie and Waupaca Counties offers adults, families, professionals and the community a no cost, single point of contact for unbiased information; assistance/referral; options, benefit and long term care enrollment counseling; short term case management; Older Americans Act Services; plus health promotion programs.

30. Welcome to the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic (Adrc) Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth and north Texas area, the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic (Adrc) is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases of animals

31. Through this partnership, Adrc services are being offered in two Florida locations to persons with developmental disabilities age 50 and older, and their family caregivers age 55 and older

32. This initiative will support the expansion of the Adrc based in St

33. Petersburg and the transition of the Fort Myers based Aging Resource Center into an Adrc.

34. Adrc Policies Misson The purpose of the Aging and Disability Resource Center is to empower and support older adults, people who have a disability and their families by serving as a central source of information, assistance, support and access to community resources.

35. Welcome to the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Door County The Aging and Disability Resource Center, or Adrc, of Door County offers the general public a single source for information and assistance on issues affecting older people (age 60 and older) and people with disabilities (age 18 and older) regardless of their income.

36. Welcome to the Adrc of Central Wisconsin! Your opinions and ideas are important, as we at the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin develop our three-year aging plan, which determines how we provide programs and services for the community, we are asking you to please consider what is important to you to live your best life as you age.

37. The Adrc of Northwest Wisconsin makes no representations or warranties, of the information contained on our website, to the extent you use or implement this information

38. This site also contains links to other web sites outside of the Adrc

39. The Adrc of Rock County provides information about resources and support on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability

40. Adrc staff are unbiased and knowledgeable professionals who listen to your concerns, help clarify your options, and direct you to the appropriate resources.

41. The Adrc transportation unit is committed to providing individuals age 60 and older and adults with disabilities with affordable transportation options through the Taxi Subsidy Program, Volunteer Driver Escort Program, and Fun-Day Travels.

42. The Aging and Disability Resource Center (Adrc) is a program of ADR and serves as the front-door to the local LTSS delivery system, providing unbiased information, community outreach / education, help accessing services and person-centered care planning / care coordination to meet the individual needs of older adults, persons with disabilities

43. The Adrc is the first place to go for resources related to aging or living with with a disability

44. The Adrc provides information and assistance to older persons, adults with physical disabilities, caregivers and professionals looking for services or programs

45. We assist people by phone at 855-YES-Adrc (855-937-2372), and in person at our office at 1300 Circle Drive, Fort Worth, Texas.The center has pamphlets from several hundred service agencies and organizations, and a computer available for public use.

46. Adrc Response to Coronavirus Emergency

47. Local Adrc Programs YourTexasBenefits Information & Referral Housing Housing Authorities Helpful Housing Tips Websites And Info Resident survey Housing Modifications Resources The Accessible Home Housing Navigation Community Living Network Mini Grants

48. The Delaware Adrc Service Search is a user-friendly searchable database of organizations which provide services and supports for older persons and persons with Disabilities in Delaware.

49. Adrc and Options for Independent Living Loan Closets are closed to lending and accepting items

50. If you need to explore more options call Adrc at (920) 448-4300 for assistance.

51. Aging and Disability Resource Centers (Adrcs) across the country seek to address the frustrations many older adults, people with disabilities, and family members experience when trying to learn about and access long-term services and supports.

52. For more information about Adrc hubs, or if you need language assistance, please review the information on this page or call the Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) Benefits and Resources Hub hotline at (415) 355-6700.

53. The Aging and Disability Resource Center (Adrc) provides information to the general public about services, resources, and programs for adults with disabilities, children with disabilities transitioning to adulthood, and the elderly in need of assistance.

54. The Adrc follows state and University guidelines as they pertain to COVID-19

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What does the ADRC do?

The ADRC can connect you to wellness programs to help keep you healthy and independent. The ADRC can determine if you will be eligible for public funding for your long-term care. The ADRC can help you prepare your Medicaid application, if eligible.

What is ADRC in Wisconsin?

Each ADRC is funded via a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The ADRC contract describes the services to be provided by and the organizational and procedural expectations for Aging and Disability Resource Centers.

What do ADRCs do?

ADRCs raise visibility about the full range of available options; provide objective information, advice, counseling and assistance; empower people to make informed decisions about their long-term services and supports; and help people access public and private programs.

Can the ADRC help me prepare for Medicaid?

The ADRC can help you prepare your Medicaid application, if eligible. Information about the choices you have when making decisions about where to live, what kind of help you need, where to receive that care and help, and how to pay for it.

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