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1. Adonis, in Greek mythology, a youth of remarkable beauty, the favourite of the goddess Aphrodite (identified with Venus by the Romans)

Adonis, Aphrodite

2. Adonis, like Narcissus, was a beautiful youth in Greek mythology


3. Adonis In Greek mythology, Adonis was the god of beauty and desire

Adonis, And

4. Adonis was the son of King Cinyrus (in some traditions, Cinyrus was known as Theias, the king of Assyria) and his daughter, Myrrha, sometimes called Smyrna

Adonis, As, Assyria, And

5. Growing Adonis (Adonis) Latin Name Pronunciation: a-do'niss An Old World genus in the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) that includes both perennials and annuals.The Asiatic species, such as the Amur Adonis (Adonis amurensis), grow in shady woodlands, while the European species prefer open, rocky sites.The large, Anemone-like flowers of Adonis amurensis appear in late winter or early spring

Adonis, An, And, Annuals, Asiatic, As, Amur, Amurensis, Anemone, Appear

6. Adonis Starter Edition is a service as a software (SaaS) intended for Business Process Management practitioners who want to scale up their BPM practice for their companies

Adonis, As

7. Adonis Cars = Peace of Mind As long as your payments are made on time, we guarantee that you’ll have the transporation you need, when you need it

Adonis, As, Are

8. Adonis’s blood reached the river and turned the water red, the river then became to be known as the “Adonis River.” A Different Version of the Myth There are a few versions of the Adonis Greek mythology where Ares, the lover of Aphrodite and god of war, hears about Aphrodite’s love for the young Adonis and becomes incredibly jealous and

Adonis, And, As, Are, Ares, Aphrodite, About

9. Adonis chose to be with Aphrodite for two thirds a year

Adonis, Aphrodite

10. Adonis died after being attacked by a wild boar that was sent by Artemis

Adonis, After, Attacked, Artemis

11. Another version of that story says that Ares, the god of war, sent the boar to kill Adonis, because he was Aphrodite’s lover.

Another, Ares, Adonis, Aphrodite

12. Adonis repository is your single-source-of-truth for process data.


13. Adonis, Arabic Adūnīs, pseudonym of ʿAlī Aḥmad Saʿīd Isbar, (born 1930, Qaṣṣābīn, near Latakia, Syria), Syrian-born Lebanese poet and literary critic who was a leader of the modernist movement in contemporary Arabic poetry.

Adonis, Arabic, Ad, Al, And

14. A journey through the land of flavors Shopping for your groceries in Adonis�??s supermarkets is an experience in itself

Adonis, An

15. Adonis (Άδωνις) was the God of Beauty and desire, and is an archetypal life-death-rebirth deity in Greek mythology, and a central cult figure in various mystery religions.1 He is closely related to the Egyptian Osiris, the Semitic Tammuz & Baal Hadad, the Etruscan Atunis and the Phrygian Attis, all of whom are deities of rebirth and vegetation (Some mythologists believe he was later

Adonis, And, An, Archetypal, Amp, Atunis, Attis, All, Are

16. Often Adonis A handsome young man


17. Hello my name is Adonis, welcome to my channel


18. The name of a figure from Greek mythology, Adonis is a high-pressure name often synonymous with masculine beauty


19. Adonis is a Canadian chain of grocery stores that operates in Quebec and Ontario

Adonis, And

20. Founded by two Lebanese brothers back in 1979, Adonis supermarkets still carry various products inspired by Middle East and Lebanese cuisine.

Adonis, And

21. Adonis:Community Edition is a free cloud version of the leading BPM tool Adonis brought to you by BOC Group


22. AdonisJs is a Node.js web framework with a breath of fresh air and drizzle of elegant syntax on top of it

Adonisjs, Air, And

23. Adonis is a boutique management consultancy, focused on business process excellence and innovation in medium sized enterprises

Adonis, And

24. Adonis is a stylized, whimsical open world action game that focuses on fantasy combat! Get ready for an intense adventure in the open world of Candala! Massive, functional & stylized (medieval & post-medieval) environments

Adonis, Action, An, Adventure, Amp

25. Adonis - Adonis AS Your Most Valuable Assets ONE SUITE FOR ALL HUMAN RESOURCE PROCESSES Adonis Cloud - Software as a Service!

Adonis, As, Assets, All

26. is a Global online B2B sales channel for hotel bookings, transfers, tours, flight tickets and packages all over the World

Adonis, And, All

27. Adonis is one of the best clinics in Ukraine


28. I know most of the Chinese couples who go to Ukraine to treat infertility will choose Adonis.


29. O syrském spisovateli a básníkovi pojednává článek Adonis (básník)


30. Adónis (řecky Άδωνις, latinsky Adonis) je v řecké mytologii syn kyperského krále Kinyra a jeho dcery Myrrhy

Ad, Adonis

31. Kopie bronzové sochy Adonise z Pompejí Venuše a Adonis, autor Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

Adonise, Adonis, Autor

32. Curé-Labelle, Laval (Québec) H7T 1R3 [email protected]

33. Adonis was born Ali Ahmed Said in the village of Al Qassabin in Syria, in 1930, to a family of farmers, the oldest of six children

Adonis, Ali, Ahmed, Al

34. In 1956, after a year-long imprisonment for political activities, Adonis

After, Activities, Adonis

35. Wishing Adonis had his team to guide, So he were like him and by Venus' side

Adonis, And

36. And now Adonis, with a lazy spright, And with a heavy, dark, disliking eye, His louring brows o'erwhelming his fair sight, Like misty vapours when they blot the sky, Souring his cheeks cries 'Fie, no more of love! The sun doth burn my face: I must remove.'

And, Adonis

37. Adonis is an esteemed beauty salon that has been established in Singapore since 1988

Adonis, An

38. A morte de Adonis Museus Vaticanos


39. Adonis was a handsome young man, of beauty comparable to that of Endymion, Ganymedes, Narcissus, Hyacinthus 1, Atlantius (also called Hermaphroditus), Hylas or Chrysippus 2.

Adonis, Atlantius, Also

40. Adonis' mother Smyrna conceived an incestuous passion for her father, and with the complicity of her nurse shared the bed of her father (Cinyras 1 according to some or Thias according to others).

Adonis, An, And, According

41. Adonis is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including Adonis: Selected Poems (2010, translated by Khaled Mattawa), Mihyar of Damascus: His Songs (2008), If Only the Sea Could Sleep (2002), and The Blood of Adonis (1971), which won the International Poetry Forum’s

Adonis, Author, And

42. Adonis is an alternative to AMOVA (nested analysis of molecular variance, Excoffier, Smouse, and Quattro, 1992; amova in the ade4 package) for both crossed and nested factors

Adonis, An, Alternative, Amova, Analysis, And

43. Adonis Garcia roster status changed by GCL Yankees2


44. April 4, 2013: CF Adonis Garcia assigned to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders

April, Adonis, Assigned

45. Adonis was born Ali Ahmed Said in the village of Al Qassabin in Syria, in 1930, to a family of farmers, the oldest of six children

Adonis, Ali, Ahmed, Al

46. At the age of nineteen, he adopted the name Adonis (also spelled Adunis), after the Greek god of fertility, with the hopes that the new name …

At, Age, Adopted, Adonis, Also, Adunis, After

47. The Adonis belt is a thick band of connective tissue that runs through the external oblique abdominal muscles, across the groin, and into the front portion of the iliac spine.

Adonis, Abdominal, Across, And

48. RHP Adonis Rosa assigned to Yankees Alternate Training Site from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders

Adonis, Assigned, Alternate

49. February 24, 2020: RHP Adonis Rosa assigned to New York Yankees

Adonis, Assigned

50. Adonis Fertility International became such a blessing to us


51. The Adonis Teller is great! A sample of everything with salad and bread

Adonis, And

52. Adonis needs more / better reviews!


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ADONIS [əˈdänəs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Adonis mean in the Bible?

Martin Bernal, a historian postulates that the name Adonis has origins in Ancient African Language. According to him it means, God's Blessing. It is also is derived from the Hebrew word Adoni, meaning Lord or Ruler. Adoni is cited several times in the Old Testament or Torah. Adonis is a powerful name.

What does Adonis mean in Urban Dictionary?

1 : a youth loved by Aphrodite who is killed at hunting by a wild boar and restored to Aphrodite from Hades for a part of each year. 2 : a very handsome young man.

What is the meaning of the name Adonis?

Adonis ▲ as a boys' name is pronounced a-DAHN-iss. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Adonis is "extremely good looking, handsome". Greek mythology: a youth beloved of Aphrodite, goddess of love.

What kind of God is Adonis?

Adonis was the Greek god of beauty and desire. His religion belonged to women. Adonis was the deity of plants. He is known as a god who was for every youthful, the one who would live and die only to reborn again. This cycle is repeated a long time, without end. The cult of Adonis comprised of women, as it is evident from...

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