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See also: Admit Admitted Admittance Admittedly Admitting Admittal Admission Admitir Admirable Admittingly Administer Administration Admire Admiration Administrative Administrator Admissible Admirer Administered Admixture Admiral Administrate Admiring Administering Administración

1. Definition of Admit (Entry 2 of 2) US


2. : a person who is Admitted into a school, hospital, etc


3. When a patient is transferred, the nurse will take the next new Admit—unless her patient is transferred to a …


4. To grant to be real, valid, or true; acknowledge or concede: Even proponents of the technology Admit that it doesn't always work as well as it should.

Acknowledge, Admit, Always, As

5. Admit definition, to allow to enter; grant or afford entrance to: to Admit a student to college

Admit, Allow, Afford

6. Synonyms & Antonyms of Admit 1 to accept the truth or existence of (something) usually reluctantly the host of the talk show eventually Admitted that she hadn't actually read the book you can't bring yourself to Admit your mistakes

Amp, Antonyms, Admit, Accept, Admitted, Actually

7. Admit verb (ACCEPT) B1 [ T or I ] to agree that something is true, especially unwillingly: He Admitted his guilt / mistake.

Admit, Accept, Agree, Admitted

8. Besides meaning "confess," Admit can also mean "let in," like a theater ticket that says "Admit ONE." If you Admit that you have a bag of popcorn hidden in your backpack, you might not be Admitted to the movie

Admit, Also, Admitted

9. A doorway Admits you into a room, and if a room can hold up to 50 people, that room Admits 50.

Admits, And

10. Find 145 ways to say Admit, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Admit, Along, Antonyms, And, At

11. Admit (third-person singular simple present Admits, present participle Admitting, simple past and past participle Admitted) (transitive) To allow to enter; to grant entrance (to), whether into a place, into the mind, or into consideration A ticket Admits one into a playhouse

Admit, Admits, Admitting, And, Admitted, Allow

12. They were Admitted into his house.


13. AdmitHub fosters student success with mobile messaging powered by AI

Admithub, Ai

14. Admit Card Release Date: Released on 2nd March 2021


15. Admit Card Release Date: 10 Days before the Exam Date


16. [ intransitive, transitive] to agree unwillingly that something is true or that someone else is right ‘Okay, so maybe I was a little bit scared, ’ Jenny Admitted

Agree, Admitted

17. Admit (that) You may not like her, but you have to Admit that she’s good at her job. Admit to somebody (that) Paul Admitted to me that he sometimes feels jealous of my friendship with Stanley.

Admit, At, Admitted

18. Admit One Products offers the widest online selection of products in the admission industry

Admit, Admission

19. What does Admit mean? Admit is defined as to confess or agree that something is true

Admit, As, Agree

20. (verb) An example of Admit is to tell the truth about st

An, Admit, About

21. Admit is a crossword puzzle clue


22. Admit is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times


23. Admit (v.) late 14c., "let in," from Latin Admittere "Admit, give entrance, allow to enter; grant an audience," of acts, "let be done, allow, permit," from ad "to" (see ad-) + mittere "let go, send" (see mission).Sense of "to concede in argument as valid or true" is first recorded early 15c

Admit, Admittere, Allow, An, Audience, Acts, Ad, Argument, As

24. Admit somebody/something Each ticket Admits one adult. Admit somebody/something to/into something You will not be Admitted to the theatre after the performance has started

Admit, Admits, Adult, Admitted, After

25. The narrow windows Admit little light into the room


26. Similar words: Admit to, admin, admire, admission, administer, administrator, administration, administrative

Admit, Admin, Admire, Admission, Administer, Administrator, Administration, Administrative

27. Declare to be true or Admit the existence or reality or truth of 2


28. (confess to: a crime) (un error o culpa) Admitir ⇒ vtr


29. Cross Admitted to the theft of the money


30. Tienes que Admitir que cometiste un error


31. Clear Admit’s MBA LiveWire is brought to you by Cornell University’s top-ranked Johnson Graduate School of Management


32. Translate Admit into Spanish verb Admits, Admitting, Admitted 1 reporting verb Confess to be true or to be the case, typically with reluctance

Admit, Admits, Admitting, Admitted

33. With clause ‘the office finally Admitted that …


34. Translate Admit into Spanish verb Admits, Admitting, Admitted 1 reporting verb Confess to be true or to be the case

Admit, Admits, Admitting, Admitted

35. With clause ‘the Home Office finally Admitted that several prisoners had been injured’


36. Admit (one) to (something or some place) To allow one to enter or become a member of some organization or place

Admit, Allow

37. This ticket will Admit you to the art exhibit

Admit, Art

38. We were Admitted to the club after …

Admitted, After

39. Definition of Admit in the dictionary


40. What does Admit mean? Information and translations of Admit in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Admit, And

41. Admit (one) to (something or some place) To allow one to enter or become a member of some organization or place

Admit, Allow

42. This ticket will Admit you to the art exhibit

Admit, Art

43. We were Admitted to the club after we showed the security guard our identification.

Admitted, After

44. Admit One Products offers one of the widest selections of numbered custom event tickets in the world


45. Admit definition: If you Admit that something bad , unpleasant , or embarrassing is true , you agree , Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Admit, Agree, And

46. Admit Advantage leads every step of your journey to your school of choice

Admit, Advantage

47. Simple Admit is an innovative, web-based service that encompasses all aspects of patient pre-visit screening and registration

Admit, An, All, Aspects, And

48. This is a reference page for Admit verb forms in present, past and participle tenses

Admit, And

49. Check past tense of Admit here.


50. 1) to state something is true in answering a complaint filed in a lawsuit the defendant will Admit or deny each allegation in his or her answer filed with the court

Answering, Admit, Allegation, Answer

51. Technically it consists of the intransitive verb Admit and the preposition to.The idiomatic combination Admit to means acknowledge

Admit, And, Acknowledge

52. She Admitted to making a mistake means She acknowledged making a mistake.Technically, making is the gerund object of the preposition to, and the whole phrase to making a mistake describes in what way she Admitted.

Admitted, Acknowledged, And

53. If you install this extension in chrome then in Google meet rooms it will automatically lets users login by clicking the Admit button on the popup

Automatically, Admit

54. As default it checks for popup with submit button "Admit".

As, Admit

55. Synonyms for Admit in Free Thesaurus


56. 66 synonyms for Admit: confess, own up, confide, profess, come clean, avow, come out of the closet, sing

Admit, Avow

57. Freshman Admit data Freshman admission profiles summarize the academic qualifications of applicants and Admitted freshmen to each UC campus for fall 2020

Admit, Admission, Academic, Applicants, And, Admitted

58. As the Biden administration struggles to house thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the border, Mexican officials Admit that former President Donald Trump’s border policies helped them

As, Administration, Admit

59. Harry and Meghan Finally Admit They Didn’t Have Secret Backyard Wedding ON-THE-RECORD A bizarre claim by Meghan that she got married three days …

And, Admit

60. Admit You Miss Me, is the first book in the Irresistible Billionaires Book 1, A Surrogate Pregnancy second chance romance, it is the story of Brenna and Charlie who met 7 years ago and had a summer romance that was ended by his mother as he was from a different background to Brenna.

Admit, And, Ago, As

61. Admit noun A popular term for a patient who has been Admitted to a hospital or ward

Admit, Admitted

62. Admit You Love Me is an engaging story of a young woman caught in a bad situation and making the best of it however she can

Admit, An, And

63. SSC CHSL Admit card 2021 for tier-II was released on February 1 by the north-eastern region


64. The SSC CHSL tier-II Admit card is released region-wise on the official regional websites of the Commission


65. Candidates will be able to download the CHSL Admit card by using details such as their registration number and date of birth.

Able, Admit, As, And

66. Meghan and Harry finally Admit there was no secret backyard wedding Meghan and Harry had made the surprising claim to Oprah Winfrey that they actually got married

And, Admit, Actually

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