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adjunction (noun)

  • the joining of two sets which without overlapping jointly constitute a larger set, or the relation between two such sets.
  • the asserting in a single formula of two previously asserted formulae.

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1. Adjunction definition is - the act or process of adjoining

2. History and Etymology for Adjunction

3. First recorded in 1595–1605, Adjunction is from the Latin word adjunctiōn- (stem of adjunctiō).

4. Something attached as a dependent or auxiliary part.Under the Civil Law system which prevails in much of Europe and Latin America, Adjunction is the permanent union of a thing belonging to one person to something that belongs to someone else

5. Adjunction is a rhetorical or literary term that is used to refer to a sentence in which the verb is placed at either the very end or the very beginning instead of in the middle

6. The word is from the Latin Adjunction for “join,” and its first known use was in 1618

7. An Adjunction in Cat is a pair of adjoint functors

8. At the cost of some repetition (compare adjoint functor), we outline how one gets from the hom-functor formulation of Adjunction in Cat to the elementary definition in terms of units and counits.

9. Several of these share a similar formalism: if A is adjoint to B, then there is typically some formula of the type (Ax, y) = (x, By).Specifically, adjoint or Adjunction may mean: Adjoint of a linear map, also called its transpose; Hermitian adjoint (adjoint of a linear operator) in functional analysis

10. Adjunction is the noun form of the word adjunct and is derived from the Latin word 'adiunctus', which means 'to join to'

11. Adjunction, as a grammar tool, is a construction of words, which can be used for extending the meaning of the phrase, but is not an important part of it.

12. Sentence examples for in Adjunction to from inspiring English sources exact (10) This approach may be implemented in solid malignancies and potentially in hematological malignancies, either independently or in Adjunction to other modalities

13. Adjunction A virtually extinct term for the use of a combined -drug or -modality approach to treating a disease; adjunctive therapy

14. Rule of Adjunction definition is - a rule in logic: if each of two statements (as p and q) has been asserted then their conjunct (as pq) may be asserted.

15. An Adjunction is a phrase or clause added to a sentence that is not necessary for the meaning of the sentence, but it provides additional information

16. An Adjunction is not necessary to the structure or the meaning of the sentence

17. Generally, the term Adjunction refers to attachment or affixing to another

18. In civil law, Adjunction is the permanent union of a thing belonging to one person to something that belongs to someone else.

19. Adjunction (countable and uncountable, plural Adjunctions) The act of joining; the thing joined or added

20. ‘The problem of de Groot concerned compactifications of spaces by means of an Adjunction of a set of minimal dimension.’

21. Last time I shared a light introduction to Adjunctions in category theory

22. As we saw then, an Adjunction consists of a pair of opposing functors F F and G G together with natural transformations id → GF id → G F and F G → id F G → id.

23. Adjunction definition: (in phrase-structure grammar ) the relationship between a branch of a tree representing a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

24. First, Adjunction conserves bar-level inform ation

25. Adjunction - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

26. The Adjunction formula states that if $Y \\subset M$ is a smooth analytic hypersurface then we have an isomorphism $N^*_Y \\simeq [-Y]_Y$, where $N_Y$ is the normal

27. Definition of Adjunction in the dictionary

28. What does Adjunction mean? Information and translations of Adjunction in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

29. C-Adjunction, then, was one of the building blocks for a theory that allowed vastly greater power and scope to transformations than is currently considered desirable

30. In mathematical set theory, the axiom of Adjunction states that for any two sets x, y there is a set w = x ∪ {y} given by "adjoining" the set y to the set x

31. Bernays (1937, page 68, axiom II (2)) introduced the axiom of Adjunction as one of the axioms for a system of set theory that he introduced in about 1929.It is a weak axiom, used in some weak

32. Adjunction spaces are also used to define connected sums of manifolds

33. If A is a space with one point then the Adjunction is the wedge sum of X and Y

34. If X is a space with one point then the Adjunction is the quotient Y/A.

35. What does Adjunction mean? The act of joining; the thing joined or added

36. In Adjunction, Weltman and colleagues (1989; 1990) reported that, in both sedentary men and women, exercise performed at a specified percentage of [HR.sub.max] (%[HR.sub.max]) and heart rate reserve (%HRR) elicited a wide range of metabolic responses, suggesting that the use of standard HR intensity guidelines results in different levels of

37. The Voice-Adjunction theory of agentive ‘by’-phrases and the Icelandic impersonal passive* Anton Karl Ingason, 1Iris Edda Nowenstein, Einar Freyr Sigurðsson2 1University of Iceland and 2University of Pennsylvania Abstract We investigate ‘by’-phrases in the Icelandic impersonal passive and argue that

38. An Adjunction guarantees that the only pairings of functors are the systematic ones

39. Synonyms for Adjunction in Free Thesaurus

40. 1 synonym for Adjunction: junction

41. What are synonyms for Adjunction?

42. The genus-degree formula for plane curves can be deduced from the Adjunction formula

43. [1] Let C ⊂ P2 be a smooth plane curve of degree d and genus g.Let H be the class of a hypersurface in P2, that is, the class of a line.The canonical class of P2 is −3H.Consequently, the Adjunction formula says that the restriction of (d − 3)H to C equals the canonical class of C.

44. Adjunction via universal morphisms implies Adjunction via unit-counit

45. Why do the unit and counit of an Adjunction work in opposite directions? 2

46. Counit and Unit to an Adjunction

47. Proving that the counit of Adjunction is a natural transformation

48. Adjunction is a 10 letter word, used as a noun, a compound word, with Latin origins, and has the letters acdijnnotu (acdijnotu)

49. C-Adjunction moves an element, creates a new mother node for the moved element and another node, and copies the label on this other node onto the new mother

50. Late secondary Adjunction of ribavirin to IFN-alpha for 6 months in HCV-RNA negative patients after 6 months of IFN-alpha significantly decreases the relapse rate in patients with HCV genotype …

51. Adjunction: In mathematics , the process of obtaining the domain <bt>Ω</bt> from the domain <bt>Ω</bt> by adding to it the number a which does not already belong to it, and adding also all numbers arising from a finite number of additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions involving a and all numbers in the domain <bt>Ω</bt>.

52. Adjunction Anyone else have to wait the whole 6weeks for an Adjunction to go through and if so did it? I’m on week 4ish5 and I’m just hoping my account will get off hold once my Adjunction goes through, at least that’s what I was told by the reps.

53. Use Adjunction inequality to see that $\chi(C) + 2[C]^2 \ge0$

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What does adjunction mean?

adjunction - an act of joining or adjoining things. junction. joining, connexion, connection - the act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication); "the joining of hands around the table"; "there was a connection via the internet".

What is the definition of adjudication?

ADJUDICATION, in practice. The giving or pronouncing a judgment in a cause; a judgment. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

What is the adjunction between C and D?

An adjunction between categories C and D is somewhat akin to a "weak form" of an equivalence between C and D, and indeed every equivalence is an adjunction. In many situations, an adjunction can be "upgraded" to an equivalence, by a suitable natural modification of the involved categories and functors.

What does adjudicating mean?

an act of adjudicating. Law. the act of a court in making an order, judgment, or decree. a judicial decision or sentence.

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