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1. 22 synonyms of Adequately from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 40 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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2. Find another word for Adequately

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3. Adequately: in a satisfactory way.


4. Adverb in a way that is sufficient, suitable, effective, or appropriate: The professor’s vague response failed to Adequately answer our questions

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5. The clinic needs to be appropriately staffed with permanently employed and Adequately trained personnel.

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6. Definition of Adequately : to an adequate or sufficient degree or extent There is no way to Adequately prepare yourself for encountering a wild mountain gorilla

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7. — Sy Montgomery The blood volume is sufficient, but it's not being Adequately


8. Adequately synonyms, Adequately pronunciation, Adequately translation, English dictionary definition of Adequately


9. / ˈæd.ə.kwə / B2 in a way that is enough or satisfactory for a particular purpose: While some patients can be Adequately cared for at home, others are best served by care in a hospital.

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10. When applied fairly and consistently by managers who are Adequately trained to use the tools it contains, the General Schedule is a model pay system

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11. Adequately is defined as something completed in a fashion that was acceptable and/or satisfactory

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12. An example of the word Adequately is when a student has successfully finished a project that meets the basic requirements of the project.

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13. Definition of Adequately in the dictionary


14. What does Adequately mean? Information and translations of Adequately in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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15. Synonyms for Adequately include satisfactorily, sufficiently, suitably, enough, abundantly, appropriately, capably, competently, copiously and fittingly

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16. Ordinarily the bondholder is Adequately protected against the loss of his capital by a mortgage on the railroad

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17. It is one thing to note this coexistence and another to explain it Adequately. She was in high feather, not Adequately to be expressed by the plumes, and at once she told him why.

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18. When applied fairly and consistently by managers who are Adequately trained to use the tools it contains, the General Schedule is a model pay system

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19. Function Adequately Pedestrian and Bicycle Users Advantages: Splitter islands provide a pedestrian refuge area allowing pedestrians to cross only one direction of traffic at a time

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20. What is the definition of Adequately? What is the meaning of Adequately? How do you use Adequately in a sentence? What are synonyms for Adequately?

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21. Another way to say Adequately? Synonyms for Adequately (other words and phrases for Adequately)

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22. Synonyms for Adequately in Free Thesaurus


23. 1 antonym for Adequately: inAdequately

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24. What are synonyms for Adequately?

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25. Definition of Adequately adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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26. ‘the job requirements were not Adequately explained’ ‘In general, weeds are still being Adequately controlled.’ ‘The farther a water source, the more hose necessary to Adequately drain at each irrigation.’

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27. The adverb Adequately is a synonym for sufficiently, or suitably

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28. If you've Adequately fulfilled your course requirements, you're probably neither the best nor the worst student in the class.


29. : Adequately Capitalized shall mean, with respect to any Insured Depository Institution, the maintenance by such Insured Depository Institution of capital ratios at or above the required minimum levels for such capital category under the regulations promulgated pursuant to Section 1831(o) of Title 12 of the United States Code, as amended from time to time, by the

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30. Are addressed Adequately (position of the adverb) - English Only forum He could not keep his horse nor could he Adequately clothe his wife - English Only forum Visit the Spanish-English Forum.

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31. Adequately meaning, definition, what is Adequately: in a way that is enough for a particular: Learn more.


32. See 2 authoritative translations of Adequately in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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33. While Adams Adequately alleges that CHKD acted with an intent to deceive, because she claims that CHKD knew Adams did not owe it money but nevertheless relayed inaccurate information to Security Collection in an effort to collect payment, there is no allegation in the complaint asserting that the alleged misrepresentation was directed at Adams

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34. Synonyms (Other Words) for Adequately & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Adequately.

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35. A network of protected lands that Adequately conserves Washington’s biodiversity into the future will require taking climate change into account

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37. We learned that the property can no longer Adequately support the Washington National Guard so that they can be ready to support the region in the event of an emergency

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38. Adequately in a sentence - Use "Adequately" in a sentence 1


39. "But I feel I've been Adequately informed


40. Cataloging these games Adequately would take the rest of this century


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42. Cuomo today announced a nearly $72 million settlement with Altice following the company's failure to Adequately prepare for and restore broadband and cable television service after the August 2020 Tropical Storm Isaias left more than 400,000 Altice customers without service, some for as long as 14 days.

Announced, Altice, Adequately, And, After, August, As

43. Adequately (comparative more Adequately, superlative most Adequately) In an adequate manner

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44. Adequately wetted ^_e (Note the saturated material adjacent to , pipe insulation

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45. Vitamin B 6 must be Adequately supplied


46. Does television Adequately reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country? 3

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47. He had failed to prepare Adequately for the task before him


48. Adults with adrenal insufficiency who are Adequately treated and trained display the same incidence of COVID-19-suggestive symptoms and …

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49. We examined the association between Adequately diversified dietary intake, iron and folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and symptoms suggestive of PE or E in Indian women

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50. (2) Adequately capitalized if the insured Federal branch: (i) Maintains the pledge of assets prescribed under 12 CFR 347.209; (ii) Maintains the eligible assets prescribed under 12 CFR 347.210 at 106 percent or more of the preceding quarter's average book value of the insured branch's third-party liabilities; and

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51. Screening candidates Adequately is difficult in light of all sorts of fair housing issues.

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52. Sadly (and strangely), when conventional doctors today do not obtain Adequately effective results with one drug, they often simply prescribe more drugs in hopes that one of them, or their combination, will be more effective

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53. A paragraph is Adequately developed when it describes, explains and supports the topic sentence

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54. If the "promise" of the topic sentence is not fulfilled, or if the reader is left with questions after reading the paragraph, the paragraph has not been Adequately developed.

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ADEQUATELY [ˈadikwətlē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of an adequate?

Definition of adequate. 1 : sufficient for a specific need or requirement adequate time an amount of money adequate to supply their needs also : good enough : of a quality that is good or acceptable a machine that does an adequate job : of a quality that is acceptable but not better than acceptable Her first performance was merely adequate.

What is the adjective for adequately?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb adequate which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. adequate Equal to some requirement; proportionate , or correspondent; fully sufficient

What is the noun for adequate?

noun The state or quality of being adequate; the condition of being proportionate or sufficient; a sufficiency for a particular purpose: as, the adequacy of supply to expenditure, or of an effort to its purpose; an adequacy of provisions. from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

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