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See also: Addressal Address Addressable Addressed Addressability Addressee Addresser Addressor

1. Definition of Addressal : the act of addressing something (such as a problem or issue) The positivist belief that science is geared to uncovering facts and their connections in reality, leaves unaccounted …

2. Synonyms for Addressal include addressment and addressing

3. Self-Addressal is the poetic core of every good play I know, even Brecht's

4. However, the same statement was made by the university in a function held during the last academic session as well in an Addressal during the New Year celebrations

5. No such word as ' Addressal ' is available.

6. Addressal 1 point 2 points 3 points 3 years ago I don't think it matters whether the politician in question is a Democrat or a Republican

7. Information on Aadhaar Customer Care/ Complaint Addressal

8. Big Social Media Changes; New IT Rules Proposed for Grievances Addressal and Stringent Survelliance of Offensive Content

9. Addressal ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Addressal का हिंदी में मतलब). Addressal meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग) is के नाम.

10. Four artists on what drew them to the farmers’ protests and why the agrarian crisis needs immediate Addressal

11. The Addressal comes after commuters packed a Churchgate-Virar special

12. Therefore, all grievance Addressal centres have been brought under one single set up,” the release said

13. Addressal of academic threats and concerns at the time of its inception but it was also in tandem with and connected to the right wing political ideologies dominant in the 1980s” (Hopper et al.,1995, p


15. However, four basic types of concerns are being raised, each of which is valid and requires conscious Addressal before everybody jumps on the drone bandwagon: Safety - …

16. WCCO is celebrating Black History Month throughout February by showcasing Black Minnesota leaders or highlighting systemic issues still needing Addressal today.

17. The police will now be using public Addressal system outside famous joints and eateries at night time to spread the message of necessary compliance of masks in public places where congregations of people will be seen

18. I need urgent Addressal of my problem and stoppage of non authentic goods at Amazon

19. Himachal Pradesh government has started a new Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline Number 1100 for public grievance Addressal in the state

20. A particular point of emphasis between these two articles is the need for collective Addressal of work-life balance, in ways that are deeper than linguistic reframing (such as rephrasing it “life-work” instead)

21. “A collective Addressal will require seeing ourselves as a collective, with shared interests and a shared vision,” she said.

22. Despite his tender age of 19 years, new single ‘Stjernespiller’ is a mature and sincere Addressal of the struggles of confidence surrounding self-image.

23. The LSR student union had replied highlighting the very informal and vague anture of the reply and also the non-Addressal of a majority of our demands.

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