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ADDITIVE [ˈadədiv]

additive (noun) · additives (plural noun)

additive (adjective)

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1. Additive definition is - of, relating to, or characterized by addition

2. How to use Additive in a sentence.

3. Additive synonyms, Additive pronunciation, Additive translation, English dictionary definition of Additive

4. Additive definition, something that is added, as one substance to another, to alter or improve the general quality or to counteract undesirable properties: an Additive that thins paint

5. 5 synonyms of Additive from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 12 related words, definitions, and antonyms

6. Additive adjective (1) See Additive effect (2) Characterised by addition noun A substance—e.g., a flavouring agent, preservative, vitamin or other substance—which is added to an active substance to improve appearance, texture, or increase shelf-life or nutritional value.

7. Find 7 ways to say Additive, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

8. Metal Additive solutions have been limited to smaller-sized parts using metal powders

9. Wire-based metal Additive technology eliminates those trade-offs and delivers …

10. Best Line is a premium Additive that coats all the metal surfaces with a protective layer, which reduces engine noise and wear

11. Features of the Best Line Oil Additive Engine Treatment include: Protect and resists friction; Improves fuel economy and reduces emissions

12. The aerospace industry is a pioneering sector for Additive manufacturing and is paving the way to serial production

13. Now, the ready are evaluating beyond the part and considering how metal Additive will benefit the entire system—from part cost to supply chain to …

14. Additive by Sandvik Plan it – Print it – Perfect it

15. With the widest material program for Additive manufacturing (AM) and leading capabilities across the entire AM-value chain – from metal powder to finished component – we can accelerate industrialization of Additive manufacturing and take it to the next level together with you.

16. 3D printing, or Additive manufacturing, is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a CAD model or a digital 3D model

17. Additive Industries believes in close cooperation We share our experience, link our partners and inspire the industry to bring metal Additive manufacturing for functional parts from lab to fab

18. Working closely together with suppliers and customers, boundaries blur and everyone joins the Additive Industries team for an enduring and long-term

19. Additive is the game-changing technology you need to build faster, more survivable military products

20. Now, the ready are evaluating how Additive can drive improved sustainment and fleet readiness

21. The space industry is often characterized by complex parts in low volumes, making it an ideal industry to use metal Additive

22. Additive function, a function in number theory; Additive map, a function that preserves the addition operation; Additive set-function – see Sigma additivity; Additive category, a preAdditive category with finite biproducts; Additive inverse, an arithmetic concept; Science

23. Additive color, as opposed to subtractive color; Additive model, a statistical regression model

24. Additive Manufacturing is focused on all aspects of Additive and 3D printing technology - Providing the new product technologies; process solutions; supplier listings; application videos; business management content; networking; and event information that companies need to be competitive.

25. Additive is a Trading name of Digits2Widgets ltd

26. Close Digits2Widgets is now Additive

27. United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air and Radiation Office of Transportation and Air Quality Transportation and Regional Programs Division (Mail Code 6406J) Washington, DC 20460-0001 All gasoline and diesel motor vehicle fuel Additives are required to be registered in accordance with the regulations at 40CFR 79

28. Gasolines are required to contain detergent Additives which

29. Additive manufacturing is causing fundamental changes in the way parts are produced

30. Where typical manufacturing operates by cutting away or molding material, in Additive manufacturing, digital designs guide the fabrication of complex, three-dimensional products that are built up, layer by layer.

31. United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air and Radiation Office of Transportation and Air Quality Transportation and Regional Programs Division (Mail Code 6406J) Washington, DC 20460-0001 All gasoline and diesel motor vehicle fuel Additives are required to be registered in accordance with the regulations at 40CFR 79

32. Gasolines are required to contain detergent Additives which

33. Diagnosing food Additive sensitivity If you think you may have a food Additive sensitivity, it’s important to seek professional help since all of the symptoms you may be experiencing can also be caused by other disorders

34. This high-quality oil Additive is formulated to combat wear and tear in your engine and clean harmful deposits that hinder the optimum performance of your car

35. COMP Cams 159 Engine Break-In Oil Additive, 12 oz

36. Additive manufacturing (AM) or Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) is the industrial production name for 3D printing, a computer controlled process that creates three dimensional objects by depositing materials, usually in layers.

37. Additive Manufacturing is the peer-reviewed journal that provides academia and world-leading industry with high quality research papers and reviews in Additive manufacturing

38. The journal aims to acknowledge the innovative nature of Additive manufacturing and its broad applications to outline the current and future developments in the field.

39. Additive manufacturing technologies are positioned

40. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an appropriate name to describe the technologies that build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, whether the material is plastic, metal, concrete or one day…..human tissue.

41. Now, through the creation of Lincotek Additive, we are combining our experience and expertise in the Additive market

42. If your business needs a reliable and sophisticated Additive supply chain, our track record is hard to beat

43. The Food Additive Status list is updated at regular intervals, so it may not reflect the latest information

44. The Additive, cyclamate, is prohibited under Japan's Food Sanitization Law

45. A defoamant is an Additive that degasses or deaerates foam in a liquid media, and can be either a defoamer or antifoam

46. Biothene is a new degradable polythene Additive developed to tackle the …

47. Additive manufacturing removes geographic barriers by digitally connecting factories around the globe enabling distributed manufacturing, allowing companies to design in one location and manufacture in one that is closer to the end consumer

48. Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, technologies create three-dimensional parts from computer-aided design (CAD) models by successively adding material layer by layer until a physical part is created

49. While Additive manufacturing technologies have been around since the 1980s, the industry went through its most striking hype cycle during the early 2010s, when promoters claimed that the

50. Additive manufacturing refers to the application of 3D printing to create functional, industrial components including prototypes, tooling and end-use production parts.

51. Additive Intelligence is using machine learning to solve the problem of deformation during the sintering of metal 3D printed parts, making metal Additive manufacturing fast, scalable, and cost

52. Start studying Additive/Destructive

53. Coolant Additive, Purple Ice Radiator Super Coolant, Treats 20 qts., 12 oz., Set of 12

54. Siemens' Additive Manufacturing Network (AMN) provides an online order-to-delivery collaboration platform to co-create AM parts with a comprehensive ecosystem of AM manufacturers

55. Food Additive and Color Additive Petitions Under Review or Held in Abeyance Code of Federal Regulations Citations for Color Additives, Food Ingredients …

56. Additive number is a string whose digits can form Additive sequence

57. A valid Additive sequence should contain at least three numbers

58. Whether or not a fuel Additive will make any difference to your car depends on a couple things: the type of Additive you're considering, and whether or not your car actually needs it

59. If your car could benefit by one of the few Additives that actually offers a tangible benefit, then sure, go right ahead.

60. What does Additive mean? Of or being any of certain primary colors of wavelengths that may be mixed with one another to produce other colors

61. When Additive Solutions opened its doors earlier this year, these were “known unknowns.” The excavator arm demonstrated in Las Vegas in 2017 was a collaborative project that involved several companies and associations, predominantly led by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which worked with Lincoln Electric to develop processes and

62. The truth about Seafoam Fuel Additive, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer

63. The Additive Manufacturing Consulting network consists of international experts and consultants

64. This continuously growing network, leverages the potential of Additive Manufacturing – in any environment

65. The history of Additive manufacturing began with rapid prototyping applications — but the future is squarely in end-use manufacturing

66. Design for Additive Manufacturing

67. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a well-established discipline; Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) is a new set of skills specific to Additive manufacturing.

68. Earn a Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a rapidly emerging trend in the manufacturing sector, redefining how everything from medical devices to aerospace structures are designed, engineered, manufactured, certified, and …

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