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1. The Advanced Dental Admission Test (Adat) is an admission test designed to provide advanced dental education programs with a means to assess applicants’ potential for success.

2. Electronic Notification of Adat Eligibility During the application, you will be asked your status as a student or graduate. Processing times vary based on this status

3. What is Adat? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know

4. We look at the history of Adat, how it went from being a digital recorder to an optical expansion port

5. We also take a look at a number of current products that use Adat ports as …

6. Medical Adat abbreviation meaning defined here

7. What does Adat stand for in Medical? Get the top Adat abbreviation related to Medical.

8. The Advanced Dental Admission Test (Adat) is offered under the auspices of the Department of Testing Services, an independent agency of the American Dental Association

9. The Adat will provide advanced education program directors with the ability to rank applicants in areas of interest using a nationally standardized and objective test.

10. 8-channel Adat Expander with 8 500 Series Slots, Cue Mixer, Adat I/O, and Analog Summing $ 1,499 .00 Or $42.00 /month § with

11. At Adat Hatikvat Tzion, you will find a group of people who share their love for their fellow man and their love for Israel. We believe that G-d (HaShem) has a plan and His plan involves the Jewish people

12. Crack the Adat mimics, mirrors and emulates the most realistic interface for Adat Full Length Tests

13. Our Adat Practice Tests makes you feel super confident for test day so you can score higher on your Adat to get into dentistry school

14. Get the 2021-2022 Adat Edition.

15. Adat Stands For: All acronyms (28) Business & Finance (2) Government & Military (4) Medicine & Science (1)

16. Adat, customary law of the indigenous peoples of Malaysia and Indonesia. It was the unwritten, traditional code governing all aspects of personal conduct from birth to death.

17. The Adat Lightpipe, officially the Adat Optical Interface, is a standard for the transfer of digital audio between equipment. It was originally developed by Alesis but has since become widely accepted, with many third party hardware manufacturers including Lightpipe interfaces on their equipment.

18. The Adat (a registered trademark of Alesis) is an eight-track digital tape recorder that caught the recording industry by storm when it was first released in the early 1990s

19. Today, with over 100,000 Adats in use in recording facilities around the world, it is the most widely used professional digital recording system.

20. What is Adat? Adat is short for Alesis Digital Audio Tape

21. Adat inputs are typically used for adding more input channels via additional microphone preamps and audio interfaces

22. Both 18i8 and 18i20 have Adat Optical input jacks for eight more inputs at 44.1 & 48 kHz, and only four additional channels are available when recording at 88.2 & 96 kHz.

23. Find the latest 200896 (Adat) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing.

24. Atif Aslam First Hit Music Video " AAdat "

25. Adat definition is - local customary law especially of Islamic-Malay tradition in Indonesia.

26. The Adat (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) was an eight-track recording machine first introduced in 1992, which used consumer S-VHS (video cassette) tapes to store data

27. The first, rather quirky, Adat recorders played a key role in wresting the levers of music …

28. Great deals on Adat Pro Audio Recorders

29. Looking for online definition of Adat or what Adat stands for? Adat is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

30. The Adat enables a weighted score to be calculated that is used to determine that the care receiver is a person with a disability or severe medical condition which results in the need for a significant level of care and therefore meets the definition of a disabled adult under SSAct section 954 for CA (adult) or SSAct section 198 for CP for

31. The melody that has ruled the hearts of billions all over the world, AAdat marks its 15 years of love and adoration from its fans and listeners with our inst

32. Developed specifically for Adat users, the HHB Adat45 employs a precision engineered cassette to ensure accurate tape handling and minimise tape pack slack, which can cause conventional tapes to break after repeated shuttling.

33. Adat definition, the native law traditional in Indonesia

34. The Alesis Adat HD24 24-track hard disk recorder is designed to fit into any Adat environment and match Adat's performance and affordability

35. Definition of Adat in the dictionary

36. What does Adat mean? Information and translations of Adat in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

37. My Adat scores were: 670 Overall (99th percentile) 710 Biomedical Sciences 620 Clinic Sciences 710 Evidence Based Dentistry Length of Study Time: I studied for two months, while still working full time Monday through Friday

38. The Iban concept of Adat, like cognate notions in other Malayo-Indonesian societies (cf

39. The Lucid ADA8824 (Adat) Audio Interface is an eight-channel, 24-bit, A/D and D/A converter intended for use with digital audio workstations

40. [For clarity the ADA8824 (Adat) will be referred to as the 8824 throughout the rest of this user’s guide.] The 8824 provides Adat lightpipe connec-

41. What does Adat stand for? List of 31 Adat definitions

42. Top Adat abbreviation meanings updated February 2021

43. Adat is also an optical signal, not electrical like most signals are

44. Here is a pic of the connectors from an Adat cable (also called a Toslink cable) DB25-XLR are NOT used for Adat.

45. IPA : /Adat/ Rhymes: -Adat, -dat, -at; Noun

46. Adat (Jawi spelling عادت‎, plural Adat-Adat, informal 1st possessive Adatku, impolite 2nd possessive Adatmu, 3rd possessive Adatnya) custom (Frequent repetition of the same act) Descendants

47. Indonesian: Adat → English: Adat → Iban: Adat

48. You can find the 2021 coupons and promo codes of UAE brands at Adat! We provide the best and verified discount deals that will save your money!

49. Atif Aslam "AAdat": Najaane kab se Umeedain kuch baqi hain Mujhe phir bhi teri yaad Kyun ati hai? Najaane kab se Durr j

50. Adat Optical is 8 channels of audio ranging from 16-bit 44.1KHz to 24-bit 48Khz in quality

51. Adat SMUX II allows 4 channels of audio at 24-bit 96KHz over the same optical cable

52. 2010-es évektől egyre gyakrabban hivatkoznak az Adatokra és az Adatelemzésre, mint üzleti lehetőségre is.Az ún

53. Big Data megváltoztatta az Adatokhoz való hozzáállást, sokkal gyorsabban és intelligensebben tudjuk azokat információvá, majd üzleti döntéssé alakítani, mint akár csak 20 éve.

54. Adat B'rit is a synagogue serving Orange County and the greater Long Beach area.

55. The Adat lightpipe protocol was developed to stream eight channels of 20 or 24 bit audio over an optical cable at 44.1kHz or 48kHz to allow for digital transfers between Adat digital recorders

56. Today “Adat” is used as the standard abbreviation for the Adat lightpipe protocol and is still used to transfer eight channels of digital audio over

57. Overview of Adat scoring regime Summary

58. The Adat has been designed to assess the care needs of a person 16 years and over with disability or severe medical conditions, or who is frail aged and provide a balanced assessment that assigns a similar score/rating to people with similar levels of disability

59. The Adat comprises questions that assess care needs across a range of physical

60. You can use the analog output of the Adat and transfer six tracks at a time through the Steinberg

61. You might be able to find a used USB interface with Adat for less.

62. Looking for the definition of Adat? Find out what is the full meaning of Adat on! 'Alesis Digital Audio Tape' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

63. Adat Hatikvah Messianic Synagogue, Deerfield, Illinois

64. Adat Hatikvah is a Messianic synagogue that celebrates Yeshua the Messiah and the Judaism

65. Temple Adat Elohim is the largest Jewish community in the Conejo Valley

66. The Adat revolutionised the home studio in the 90s

67. Our features editor remembers arriving late to the party, but enjoying it all the same… Few bemoan the demise of the Adat machine but I, for one, do

68. The Adat – or Alesis Digital Audio Tape format – first starting appearing in 1992

69. Adat cables are standard so there isn't a specific one that we advice

70. The only problem you may have is that the Adat ports on the H8000 are quite close so if an Adat cable has a bulky connector it may touch the other one (I/O ports) and get into the way

71. This can create a bad connection to the Adat light beam.

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What does adat stand for in audio?

Traditional Malay law. Origin: From adat, from عادة, from the verb عود. Alesis Digital Audio Tape or ADAT is a magnetic tape format used for the simultaneous digital recording of eight analog audio or digital audio tracks at once, onto a Super VHS tape that is used by consumer VCRs. What does ADAT stand for?

What is ADAT tape?

Alesis Digital Audio Tape or ADAT is a magnetic tape format used for the simultaneous digital recording of eight analog audio or digital audio tracks at once, onto a Super VHS tape that is used by consumer VCRs.

What is adat etihad?

Attn: The Assistant Engineer, Lsgd Section, Adat Grama P. Etihad is one of several airlines for whom Adat provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services. ADAT is part of Mubadala Aerospace's global MRO network, which includes SR Technics.

What does Alesis digital tape mean?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Alesis Digital Audio Tape or ADAT is a magnetic tape format used for the simultaneous digital recording of eight analog audio or digital audio tracks at once, onto a Super VHS tape that is used by consumer VCRs.

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