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1. Find 41 ways to say Adapting, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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2. Present participle of adapt Synonyms & Antonyms of Adapting to change (something) so as to make it suitable for a new use or situation it always takes freshmen a little while to adapt

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3. Hey, welcome to my channel! My name is Kennet (Adapting IGN)


4. Transition, on the other hand, is the internal process of Adapting to a new situation


5. It is the process of successfully Adapting from an old way to a new one

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6. They were Adapting easily and efficiently

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7. Submitted by MaryC on March 20, 2020 How to pronounce Adapting?


8. Let’s just say that you are Adapting to a new town, it may take awhile to feel comfortable, but along the way, you can be your future spouse, a new friend or even be inspired to start your own

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9. The latest tweets from @Adapting


10. (redirected from Adapting to) adapt (something) to (something) 1

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11. I heard that the studio is Adapting that book for a movie


12. Synonyms for Adapting include adjustment, adaptation, acclimatisation, acclimatization, accommodation, acclimation, familiarisation, familiarization, acculturation

Adapting, Adjustment, Adaptation, Acclimatisation, Acclimatization, Accommodation, Acclimation, Acculturation

13. The Slowly Adapting type 2 (SA2) mechanoreceptors, with the Ruffini corpuscle end-organ, respond to skin stretch, but have not been closely linked to either proprioceptive or mechanoreceptive roles in perception


14. Kennet "Adapting" Ros is a member of NRG eSports


15. Despite his skill, Adapting had a history of just missing out on competing with the best


16. Adapting Catch the next episode of “Don’t Sleep On Basketball” on the Suns YouTube channel this Sunday at 11 a.m

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17. Join us for Adapting: The Future of Jewish Education, a video Livecast with Jewish educators


18. Adapting In Motion is the new way to tackle change management and find success

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19. Adapting in Motion hits change head-on, bringing readers through an arc of awareness, preparedness, learning, and wisdom.

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20. Constantly Adapting yourself to changing times is a very integral part of a successful person's personality because change is the only constant, and one should have the …

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21. AstraZeneca on Thursday said it is focused on Adapting its Covid-19 vaccine to new strains of the virus that causes the disease, and aims to cut …

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22. Adapting is an intentional approach to reflecting on learning, and making decisions and iterative adjustments in response to new information and changes in context

Adapting, An, Approach, And, Adjustments

23. Adapting Slider This job aid will help you determine how best to resolve a challenge/issue in programming.

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24. Here are some general guidelines for Adapting practices with students with learning challenges

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25. What does Adapting mean? Present participle of adapt

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26. Adapting Authentic Materials for Language Teaching By Steven Darian (United States) Adapting original materials for language teaching is an incredibly subtle process—half art, half science

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27. Clearly, the kind and degree of Adapting depends on the age and language level of the student.

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28. Education Plus Development Adapting to learning needs in the wake of COVID-19 using data and evidence A conversation with TaRL Africa, J-PAL, and …

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29. Adapting your course to a fully online environment will require new methods of organizing your content and communicating with students

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30. Example of Adapting a Toddler Activity for a Preschooler: The next example I chose was the Bucket & Clothesline Activity for Toddlers activity adapted into a preschool activity.

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31. Adapting the Curriculum 27 across four educational sectors: K-12, community colleges, higher educa-tion, and informal learning

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32. Influenza worldwide and for countries to remain vigilant while Adapting to meet COVID-19 surveillance objectives

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33. Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy

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34. Scientists have found evidence for mutations in some strains of the coronavirus that suggest the pathogen may be Adapting to humans after spilling over from bats

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35. Deadline reports that Hulu is Adapting Canadian sci-fi icon Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy of books, about a …

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36. Netflix is Adapting a Keanu Reeves comic into a live-action film and anime series Naturally, the actor will also star in the adaptations of 'BRZRKR.'

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37. I am incredibly proud of them and all the fine arts teachers and students of LCPS who have made shifting and Adapting an art form

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38. Adapting Classics for Modern Young Readers The rewrites were primarily intended and executed to drive a new wave of sales by reinvigorating their appeal to the next generation.

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39. Adapting for Cinema is a training programme focused on the concept of adaptation, from literature to cinema

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ADAPTING [əˈdapt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name adapting mean?

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  • adapt (Verb)
  • To make suitable; to make to correspond; to fit or suit; to proportion.
  • adapt (Verb)
  • To fit by alteration; to modify or remodel for a different purpose; to adjust: as, to adapt a story or a foreign play for the stage; to adapt an old ...
  • adapt (Verb)
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    What is the difference between adapt and adjust?

    Adapt means you become familiar to new conditions. Meanwhile adjust means you changed yourself to make yourself fit to a certain situation. Examples: (A moved from America to Japan) A adapted to the Japanese lifestyle.

    What is the common meaning of adaptation?

    An adaptation is a physical or behavioral characteristic that has developed to allow an organism to better survive in its environment. Adaptations are the result of evolution and may occur when a gene mutates, or changes by accident.

    What is the noun for adapting?

    noun the act or process of adapting or the state of being adapted; adjustment something that is produced by adapting something else something that is changed or modified to suit new conditions or needs

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