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ADAPTABLE [əˈdaptəb(ə)l]

adaptable (adjective)

  • able to adjust to new conditions.
  • able to be modified for a new use or purpose.
Synonyms: flexible . adjustable . pliant . compliant . malleable . versatile . resilient . conformable . multiskilled . easygoing . accommodating . obliging . cooperative . amenable . easy . inflexible . versatile . variable . convertible . alterable . modifiable . adjustable . changeable . multipurpose . all-purpose . limited .

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1. Definition of Adaptable : capable of being or becoming adapted plants that are easily Adaptable to colder climates Other Words from Adaptable Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about Adaptable Other Words from Adaptable

2. Capable of being adapted. able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions: an Adaptable person.

3. While all these words mean "susceptible of being modified in form or nature," Adaptable implies the capability of being easily modified to suit other conditions, needs, or uses

4. Computer hardware that is Adaptable When is it sensible to use ductile instead of Adaptable?

5. Adaptable That older people are resilient, Adaptable and active agents in achieving a ' good life ' is clearly demonstrated

6. From the Cambridge English Corpus This, then, will not be a study in itself, but more a list of possibilities, easily Adaptable,

7. Regardless of industry or location, that responsive, Adaptable strategy is going to rely heavily on ecommerce and SEO

8. ECOMMERCE AND SEO: PAST, PRESENT, AND POST COVID-19 JIM YU MAY 19, 2020 SEARCH ENGINE WATCH The Negroes seemed to be more easily Adaptable to hard, manual labor than the Indians or indentured white servants had been.

9. is designed to help amptuees find information about staying active in a way that's relevant to their specific context and needs

10. Adaptable is a tech enabled company providing all-you-can-ask web design and technical services in a monthly flate-rate

11. Being Adaptable at work can mean you can respond quickly to changing ideas, responsibilities, expectations, trends, strategies and other processes.

12. Adaptable is embracing a new paradigm of patient engagement in clinical research

13. The Adaptable patient partners, Adaptors, work alongside researchers in all aspects of the trial, including designing the protocol, consent form, study portal, and study materials.

14. Flexible, variable, versatile, resilient, easy-going, changeable, modifiable, conformable They are Adaptable foragers that can survive on a wide range of foods

15. Adjustable, flexible, compliant, malleable, pliant, plastic, modifiable, alterable He hopes to make the workforce more Adaptable

16. Adaptable Leaders Have These 3 Types of Flexibility

17. The more Adaptable you are, the more comfortable you'll be embracing new ways of doing things

18. The more Adaptable and therefore relevant you are, the better you'll be able to change with the ongoing landscape.

19. Adaptable - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

20. Something that is Adaptable can change to fit its environment, whether that environment is natural or social

21. The level to which a species is Adaptable to changing surroundings is an important factor in the study of evolution

22. An Adaptable dwelling unit has all the accessible features that a fixed accessible unit has but allows some items to be omitted or concealed until needed so the dwelling units can look the same as others and be better matched to individual needs when occupied

23. In an Adaptable dwelling, wide doors, no steps, knee spaces, control and switch

24. Charles Darwin’s words still very much ring true, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most Adaptable to change.” Adaptability is one of the top “human skills” otherwise known as soft or essential skills employers are seeking.

25. What does Adaptable mean? Capable of adapting or of being adapted

26. Adaptable - Mar 17, 2021 Scenario Planning – A Process to Manage Uncertainty

27. If you describe a person or animal as Adaptable, you mean that they are able to change their ideas or behaviour in order to deal with new situations.a more Adaptable and skilled workforce

28. They are Adaptable foragers that learn to survive on a wide range of food sources.

29. Adaptable® is the first fully-sterile, surgeon-controlled limb and retractor holder designed for a safe total hip arthroplasty, highly efficient knee surgery, and convenient patient positioning in upper extremity arthroplasty and sports medicine procedures.

30. The ' Adaptable Carriage' system allows the seats and tables within a passenger train carriage to be automatically stowed to create space for 'low density, high value' packages and other cargo that would otherwise go by road.

31. ‘The till is Adaptable to the individual needs of the retailer.’ ‘And the systems had to be easily Adaptable to handle other birds, such as turkeys and ducks.’ ‘Researchers also hope to create a tank design that could be Adaptable to any type of solid-state hydrogen storage.’

32. Adaptable v3 is ready for moodle 3.10 Try out the demo! as Student student

33. * {{quote-book, author=Sabine Baring-Gould, title=, year=1901 , passage=Joan was Adaptable , and easily fell in with the prevalent tone.She played her small jokes on each, and this readily dissolved restraint, …

34. Able to change in order to be successful in new and different situations The American Constitution has proved Adaptable in changing political conditions

35. Adaptable to The catfish is Adaptable to a wide range of water conditions

36. —adaptability /əˌdæptəˈbɪləti/ noun [ uncountable] Examples from the Corpus Adaptable • They were charming women, well-bred, gentle, and very Adaptable.

37. The pandemic has shone a sharp spotlight on the need for companies to be Adaptable, but even before the mayhem of 2020, business leaders …

38. It is widely Adaptable with an average yield of 1949 kg/ha.

39. Ha It can be totally Adaptable with a completely removable hood.

40. The individual must also be entrepreneurial, self-motivated and Adaptable with the ability to ' think outside the box.

41. The successful candidate will be Adaptable with highly developed networking skills with the ability to build relationships quickly and easily.

42. Among foliage plants such things as coleus, dusty miller, begonia, and some geraniums are Adaptable

43. As usual in the adoption of foreign devices, we had to redesign these weapons to make them Adaptable to American shop methods.

44. Adaptable - capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use; "to succeed one must be Adaptable"; "the frame was Adaptable to cloth bolts of different widths" unAdaptable - not Adaptable

45. Adaptable - Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles

46. Principal Translations: Spanish: English: Adaptable adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación: Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular ("amable", "constante") pero que sí varían en plural ("amables", "constantes")

47. (que se acopla) (accept change) Adaptable adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an

48. Adaptable is a highly customisable responsive two column theme with an abundance of features

49. The concept behind Adaptable is to have a common theme developed and tested by a community of users which can be branded and configured according to each organisations needs.

50. Adaptable is a highly customisable responsive two column theme designed for use on both large University installations as well as small training companies.

51. Another way to say Adaptable? Synonyms for Adaptable (other words and phrases for Adaptable).

52. The quality of being Adaptable; a quality that renders Adaptable

53. "Ever-growing demands on the data center are pushing existing infrastructure to its limit, driving the need for Adaptable solutions that can optimize performance across a broad range of workloads and extend the lifecycle of existing infrastructure, ultimately reducing TCO," said Salil Raje, executive vice president and general manager, Data Center Group, at Xilinx.

54. Many old market buildings have proved highly Adaptable

55. Children are highly Adaptable—they just need time to readjust

56. He is an Adaptable man and will soon learn the new work

57. NATURAL Adaptable: Our natural Adaptable restores and rejuvenates thyroid health, stabilizing the body’s hormonal environment

58. BOOST FOCUS, ENERGY & CLARITY – Experience a renewed sense of well-being and mental clarity with a natural Adaptable supplement that works.

59. The programme is designed to be flexible and Adaptable to the prevailing operational environment

60. Expand_more Le programme a été conçu pour être souple et Adaptable à l'environnement opérationnel.

61. Adaptable Physical Therapy and Consulting, LLC, Providence, Rhode Island

62. Adaptable gets you complex rehab technology including custom wheelchairs faster by

63. Explore 72 Adaptable Quotes by authors including Gary Hamel, Aung San Suu Kyi, and George Takei at BrainyQuote.

64. French Translation of Adaptable” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online

65. Adaptable would like to thank you all again for your generous support! Adaptable - JA Company

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