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ACTUATE [ˈak(t)SHəˌwāt]

actuate (verb) · actuates (third person present) · actuated (past tense) · actuated (past participle) · actuating (present participle)

  • cause (a machine or device) to operate.
Synonyms: activate . operate . switch on . turn on . start up . start off . trigger . trip . initiate . initialize . energize . animate .
  • cause (someone) to act in a particular way; motivate.
Synonyms: motivate . stimulate . move . drive . rouse . stir . stir up . fire . arouse . prompt . incite . influence . impel . urge . goad . activate .

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1. Actuate definition is - to put into mechanical action or motion

2. How to use Actuate in a sentence

3. Actuate definition, to incite or move to action; impel; motivate: Actuated by selfish motives

4. Actuate enables moveable construction cameras to automatically detect threats to safety and security.

5. Actuate To operate a mine-firing mechanism by an influence or a series of influences in such a way that all the requirements of the mechanism for firing, or for registering a target count, are met

6. Find 49 ways to say Actuate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

7. Actuate Corporation is a publicly traded reporting, analytics and customer communications software company based in San Mateo, California, part of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. The company is known for its creation of the open source Eclipse BIRT business data reporting project launched by the Eclipse Foundation in 2004.

8. Actuate In January 2015, OpenText ™ acquired Actuate Corporation, adding powerful analytics to the OpenText product portfolio and enabling companies to analyze and visualize a broad range of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

9. At Actuate Law we're proud to improve upon tradition by offering tech-forward, creative, legal services that keep business leaders at the top of their game

10. Engineering Expertise NetActuate is led by engineers with decades of experience that understand exactly what it takes to optimized fast, secure, and reliable global deployments.

11. OnActuate is a Global Information Technology and Consulting Firm

12. / ˈæk.tʃu.eɪt / / ˈæk.tju.eɪt / to make a machine work or be the reason a person acts in a certain way: A detonator is Actuated by heat, percussion, friction, or electricity. He was Actuated almost entirely …

13. Actuate BIRT is a commercial offering based on open source BIRT and benefits from the rich capabilities of the Eclipse platform and a very active community of users.

14. Actuate BIRT provides the convenience of a one-button install, and support for production deployments via the purchase of Actuate-backed indemnification, maintenance, professional services, and support.

15. NetActuate Expands Capacity for Network and Infrastructure Services in Dallas, Texas Data Center Jan 29, 2021 Read More News & Updates “Working with NetActuate cut our costs by …

16. The definition of Actuate is the act of putting something into motion. An example of Actuate is a tweeting bird popping out of a cu-cu clock as it strikes the hour.

17. > Actuate > reports…But the best way to do reports is through Business > componenet rather > then hard coding the user name and password in Actuate > reports…First make the > report object and fields in Siebel tools….Then go to tools option > and generate > the Actuate report …This would create the rol file for that > particular report

18. The original sense was ‘carry out in practice’, later ‘stir into activity, enliven’; Actuate (sense 1) dates from the mid 17th century.

19. Actuate To operate a mine-firing mechanism by an influence or a series of influences in such a way that all the requirements of the mechanism for firing, or for registering a target count, are met

20. Actuate is a synonym of activate

21. As verbs the difference between activate and Actuate is that activate is to put into action, to put to work while Actuate is {{contexttransitivelang=en}} to activate, or to put into motion; to animate.

22. Verb If a person is Actuated by an emotion, that emotion makes them act in a certain way

23. [be VERB -ed] Synonyms: motivate, move, drive, influence More Synonyms of Actuate

24. Actuate are Employee Alignment Specialists

25. Actuate also means to motivate to act in a particular way

26. Some technical writing gurus believe that writers should use Actuate only with mechanical processes

27. The moving cantilever can Actuate another device or move a cam or wheel to generate rotary motion.: Electronic solenoids Actuate the clutch elements and these are close coupled to the clutches to optimize response time.: Finally, the device driver for the appropriate device translates the commands to analog signals that Actuate the device.: There are three different powder funnels which

28. Actuate Active Portal for Linux provides developers who are building Enterprise Reporting Applications, in areas such as financial management and customer self-service, with a set of pre-built web pages and a comprehensive library of user controls.

29. Actuate iServer to support enterprise deployments

30. Actuate iServer is an enterprise class reporting application platform that supports the needs of sharing information with all users in an enterprise

31. Actuate iPortal is built so that it can easily scale up to thousands of users or easily upgrade to Actuate

32. Actuate: 1 v put in motion or move to act “ Actuate the circuits” Synonyms: activate , set off , spark , spark off , touch off , trigger , trigger off , trip Type of: initiate , pioneer take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of v give an incentive for action Synonyms: incite , motivate , move , prompt , propel affect ,

33. Actuate Media facilitates data-driven B2C & B2B relationships through digital marketing channels

34. Definition of Actuate in the dictionary

35. What does Actuate mean? Information and translations of Actuate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

36. Synonyms for Actuate in Free Thesaurus

37. 57 synonyms for Actuate: motivate, move, drive, influence, excite, urge, inspire, prompt, stir, spur

38. Actuate speech topics are numerous, but a few examples include why to vote in an election, environmental issues, food choices and social concerns

39. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to Actuate means to cause someone to do something or to act in a certain way, so an Actuate speech is a persuasive speech.

40. Actuate integrates with your security camera system and automatically identifies firearms to notify law enforcement and provide early

41. Actuate’s AI software closely monitors spaces for instances of people being where they’re not supposed to be

42. See authoritative translations of Actuate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

43. Actuate 113 followers on LinkedIn

44. Breakthroughs for society's challenges Actuate is a new kind of nonprofit organization, formed to contribute a fresh approach to society's critical challenges.

45. Actuate 780 followers on LinkedIn

46. Actuate turns any security camera into a smart camera to keep people safe

47. Actuate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

48. To Actuate the marathon, the race supervisor will fire the starting gun

49. 🔊 The evil mastermind will Actuate the bomb by pressing the red button

50. 🔊 In case of an emergency, the pilot will Actuate the floor lighting on the plane

51. 🔊 An increase in fuel prices will Actuate a decrease in gas purchases

52. Why the Modern-Day Learner Loves Actuate (Demo) The modern-day learner loves bite-sized lessons that are in video and infographic formats

53. That is why every Actuate course is made up of a series of video or infographic lessons.

54. As verbs the difference between convince and Actuate is that convince is to make someone believe, or feel sure about something, especially by using logic, argument or evidence while Actuate is to activate, or to put into motion; to animate.

55. Definition of Actuate verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

56. Actuate (v.) 1590s, "perform" (a sense now obsolete), from Medieval Latin actuatus, past participle of actuare "perform, put into action," from Latin actus "a doing" (from PIE root *ag-"to drive, draw out or forth, move")

57. Actuate UK is an alliance of eight specialist engineering membership associations in the United Kingdom

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