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1. Actualised synonyms, Actualised pronunciation, Actualised translation, English dictionary definition of Actualised


2. is a personal development blogging website that publishes the views of the author based on how to apply personal development knowledge to help you achieve your goals in life.

Author, Apply, Achieve

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4. What does Actualised mean? Information and translations of Actualised in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Actualised, And

5. The spelling change extends to all forms (e.g., actualises, actualizes, Actualised, actualized, actualisation, actualization, actualising, actualizing)

All, Actualises, Actualizes, Actualised, Actualized, Actualisation, Actualization, Actualising, Actualizing

6. Actualise Past participle: Actualised Gerund: actualising Imperative Present Preterite Present Continuous Present Perfect Past Continuous Past Perfect Future Future Perfect Future Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Conditional Past Conditional Imperative actualise actualise Present I actualise you

Actualise, Actualised, Actualising

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8. What are synonyms for Actualised?

Are, Actualised

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10. General (7 matching dictionaries) Actualised: Collins English Dictionary [home, info] Actualised: [home, info] Actualised: Wordnik [home, info]


11. Example sentences with "Actualised", translation memory


12. Kaufman first surveyed online participants using 17 characteristics Maslow believed were shared by self-Actualised people


13. The pinnacle is a privileged and lonely place, not that the self-Actualised person who reaches it will mind

And, Actualised

14. Kaufman first surveyed online participants using 17 characteristics Maslow believed were shared by self-Actualised people


15. The Actualised Industries series of Odour-Control Systems utilizes advanced, innovative odour control technology to get rid of disease-causing pathogens and eliminate unpleasant smells and odours

Actualised, Advanced, And

16. Maslow didn’t invent the idea of self-Actualised work, and nor did the 20th-century management consultants who implemented these ideas

Actualised, And

17. Six Pillars of Self-Actualised Leadership for one single payment! You'll have lifetime access, a premium membership

Actualised, Access

18. I'll invite you to our private community where we all empower each other to become better leaders that bring forth a new generation of self-Actualised leaders …

All, Actualised

19. Actualised How many syllables? 4 Syllables How it's divided? ac-tu-al-ised

Actualised, Ac, Al

20. This is an Actualised or unActualised event that occurs at a slightly different time or in a slightly different manner from the given event

An, Actualised, At

21. My Shasta Daisy A corollary of his position on the survival of the soul-intellect in the afterlife through its perfection is the recognition that some intellects that remain potential and un- Actualised

Afterlife, And, Actualised

22. Dictionary entry overview: What does Actualised mean? • Actualised (adjective) The adjective Actualised has 1 sense:

Actualised, Adjective

23. Changed from potential to actual Familiarity information: Actualised used as an adjective is very rare.

Actual, Actualised, As, An, Adjective

24. It confirms that to care is human and the capacity to care is affirmed and Actualised in caring for the critically ill patient and their relatives.

And, Affirmed, Actualised

25. Health Actualised __ manini linuza


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ACTUALISED [ˈak(t)SH(o͞o)əˌlīz]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does actualize mean?

actualize - make real or concrete; give reality or substance to; "our ideas must be substantiated into actions". actualise, realize, substantiate, realise. create, make - make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor".

What does actualisation mean?

actualisation - making real or giving the appearance of reality. actualization, realization, realisation. creating by mental acts - the act of creating something by thinking. objectification - the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing.

What is a self actualized person?

Problem Centering. The self-actualizing person is someone who is generally strongly focused on problems outside of himself. He is concerned with the problems of others and the problems of society, and is willing to work to try to alleviate those difficulties.

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