Use Activate in a sentence


ACTIVATE [ˈaktəˌvāt]

activate (verb) · activates (third person present) · activated (past tense) · activated (past participle) · activating (present participle)

  • make (something) active or operative.
  • convert (a substance, molecule, etc.) into a reactive form.
Synonyms: operate . switch on . turn on . start . start off . start up . trigger . trip . actuate . initiate . initialize . energize . animate . switch off .

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1. Activate definition is - to make active or more active: such as

2. How to use Activate in a sentence.

3. See synonyms for: Activate / Activated / activating / activation on verb (used with object), ac·ti·vat·ed, ac·ti·vat·ing

4. Activate Studio is an Extension of Your Team Tap into our in-house experts for influencer strategy and ideation or casting and execution

5. Activate is the leading management consulting firm for these industries

6. Activate using a digital license Digital licenses are associated with your hardware and linked to your Microsoft account, so there's nothing you need to find on your PC

7. © 2014-2021 The Activate Company, LLC All rights reserved

8. Activate your device for March Madness Live

9. To Activate Windows 10, you need a digital license or a product key

10. If you're ready to Activate, select Open Activation in Settings.

11. If Windows 10 was previously Activated on your device, your copy of Windows 10 should be Activated automatically.

12. Activate your new credit card when it arrives to start earning rewards.

13. Activate Your Aspire® Credit Card Online

14. The fastest and easiest way to Activate your Aspire® Credit Card is through the Aspire® Account Center

15. Once your card is Activated, the Aspire® Account Center lets you manage your account 24/7 from any device.

16. Activate is Canada's first active gaming facility! Assemble your team and enter inside a video game like experience, where you become the players to physically and mentally complete challenges.

17. How do I Activate my phone on the Sprint Network? First, check the device’s compatibility by entering its IMEI

18. What do I need in order to Activate my device?

19. 11 synonyms of Activate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 33 related words, definitions, and antonyms

20. Activate: to cause to function.

21. You can use the NI Licensing Wizard included with the NI License Manager to Activate your software

22. If you do not have this information, you will not be able to Activate

23. - Activate your netspend card online at first before you start using it

24. There are two common methods that you may use to verify or Activate your card within minutes: 1

25. Call the number on the card Look for a sticker on your credit card that contains instructions on how to Activate

26. Find 28 ways to say Activate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

27. The quickest way to Activate your personal credit card is with your Online Banking ID and Passcode

28. If you don't use Online Banking yet, simply enroll to Activate your credit card

29. Activate your card by calling Customer Care at the phone number listed on the activation label located on the front of your new card

30. Founded in 2015, Activate global inc

31. Activate your card now in just a few minutes

32. After your card is Activated, you'll have the option to set up online account access

33. Activate synonyms, Activate pronunciation, Activate translation, English dictionary definition of Activate

34. To organize or create : Activate the National Guard.

35. Public: void Activate(); public void Activate (); member this.Activate : unit -> unit Public Sub Activate Examples

36. The following example demonstrates how to use the SetDesktopLocation, Load and Activate members

37. Activate Tubi on your Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Playstation, or Xbox device and start watching free movies and TV shows.

38. The fastest way to Activate is by using KeyBank online and mobile banking

39. If you’re already enrolled in online and mobile banking, sign on and follow the prompts to Activate your card.

40. This wikiHow will teach you how to Activate the camera app in Windows 10 as well as how to give other apps permission to use your camera

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Is activate a verb?

activate present simple I / you / we / they activ ... /ˈæktɪveɪt/ /ˈæktɪveɪt/ he / she / it activates /ˈæktɪveɪts/ /ˈæktɪveɪts/ past simple activated /ˈæktɪveɪtɪd/ /ˈæktɪveɪtɪd/ past participle activated /ˈæktɪveɪtɪd/ /ˈæktɪveɪtɪd/ -ing form activating /ˈæktɪveɪtɪŋ/ /ˈæktɪveɪtɪŋ/ Jan 28 2021

What does activated mean?

The definition of activate means to start something. An example of activate is when the “play” button is pushed on the DVD player and it starts to play the disk.

What is the noun for activate?

activation. noun. /ˌæktɪˈveɪʃn/. /ˌæktɪˈveɪʃn/. [uncountable] jump to other results. the act of making something such as a device or chemical process start working. The activation of several target genes results in two major effects. to trigger/inhibit/block the activation of something.

What is the definition of activated?

Definition of activate. transitive verb. : to make active or more active: such as. a(1) : to make (something, such as a molecule) reactive or more reactive.

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