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ACRONYM [ˈakrəˌnim]

acronym (noun) · acronyms (plural noun)

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1. An Acronym is a kind of abbreviation. Abbreviations can be shortened forms of any kind

2. ASAP, however, also qualifies as an Acronym because it is made up of the initial letters of the phrase it comes from: a s s oon a s p ossible.

3. Find out what any Acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for With more than 1,000,000 human-edited definitions, Acronym Finder is the world's largest and most comprehensive dictionary of Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms

4. Combined with the Acronym Attic, Acronym Finder contains more than 5 million Acronyms and abbreviations.

5. Acronyms and Abbreviations The Acronyms section of this website is powered by the Acronym Finder, the web's most comprehensive dictionary of Acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms

6. The Acronym Finder allows users to decipher Acronyms from a database of over 1,000,000 entries covering computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.

7. Acronym- a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name snafu- an Acronym often used by soldiers in World War II: situation normal all fucked up MPEG- a set of standards adopted by the moving pictures experts group for the compression of digital video and audio data or a file of data compressed according to those standards

8. Ever wonder “what is an Acronym” or “what does an Acronym mean”? AITA

9. They’re Acronyms that are all over the Internet

10. Acronyms can be words formed by the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word

11. Then again, Acronyms can be a …

12. From Wikipedia: A backronym or bAcronym is a specially constructed phrase that is supposed to be the source of a word that is, or is claimed to be, an Acronym. Backronyms may be invented with serious or humorous intent, or may be a type of false or folk etymology.

13. Acronym is a nonprofit organization committed to building power and lasting digital infrastructure for the progressive movement

14. An Acronym is a word or name formed from the initial components of a longer name or phrase, usually using individual initial letters, as in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or EU (European Union), but sometimes using syllables, as in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), or a mixture of the two, as in radar (RAdio Detection And Ranging).

15. An Acronym is a word formed by abbreviating a phrase by combining certain letters of words in the phrase (often the first initial of each) into a single term

16. Common examples of Acronyms include NASA (an Acronym for National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and FOMO (a slang Acronym for fear of missing out).

17. The Acronym Generator Trying to find a name for your new company, project or product? The Acronym & Abbreviation Generator from will help you generate a cool short name instantly! Let our Acronym builder, abbreviation maker, Acronym generator or name wizard — whatever you call it — help you out with a new shiny brand.

18. Acronym was founded over two decades ago by Anton Konikoff, a Russian business student who became obsessed with how consumers would find companies on the Internet – and what that meant for marketers

19. The Acronym Generator generates Acronyms from the words using 2 to 5 keyword abbreviations

20. Individual letters from the words are used to create a new word, a so-called Acronym

21. Looking for the perfect name for your product, company, or project? This free service will generate hundreds of different Acronyms for you to use in just seconds

22. All you have to do is put in your chosen words, and Acronym Generator will …

23. An Acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name (for example, NATO, from North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or by combining initial letters of a series of words (radar, from radio detection and ranging).

24. An abbreviation consisting of the first letters of each word in the name of something, pronounced as a word: an Acronym for sth PIPE is an Acronym for private-investment, public-equity

25. The Acronym stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

26. An Acronym is a kind of abbreviation that consists of the initial letters and each of them represents a word

27. Initials are rather a kind of Acronym

28. Acronym® was founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh as an independent design agency with a focus on the unification of style and technology in apparel

29. Heralded as the most innovative and technical brands of our times, Acronym has been instrumental in the emergence of a new generation of technical a

30. An Acronym (pronounced AK-ruh-nihm, from Greek acro- in the sense of extreme or tip and onyma or name) is an abbreviation of several words in such a way that the abbreviation itself forms a pronounceable word.The word may already exist or it can be a new word

31. Webster's cites snafu and radar, two terms of World War Two vintage, as examples of Acronyms that were created.

32. Acronym Generator: This Acronym generator provides a variety of ways to generate Acronyms, from simple to complex, you just need to type your phrase, you can get almost all of the Acronyms, and then you can intuitively pick out some good ones from it, hopefully this tool will help you.

33. An Acronym is a word, name or set of letters created as an abbreviation of a longer phrase or sentence

34. Acronym is a team that’s empowered, diverse, and inclusive

35. The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and Acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners.

36. Synonyms for Acronym in Free Thesaurus

37. 10 words related to Acronym: snafu, MPEG, descriptor, form, signifier, word form, DINK, weakly interacting massive particle, WIMP, NIMBY

38. An Acronym, technically, must spell out another word

39. This is a good point of reference to help you distinguish between abbreviations and Acronyms

40. Another good way to differentiate them is that Acronyms don't just shorten words, they often simplify a long organization name, scientific term or idea.

41. Acronym Generator Never again will you struggle over coming up with a catchy title and Acronym for your project! Let the ParaDucks Acronym Generator do the work for you

42. An Acronym is an initial abbreviation that can be pronounced as a word, such as NASA or WASP

43. An Acronym is an abbreviation formed from letters of other words and pronounced as a word

44. Make Acronyms from company/business name, your project or from any other thing you can think of

45. To use the Acronym generator, enter a word or phrase and click the "start" button.

46. An Acronym is an abbreviation that is formed by taking the initial letters of the words in a phrase and creating a new word that is pronounceable

47. Examples of Acronyms are UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

48. Sometimes, Acronyms are used so often they become words

49. Synonyms for Acronym include abbreviation, condensation, contraction, shortening, short form, initialism, shortened form, ellipsis, clipping and clipped form

50. Generate an Acronym from any word

51. Make Acronym; Common Acronyms; Browse Acronyms; Other Generators; Contact

52. The <Acronym> tag was used in HTML 4 to define an Acronym

53. An Acronym or abbreviation should be marked up with the <abbr> tag: The <abbr title="World Health Organization">WHO</abbr> was founded in 1948.

54. An Acronym is a word made of the initial letters of the words in a phrase, especially when this is the name of an organization such as NATO

55. American English: Acronym / ˈækrənɪm /

56. COVID-19 is an Acronym that stands for …

57. Acronym: A neologism created from the first letter of the each of the words in a particular phrase

58. Acronym Vox populi A neologism created from the first letter of the each of the words in a particular phrase

59. You should know the difference between an Acronym and an initialism

60. Both Acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations, but there is a key difference between the two, at least at present

61. Due to rampant misuse of the term “Acronym” some dictionaries are now starting to add an extra definition to it, allowing Acronyms to expand their scope to

62. Find 4 ways to say Acronym, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

63. ‘The word laser is an Acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.’ ‘Finally we reach the last letter in the Acronym, which is ‘T’ for transformation.’ ‘Take the first letter of each concept, and make a fun Acronym out of the letters.’

64. Name Acronym maker with positive words

65. Use Name Acronym Generator to find hidden positive words within your name

66. Name Acronym App for your name.

67. Another popular Acronym is "My very easy method just speeds up naming planets." These Acronyms were created before Pluto was reclassified by the International Astronomical Union as a dwarf planet

68. The Acronym maker offers you - depending on the basic word - several different Acronym ideas, from which you can then choose your favourite

69.Acronym Finder is the world's largest database of Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms: 1 million+ Acronyms and their meanings, all verified by our editorial team

70. Quickly find any Acronym's meaning with our category filter: Medical Military …

71. The Acronym is true, we must think before we speak out load

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