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ACRID [ˈakrəd]

acrid (adjective)

  • having an irritatingly strong and unpleasant taste or smell.
  • angry and bitter.
Synonyms: pungent . bitter . sharp . sour . tart . harsh . acid . acidic . acidulated . vinegary . acerbic . acetic . acetous . stinging . burning . irritating . nauseating . noxious . strong . malodorous . odorous . burnt . sooty . mephitic . acidulous . miasmic . miasmal . sweet .

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1. Acrid definition is - sharp and harsh or unpleasantly pungent in taste or odor : irritating

2. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of Acrid.

3. Acrid definition, sharp or biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent; irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: Acrid smoke from burning rubber

4. Acrid synonyms, Acrid pronunciation, Acrid translation, English dictionary definition of Acrid

5. Acrid is almost always used to describe a smell, and it ain't a pretty one

6. Acrid is the nasty sting that you feel in your nose when you walk by a building that just burned down — it's sulfur mixed with smoke.

7. Find 35 ways to say Acrid, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

8. Acrid is a playable character in Risk of Rain 2

9. 1 Skills 1.1 Poison 1.2 Blight 1.3 Vicious Wounds 1.4 Neurotoxin 1.5 Ravenous Bite 1.6 Caustic Leap 1.7 Frenzied Leap 1.8 Epidemic 2 Tips 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Acrid's Vicious Wounds attack animation can be cancelled and reset by initiating a …

10. Acrid is the ninth survivor in Risk of Rain 2

11. These Risk of Rain 2 Acrid Builds and Loadouts will cover everything you need to know about unlocking and playing as Acrid.

12. I feel like Acrid was sent there instead of discovering the void on its own maybe it made a deal or was captured by newt but either one Acrid preferred its new habitat basically saying it beats being locked in a cage and being experimented on and like for the time he was there “to be left alone” but I hope they explain why Acrid is an ally and joins the human/robot survivors if it liked

13. Acrid has a choice between two utility skills (if you have unlocked it)

14. An Acrid smell or taste is strong and bitter and causes a burning feeling in the throat: 2

15. 30 synonyms of Acrid from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 67 related words, definitions, and antonyms

16. Acrid: having or showing deep-seated resentment.

17. Acrid is a very fun mobile tanky brawler who should use his aoe potential to it's full extent by maximizing how many enemies are hit by epidemic, He should use his M2 for primarily wisp's and ranged enemies that are a pain to reach with melee or his leap,

18. Acrid is a playable character in Risk of Rain 2

19. The achievement necessary to unlock Acrid, "To be left alone" is a reference to Acrid's victory screen from the first Risk of Rain, which reads "And so it left, with a new hunger: to be left alone." 1 How to Unlock 2 Skills 2.1 Poison 2.2 Vicious Wounds 2.3 Neurotoxin 2.4 Caustic Leap 2.4.1 Frenzied Leap 2.5 Epidemic 3 Tips 4 Gallery Under

20. Acrid (comparative Acrider or more Acrid, superlative Acridest or most Acrid) Sharp and harsh, or bitter and not to the taste

21. Acrid’s Secondary: Neurotoxin

22. Acrid’s auxiliary is seemingly more significant than his essential

23. Acrid ..and so it left, with a new hunger: to be left alone

24. Acrid is an unlockable character in Risk of Rain

25. The Bisnovat (later Molniya then Vympel) R-40 (NATO reporting name AA-6 'Acrid') is a long-range air-to-air missile developed in the 1960s by the Soviet Union specifically for the MiG-25P interceptor, but can also be carried by the later MiG-31.It is the largest air-to-air missile in the world to ever go into production.

26. Not to be confused with the first game's version, the Acrid

27. The Acrid is a returning character in Risk of Rain

28. Acrid is a melee-range hybrid who uses powerful poisons to melt tanky enemies

29. Poison can not apply more than once from multiple Acrid players

30. Acrid is the least item dependent in the game so as long as you have some mobility and healing, you'll be able to handle anything

31. Acrid of course benefits from things like will o wisp and ukulele and such, but he doesn't really need them

32. Examples of Acrid in a sentence

33. The Acrid fumes from the plant made my eyes water

34. 🔊 For some reason, the orange had an Acrid taste I found quite bitter

35. 🔊 Sulfur has an Acrid smell that is quite similar to the odor of rotten eggs

36. ‘an Acrid smell’ ‘Smith, who lives above the damaged flat, said the hallway had been filled with smoke and an Acrid smell of burning.’ ‘The air possessed a pungent, Acrid smell because the cigarette had burned through a filter stub in the overflowing ashtray.’

37. Acrid definition: An Acrid smell or taste is strong and sharp, and usually unpleasant

38. Here's my Tier List for Risk of Rain 2 for Acrid, best combo to one shot the map Your competitive edge

39. Acrid: Pandemic is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2

40. It is completed as Acrid by inflicting Poison 1000 times

41. This challenge will be casually completed, since Acrid's normal playstyle involves poisoning enemies

42. Acrid's alternative passive Blight will not count toward completing this challenge.

43. How to say Acrid in English? Pronunciation of Acrid with 2 audio pronunciations, 31 synonyms, 3 meanings, 12 translations, 4 sentences and more for Acrid.

44. French Translation of “Acrid” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online

45. Ever since artifacts dropped, I haven't really played any regular Acrid runs, only runs with the full artifact list in preparation for some unlock like in the first one - and I gotta say, Blight is super useful early on, because then just running away, shooting your R and M2 makes dealing with enemies early on a cinch - so much so that I feel the most comfortable with Acrid as my random

46. ‘The Acrid smell of smoke filled my nostrils until it choked my very breath from my throat.’ ‘It has a warm energy with bitter and Acrid or pungent flavors.’ ‘The burning heavy plastic caused Acrid smoke which left a thick layer of soot on over everything in the room and means an awful lot of cleaning up.’

47. (9) A thick Acrid smog enveloped Moscow today as scores of fires blazed and peat bogs smouldered outside the city

48. (10) The sun was directly overhead and the Acrid smell of burning plastic stung the back of her throat

49. (11) Bumper-to-bumper traffic, much of it stationary, the Acrid steam of a thousand exhausts hanging in the cold winter air.

50. See 5 authoritative translations of Acrid in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

51. An Acrid smell is strong and unpleasant, especially the smell of smoke or burning, but not the smell of food

52. A(n) bitter/ pungent/ sour/ Acrid/ sharp/ acid taste/ flavour; a(n) bitter/ pungent/ Acrid/ sharp/ acid smell/ odour; a(n) bitter/ sour/ sharp/ acid fruit; pungent/ sharp cheese; pungent/ Acrid smoke

53. Unlocking the Acrid in Risk of Rain 2 Unfortunately, this is where things get difficult

54. Takes the Fem Acrid from the FemMod, and removes the breasts, making her flat

55. The burning heavy plastic caused Acrid smoke which left a thick layer of soot on over everything in the room and means an awful lot of cleaning up.: The leaves and latex have an Acrid taste and are mildly poisonous to grazing animals.: Oxidative-rancidity odors are generally sharp and Acrid and usually may be described as linseed-oil-like, tallowy, fishy, or perfumelike.

56. Acrid Lyrics: Acrid, the smell of burning rubber is a daily feature / When I throw myself into reverse / Check out of my surroundings, backin' up so blindly / My back to the universe / Like a

57. Learn Acrid with free interactive flashcards

58. Choose from 439 different sets of Acrid flashcards on Quizlet.

59. Explore releases from Acrid at Discogs

60. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Acrid at the Discogs Marketplace.

61. What is the opposite of Acrid? Antonyms for Acrid (opposite of Acrid).

62. Acrid (adj.) 1712, "sharp and bitter to the taste," formed irregularly (perhaps by influence of acrimonious) from Latin acer (fem

63. Looking for online definition of Acrid or what Acrid stands for? Acrid is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

64. The Acrid is an Infested weapon unlockable through Bio Lab Research in the dojo

65. The cheapest way to clear logged woodland is to burn it, producing an Acrid cloud of foul white smoke that, carried by the wind, can cover hundreds, or even thousands, of square miles.}} Causing heat and irritation; corrosive.

66. The Russian investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported an Acrid chemical odour at its editorial office in Moscow on Monday that it believed was the result of an attack, though the source of the smell was unclear

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