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ACQUIRER [əˈkwī(ə)rər]


Synonyms: acquire .

acquire (verb) · acquires (third person present) · acquired (past tense) · acquired (past participle) · acquiring (present participle)

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1. An Acquirer is a company that obtains the rights to another company or business relationship through a deal

2. Examples of Acquirer in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Therefore, Arm will need to be a strategic target that furthers the Acquirer’s market share—there is no other outcome as accretive …

3. An Acquirer is a registered company that purchases a portion of, or all the rights to, another company

4. An Acquirer is a person or company that purchases all or a portion of an asset or company

5. How Does an Acquirer Work? Company XYZ wants to acquire Company ABC.

6. A merchant Acquirer is a bank that processes and settles your daily credit card transactions

7. An Acquirer is a financial institution which accepts and processes credit and debit cards transactions on behalf of merchants

8. The upcoming adoption of “Acquirer-based ATM fee charging” mechanism for inter-bank automated teller machine (ATM) transactions is meant to give the banking public better options as the system is more transparent, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno said Friday.

9. See authoritative translations of Acquirer in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

10. The term merchant Acquirer, or simply Acquirer, typically refers to what is also known in the payments industry as an acquiring bank

11. The Acquirer has the responsibility to authenticate (or verify) the identification of the consumer

12. The Acquirer will determine if the consumer is a real customer or con artist.

13. Acquirer Ta'gosh is located in Oribos in the Hall of Curiosities

14. The acquiring bank (also merchant bank or Acquirer) is the financial institution that maintains the merchant’s bank account

15. The contract with the Acquirer enables merchants to process credit and debit card transactions

16. The Acquirer, also known as a credit card bank, acquiring bank or merchant bank, is a bank or financial institution, licensed as a member of a card association (like Visa or MasterCard), that creates and maintains the merchant’s bank account.

17. BERG ESENWEIN But his chief celebrity was as an Acquirer of those of others, provided always that they were old enough or rare enough

18. THE BOOK-HUNTER IN LONDON WILLIAM ROBERTS I pointed it out to Lincoln; but he missed it, and Mr Whelan was the Acquirer.

19. An Acquirer is a bank or financial institution who is a licensed member of a card association that maintains the merchant’s bank account

20. The Acquirer allows merchants to accept credit card payments by working with the credit card companies and acting as a mediator for all transactions.

21. The term ‘Acquirer’ can be used to describe a merchant Acquirer or a corporate Acquirer

22. A merchant Acquirer is a financial institution that processes credit and debit card transactions for a company or merchant

23. A merchant Acquirer may also be referred to as an acquiring bank.

24. An Acquirer, or acquiring financial institution, is a bank that processes and settles a merchant’s daily credit card transactions, and then in turn settles those transactions with the card issuer/association

25. Payment processors Keep in mind that merchant Acquirers and payment processors are not the same things

26. While credit card Acquirers handle communications between banks and hold funds at various points, payment processors are …

27. Definition of Acquirer in the dictionary

28. What does Acquirer mean? Information and translations of Acquirer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

29. A person or company that buys another company: an Acquirer of sth Over the past few years, he has been a single-minded Acquirer of small Web-development agencies

30. A Merchant Acquirer is (normally) a bank who will provide the following services to the retailer

31. In the payments processing world, the term Acquirer can be confusing

32. What is an Acquirer? An Acquirer is an entity that obtains a majority interest in another business

33. This majority interest arises through an acquisition transaction, where the Acquirer pays some form of consideration to the owners of the acquiree in exchange for their ownership interest

34. Synonyms for Acquirer include finder, detector, identifier, inventor, locator, appropriator, claimant, discoverer, spotter and search party

35. In business, an Acquirer is a company or person who buys another company.

36. ‘many acquisitions failed to create value for the Acquirer's shareholders because too much was paid to the target's shareholders’

37. An Acquirer is the entity that helps a Merchant to accept credit card and debit card payments

38. They are sometimes referred to as the Merchant Acquirer or the Acquiring Bank as well

39. In this setup, a merchant establishes connectivity and relationship only with their Acquirer and nobody else.

40. Acquirer definition: the financial institution that dispenses cash in automated teller machines and collects a fee from the bank that issued the credit card synonyms: financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization antonyms: debtor, worker, adult, female

41. Our Acquirer services provide Acquirers with a global platform to ‘power’ full authorization, clearing and settlement services, while you maintain complete control of your merchant portfolio.

42. A merchant’ s Acquirer is the company that actually processes its bankcard transactions

43. If a merchant doesn't have a direct relationship with an Acquirer, the company with whom a merchant does have a

44. Who is the Acquirer? It's a basic question, yet for merchants new to PCI compliance in general, the name 'Acquirer' may mean several different things

45. The Acquirer provides a safe, like-minded environment for its clients to Re-invent or Enhance their Image

46. An Acquirer or acquiring bank has a few meanings

47. Sometimes, an Acquirer is a business or corporation that takes over another’s ownership through a purchase or another type of action

48. More frequently, Acquirers are banks that obtain the rights to a business’ merchant account, so that the financial institution can manage the company’s bank account

49. Acquirer Ta'wah is a level 50 - 60 NPC that can be found in Oribos

50. “The Acquirer’s Multiple compares the total cost of a business to the operating income flowing into the company

51. It assumes the Acquirer can sell assets, pay out the company’s cash, or redirect the business’s cash flows”.— Tobias Carlisle, The Acquirer’s Multiple: How the Billionaire Contrarians of Deep Value Beat the Market (p

52. An Acquirer is a financial institution that processes payments from certain credit and debit cards

53. The Acquirer is responsible for the financial part of transaction processing and Ingenico is responsible for the technical part

54. In other words, without an Acquirer the money …

55. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Acquirer Training is for Acquirers and processors who wish to have a deeper understanding of the PCI DSS in order to better assist their merchant clients in their security and compliance efforts.

56. Acquirers can use connected solutions to provide more control, in-depth insights, enhanced consumer engagement, and access new revenue opportunities

57. Verifone's desire to help our Acquirer customers solve challenges remains at the heart of all that we do

58. Which Merchant Acquirer is the best? Online businesses can obtain merchant account through different avenues

59. Most popular is via a merchant Acquirer or alternatively through a PSP

60. Obtaining a merchant account through an Acquirer has many advantages.

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What do you mean by acquirer and issuer?

What do you mean by Acquirer and Issuer? Acquirer. The acquirer gathers authorization requests from accepters and returns approvals. If the acquirer is an issuer as well, "on us" transactions will typically be turned around locally. As before, the acquirer does not have to forward any requests on to the actual issuer.

Why do you need acquirer to process payments?

The short answer is that an acquirer ensures you get paid. Basically, an acquirer serves as an intermediary that facilitates credit and debit card transactions and ensures merchants get paid what they are owed. An acquirer is a bank or financial institution that process payments from specific debit or credit card brands.

What is the plural of acquirer?

The plural form of acquirer is acquirers.

What is acquirer reference number?

Answer. Acquirer reference number,(ARN), is a unique number that tags a credit card transaction when it goes from the merchants bank (the acquiring bank) through the card scheme to the cardholder's bank (the issuer).

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