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ACQUIRE [əˈkwī(ə)r]

acquire (verb) · acquires (third person present) · acquired (past tense) · acquired (past participle) · acquiring (present participle)

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See also: Acquire Acquirement Acquired Acquiree Acquirer

1. Medical Definition of Acquire : to come to have as a new or additional characteristic, trait, or ability (as by sustained effort, by mutation, or through environmental forces) a cognitive system…that is Acquired in early childhood — Noam Chomsky bacteria that Acquire tolerance to antibiotics insects that Acquire

2. Acquire is the first to bring a multi-channel customer communication platform for businesses - empowering companies to deliver better experiences between …

3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Acquire 1 to come to have gradually from years of working two jobs, he has Acquired the ability to get by on only a few hours of sleep a day

4. See also synonyms for: Acquired / acquiring

5. Acquire is the ultimate marketing team for your business

6. About Here, you can play the Acquire board game

7. Many user interface and game play elements are based on Kensit's NetAcquireWindows application

8. Acquire Oilfield Solutions was founded by Chandler Losing and Dylan Rowe, two petroleum engineers working in Midland, TX

9. Acquire was founded with the ambition to provide premier full-service acidizing services and pressure pumping support across the Permian Basin.

10. Acquire’s customer support tools helped us qualify issues faster, provide more efficient help and reduce resolution time

11. And Acquire is a cornerstone of that because it helps us achieve that goal.

12. Acquire BPO was established in 2005 as a captive environment by two entrepreneurs, in response to the lack of offshoring providers with a high quality solution

13. To obtain or begin to have something: His family Acquired the property in 1985

14. She Acquired her love of the outdoors as a child

15. (Definition of Acquire from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …

16. The Acquire global support network is available in every time zone, six days a week, so you can speak directly with someone who has the skill and experience to resolve any problems that may be occurring.

17. Acquire most commonly means to get, buy, or learn

18. Acquire has a lot of meanings that vary with context

19. Acquire is transforming e-commerce by creating the unforgettable checkout

20. Acquire was the first to deliver." — Brook Parker, COO of Cotton Carrier "Acquire helped us more than double MRR in under 8 months while providing exceptional customer service all the way.

21. Synonyms for Acquire in Free Thesaurus

22. 52 synonyms for Acquire: get, win, buy, receive, land, score, gain, achieve, earn, pick up, bag, secure, collect, …

23. To Acquire means to get or come to own something

24. You Acquire an education by your own effort

25. You Acquire a painting by paying for it, or when someone gives it you

26. You Acquire a sense of calm in crisis through experience.

27. Glutathione Papaya White Soap (2 Pack) - Natural Skin Brightening - Dark Spots, Acne Scars - Acquire a Soft, Silky Smooth Skin for Body & Facial 4.1 out of 5 stars 399 $9.98 $ 9

28. Acquire has compiled a range of fun activities for the kids for at-home learning produced by some of our top brands

29. Acquire is a multi-player mergers and acquisitions themed board game

30. Acquire and hold either in the name of the company - legal Acquire for Acquire meaning Acquire over - financial Acquire prestige Acquire proficiency in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Acquire rubber necks Acquire the best Acquire the target Acquire title to - legal Acquire/ gain memory Adquirir = Purchase / Acquire approach to Acquire technique information

31. Inflections of 'Acquire' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Acquires v 3rd person singular acquiring v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Acquired v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." Acquired v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used descriptively or to

32.Acquire is a board game designed by Sid Sackson • To import digital image files into a software application • To locate and track (a moving target) with a detector • Acquire is British military slang for to steal, to obtain illicitly • The opening up and importing of files into a given software application

33. As Acquire’s Country Manager in the Philippines, Dana is responsible for managing the company’s shared services platform in Manila and ensuring the team adopts the company’s culture of People, Process and Performance

34. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ac‧quire /əˈkwaɪə $ əˈkwaɪr/ ●●○ W2 AWL verb [ transitive] 1 formal to obtain something by buying it or being given it Manning hoped to Acquire valuable works of art as cheaply as possible.

35. A 2018-10-15: I would suggest: Did you Acquire a A 2017-06-13: bei Aktien: to Acquire / purchase A 2015-09-14: to Acquire sb's ideas: maybe this A 2015-04-26: Acquire / establish / make new contacts A 2014-11-24: to Acquire / get / organise

36. Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., has entered into a definitive agreement to Acquire NUVIA for approximately $1.4 billion before working capital and other adjustments

37. Acquire definition: If you Acquire something, you buy or obtain it for yourself, or someone gives it to you

38. It is at our mother's knee that we Acquire our noblest and truest and highest , but there is seldom any money in them

39. What we Acquire without sweat we give away without regret

40. To Acquire wealth is difficult, to pre

41. Acquire’s flexible and scalable software suite meets the customer service, sales, and support needs of any business — on any device

42. Acquire is headquartered in San Francisco.

43. In Acquire, each player strategically invests in businesses, trying to retain a majority of stock

44. As the businesses grow with tile placements, they also start merging, giving the majority stockholders of the Acquired business sizable bonuses, which can then be used to reinvest into other chains.

45. Acquire Meaning: "to get or gain, obtain," mid-15c., acqueren, from Old French aquerre "Acquire, gain, earn, procure"… See definitions of Acquire.

46. ‘The answer is to Acquire skills and a deeper understanding of global communications.’ ‘Mr Brunet says the future's looking bright too, with youngsters acquiring important skills early on, …

47. Great deals on Acquire Vintage Manufacture Board Games

48. What does Acquire mean? The definition of Acquire means to get or to come into control of something

49. (verb) An example of Acquire is to receive

50. Acquire Imagine planning, building, and owning the next super city

51. Acquire, obtain, gain, get, win, earn, secure

52. Acquire :强调通过不断的、持续的努力而获得某物,也指日积月累地渐渐地获得。 书面语用词。 obtain :较正式用词,着重通过巨大努力、要求而得到所需或盼望已久的东西。; gain :侧重指经过努力或有意识行动而取得某种

53. Acquire 8,842 followers on LinkedIn

54. Bridging the gap between yesterday's marketing and today's culture! Acquire is the ultimate marketing team in the Triangle headquartered in North Hills

55. Acquire is a multi-level marketing company

56. To gain possession of: Acquire 100 shares of stock

57. To get by one's own efforts: Acquire proficiency in math

58. To gain through experience; come by: Acquired a growing dislike of television sitcoms

59. Property and casualty insurer Chubb on Thursday offered to Acquire smaller rival Hartford Financial Services Group in a $23.24 billion cash-and-stock deal

60. Illumina to Acquire GRAIL to Launch New Era of Cancer Detection

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