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1. This bone is composed of the three bones ilium, ischium, and pubis, and provides the socket into which the head of the femur fits. Acetabular (-lăr), adjective See: illustration Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners

And, Acetabular, Adjective

2. Acetabular Fractures An Acetabular fracture is a break in the socket portion of the "ball-and-socket" hip joint

Acetabular, An, And

3. What Is a Hip (Acetabular) Labral Tear ? A hip (Acetabular) labral tear is damage to cartilage and tissue in the hip socket

Acetabular, And

4. FemoroAcetabular impingement (FAI), also called hip impingement, is a condition where the hip joint is not shaped normally


5. Trauma from repetitive hip flexion damages the cartilage of the socket, leading to hip impingement or femoro Acetabular impingement (FAI)


6. Acetabular dysplasia, or hip dysplasia, is a disorder that occurs when the acetabulum (hip socket) is shallow and doesn’t provide sufficient coverage of the femoral head …

Acetabular, Acetabulum, And

7. Acetabular (hip socket) fractures are serious orthopedic injuries, usually resulting from significant trauma

Acetabular, Are

8. Acetabular fracture surgery realigns and stabilizes the displaced joint surfaces while allowing the patient to avoid traction and prolonged bedrest

Acetabular, And, Allowing, Avoid

9. Characteristics of hip socket fracture Acetabular (hip socket) fractures can result from falls, automobile accidents or other traumatic

Acetabular, Automobile, Accidents

10. Whether the Acetabular gland secretions of penetrating cercariae could act as attractants was investigated in the gradient chamber

Acetabular, Act, As, Attractants

11. Superior Acetabular rim may show os acetabuli marginalis superior which can be confused for fracture in adolescents

Acetabular, Acetabuli, Adolescents

12. FemoroAcetabular impingement (FAI) syndrome is a motion-related clinical disorder of the hip involving premature contact between the acetabulum and the proximal femur and which results in particular symptoms, clinical signs and imaging findings.

Acetabulum, And

13. Acetabular dysplasia is diagnosed through a physical examination by your doctor, X-rays, and sometimes MRI

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14. The treatment for Acetabular dysplasia is a periAcetabular osteotomy (PAO), which reorients the acetabulum to cover the femoral head more adequately, thereby providing greater mechanical stability to the hip joint.

Acetabular, Acetabulum, Adequately

15. Acetabular Dysplasia Hip dysplasia information, risk factors, symptoms and treatment

Acetabular, And

16. Acetabular dysplasia, also known as hip dysplasia, can cause many problems if left untreated, such as: Arthritis; Deterioration of the hip joint; Difficulty walking; Pain; Our orthopedic doctors and surgeons will provide the care you need for hip dysplasia.

Acetabular, Also, As, Arthritis, And

17. Acetabular fractures may result from high-energy trauma or low-energy trauma in the elderly


18. The most widely used Acetabular fracture classification system among radiologists and orthopedic surgeons is the system of Judet and Letournel, which includes five elementary (or elemental) and five associated fractures.

Acetabular, Among, And, Associated

19. Abstract The Acetabular labrum is a soft-tissue structure which lines the Acetabular rim of the hip joint

Abstract, Acetabular

20. Ossicles located at the Acetabular rim are generally referred to as unfused secondary ossification centres and are named "os acetabuli"

At, Acetabular, Are, As, And, Acetabuli

21. They are also observed in severely dysplastic hips, where they are considered as fatigue fractures of the Acetabular rim due to overload

Are, Also, As, Acetabular

22. Acetabular dysplasia refers to an underdeveloped hip socket, or, the “acetabulum” the underdevelopment either affecting the bones, or the alignment/orientation of the socket or both

Acetabular, An, Acetabulum, Affecting, Alignment

23. The Acetabular version angle is influenced by pelvic obliquity and pelvic tilt, which might lead to measurement errors if not considered 1,2.It is also influenced by physeal closure and with increasing distance from the Acetabular roof 3.

Acetabular, Angle, And, Also

24. Acetabular version is measured as the angle between a line connecting the anterior Acetabular margin with the posterior Acetabular

Acetabular, As, Angle, Anterior

25. The G7 Acetabular System is designed to be used with all surgical approaches (Figure 3)

Acetabular, All, Approaches

26. Acetabular Exposure Prior to reaming, Acetabular exposure should be adequate and the anterior, posterior and superior walls should be directly visible

Acetabular, Adequate, And, Anterior

27. The medial Acetabular wall, which dictates the depth of the reaming, should be uncovered of floor osteophytes


28. Acetabular fractures are usually caused by either high-energy trauma, most commonly from an automobile accident, or from what is called an insufficiency fracture

Acetabular, Are, An, Automobile, Accident

29. An Acetabular dysplasia, also called hip dysplasia, is a disorder that occurs when the acetabulum is shallow and does not provide sufficient support to the femoral head causing instability of the hip joint

An, Acetabular, Also, Acetabulum, And

30. Acetabular retroversion is a form of hip dysplasia (where the hip fails to form normally)


31. There is no known cause for Acetabular retroversion, however it may commonly exist with other hip problems such as FAI (femoroAcetabular impingment), SCFE, and Perthes Disease.

Acetabular, As, And

32. Acetabular dysplasia is an abnormally shallow hip socket that leads to uncovering of the femoral head and excessive pressure on the rim of the hip socket

Acetabular, An, Abnormally, And

33. Acetabular dysplasia can be a continuation of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), which is often discovered in early childhood.


34. 3 Continuum Acetabular System Surgical Technique Preoperative Templating Accurate preoperative planning and Acetabular templating help determine the size, desired location and position of the Acetabular shell, and are an essential part of the surgical process

Acetabular, Accurate, And, Are, An

35. “One of the most important findings was any degree of Acetabular osteophytes increased the probability that this was a symptomatic hip,” Ranawat said.

Any, Acetabular

36. Restoration Acetabular Wedge Augments, united with Tritanium, Trident, MDM and X3 technologies, is an evolutionary advantage in Total Hip Arthroplasty Advanced Fixation Versatility Simplicity Restoration Acetabular Wedge Augments are designed to aid in the reconstruction of minimal to severe bone defects

Acetabular, Augments, And, An, Advantage, Arthroplasty, Advanced, Are, Aid

37. Acetabular fractures may result from high-energy trauma or low-energy trauma in the elderly


38. The most widely used Acetabular fracture classification system among radiologists and orthopedic surgeons is the system of Judet and Letournel, which includes five

Acetabular, Among, And

39.Acetabular fractures: what radiologists should know and how 3D CT can aid classification.” Radiographics 35(2): 555-577

Acetabular, And, Aid

40. Acetabular dysplasia is an idiopathic, localized developmental dysplasia of the hip that is characterized by a shallow hip socket and decreased coverage of the femoral head

Acetabular, An, And

41. Its radiologic criteria include the center-edge angle of Wiberg, the Sharp angle, and the Acetabular roof obliquity.

Angle, And, Acetabular

42. Acetabular Rim Stress Fractures: These develop from chronic repetitive micro trauma to the Acetabular rim


43. Image Above: Acetabular Rim Stress Fractures

Above, Acetabular

44. Only in the last decade have Acetabular labrum tears been recognised as a possible diagnosis

Acetabular, As

45. The basic science and pathological and clinical features of Acetabular labrum tears are reviewed, and diagnostic and treatment options are presented.

And, Acetabular, Are

46. Mating Acetabular shell and without bone cement to the bone interface

Acetabular, And

47. Augments are intended to be used in primary and revision surgeries where the acetabulum has the deficiencies of the Acetabular roof, anterior or posterior pillar, medial wall deficiency, and/or protrusion as …

Augments, Are, And, Acetabulum, Acetabular, Anterior, As

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ACETABULAR [ˌasəˈtabyələr]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does acetabular labrum mean?

The acetabular labrum is a cartilaginous ring encircling the opening of the acetabulum, the socket-like cavity in the pelvis into which the head of the femur bone inserts to form the acetabulofemoral or hip joint. Also known as the glenoid labrum of the hip joint, it the ligament that holds these two bony surfaces together.

What does joint, acetabular mean in medical dictionary?

Acetabulum: The cup-shaped socket of the hip joint. The acetabulum is a feature of the pelvis. The head (upper end) of the femur (thighbone) fits into the acetabulum and articulates with it, forming a ball-and-socket joint. Walking can maintain your body weight and lower many health risks.

What is acetabular retroversion?

RETROVERTED ACETABULUM: Acetabular Retroversion is a little-known variety of hip dysplasia. In the normal hip, the alignment of the opening of the acetabulum is anteverted (i.e., it inclines or toward the front of the body so that if you were standing in front of it,...

What is femoral acetabular impingement?

Femoroacetabular impingement, sometimes also known as femoral acetabular impingement or FAI, is a condition in which bones of the hip joint experience abnormal friction that leads to pain and skeletal damage. This medical condition is believed to have a congenital basis but is more common in athletes,...

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