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ACCUMULATOR [əˈkyo͞om(y)əˌlādər]

accumulator (noun) · accumulators (plural noun)

  • a person or thing that accumulates something.
Synonyms: penny-pincher . pinchpenny . niggard . scrooge . hoarder . saver . collector . gatherer . magpie . squirrel . ascetic . puritan . skinflint . meanie . money-grubber . cheapskate . tightwad . spendthrift . philanthropist .
  • a register used to contain the results of an arithmetical or logical operation.

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1. Accumulator definition is - one that accumulates: such as

2. Accumulators As the global leader in motion and control technology, Parker offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of Accumulators in the market

3. All Accumulators are compatible with a variety of fluids and pressure ranges, and are available in various materials for a diverse range of applications.

4. Bladder Accumulators Bladder Accumulators are durable and efficient, and have a wide variety of applications such as blowout preventer systems, pulsation dampening, hydraulic power units, fluid volume compensation, wind energy, and many other industrial applications.

5. Accumulator (cryptography), a value, determined by a set of values, that allows you to verify if any one of the original values is a member of the set Accumulator (energy), an apparatus for storing energy or power Capacitor, in electrical engineering, also known by the obsolete term Accumulator

6. Charged Sealed Hydraulic Accumulators These Accumulators come with a charge of nitrogen and are ready to use

7. Mount these Accumulators in any orientation.

8. Accumulator stations are intended for use in hydraulic systems and consist of a diaphragm or bladder-type Accumulator with shut-off block on mounting elements

9. Rexroth ABZSS safety blocks can be used in any system that incorporates a hydraulic Accumulator

10. Equitable Accumulator Series 500 Plaza Dr, 6th Fl Secaucus, NJ 07094

11. Accumulator PO Box 1547 Secaucus, NJ 07096-1547

12. Accumulator 500 Plaza Drive, 6 th Floor

13. In 2018, insurance companies introduced “copay Accumulator programs” that limited the capacity in which patients could utilize these programs

14. Now, a recent ruling allows insurers to implement these Accumulator programs with no restrictions.

15. An Accumulator is a type of register included in a CPU

16. Intermediate results of an operation are progressively written to the Accumulator, overwriting the previous value.

17. Accumulators are operators that maintain their state (e.g

18. Use the $Accumulator operator to execute your own JavaScript functions to implement behavior not supported by the MongoDB Query Language.

19. Use the Accumulator return calculator to work out your winnings online for all sports

20. Hydraulic Accumulators store pressurized hydraulic fluid and release it as needed to maintain steady pump flow and pressure, dampen vibrations and shocks, and compensate for leaks or thermal expansion in the system

21. HYDRAULIC AccumulatorS - ROBUST AND VERSATILE Wherever hydraulic tasks need to be performed, HYDAC hydraulic Accumulators can help

22. The Accumulator is installed in the suction line close to the compressor

23. An internal U-tube reaching down near the bottom is installed on the Accumulator outlet connection so that the inlet tube is near the top of the container.

24. High Pressure Piston Accumulator with crimped end cap design - HCP Series - (Europe) The HCP piston Accumulator offers the highest pressure rating of 35O bar for a crimped piston Accumulator and is the best in class in terms of weight per litre

25. Overview Shurflo's Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank smoothest water faucet pulsations and reduces pump cycling to keep water line pressure up and pump motors cool

26. The Shurflo Accumulator tank reduces plumbing system noise, increases the life of your pump and saves battery power

27. "Accumulator" redirects here

28. For the max cape variant, see Accumulator max cape

29. Ava's Accumulator is a reward from Animal Magnetism if you have 50 Ranged or higher upon completion (players with lower than 50 Ranged will instead receive Ava's attractor).

30. Engine Oil Accumulator, Marine, 2 Quarts, 12 in

31. What is an Accumulator bet? Also known as an ‘acca’, an Accumulator is one bet made up of multiple selections

32. SCI Sharp Controls - One Source for Hydraulic Accumulators and Replacement Parts

33. We offer Tobul, Parker Greer, and Accumulator, Inc

34. Hydraulic piston and bladder Accumulators for all applications; surge cushons, kleen vents, diaphragms and gas bottles

35. The Accumulator allows only a regulated amount of refrigerant oil and refrigerant gas to enter the AC compressor

36. As liquid refrigerant and oil enter the Accumulator inlet, they hit a baffle near the top that distributes the oil and liquid to the sides of the Accumulator, where it falls to the bottom.

37. Accumulators for Offshore Hydraulic applications with special coatings or stainless steel up to 690bar

38. HYDAC Accumulator Technology can reflect on over 45 years' experience in research & development, design and production of Hydac Accumulators.

39. Tetra Pak ® Accumulator Helix 30 for safe package accumulation

40. Tetra Pak ® Accumulator Helix 30 accumulates packages safely between filling machine and downstream equipment

41. What is Accumulator (Decumulator)? It is a series of forward contract for clients to buy (sell*) the reference share at a pre-determined price in each Exchange Business Day during the life of contract

42. Strike price) is usually at discount (premium*) to the initial fixing price for Accumulator (decumulator*).

43. One that accumulates: an Accumulator of old magazines

44. Qing niao Accumulator Pressure Tank Water Pump Flow Control 0.75 L 125PSI Waterproof for Marine RV Boat

45. Shurflo 181-201 Accumulator Tank - Bladder-Type Pressure Storage Vessel/Pulsation Dampening Device To Hold Water Under Pressure, Max 125 PSI, 1/2" F-NPT Threaded Port, Nylon Housing, Butyl Diaphragm

46. An Accumulator – also referred to as an ‘acca’ – is a bet in which several selections are combined, and the odds multiplied to calculate a potential payout

47. 11 Gallon Accumulator Bladder Repair Kit

48. Parker Aerospace 92003 Accumulator Hydraulic-cyl Spec# 36096-1 Pt#2770571-110U


50. HESSTON 4920 3X4 4X4 BIG BALE Accumulator W/4790 MOUNTING KIT

51. An Accumulator itself is a pressure vessel that holds hydraulic fluid and a compressible gas, typically nitrogen

52. Some Accumulator bets might include 10 selections, but all very low odds, whereas other Accumulators might have just 2 or 3 selections but with much higher odds

53. How To Calculate Accumulator Odds

54. Calculating the odds for an Accumulator is a relatively simple process

55. There are many Accumulator calculators online, and bookmakers will always

56. ‘My Accumulator was bust, but glory be, Steve Cauthen rode Southern Sky to win the last leg of my Yankee at odds of 3-1, and I won £192.’ ‘Their day out will have plenty of twists and turns, with each of them having good reason for hoping their six-race Accumulator will bring them £500,000.’

57. The Accumulator is added onto a complex 1/4" OD plant container drip irrigation setup with 150 emitters, all stepped-down to 25 PSI (post-pump) using a regulator to protect the emitters from spewing

58. This Accumulator was placed inline to stop the annoying pump stuttering while the lines were filling -- then the constant-on when the lines were

59. What does Accumulator mean? As a type of traditional register, an Accumulator is a design within a CPU core that holds “intermediate” results

60. While a computer or device is working on multi-step operations, intermediate values are sent to the Accumulator and then overwritten as needed.

61. Accumulator Flexible problems: at least one term is a variable and the Accumulator holds anil

62. The CID Hay Accumulator Grapple is one of our new products for 2016 and is a great addition to your attachment collection

63. The Accumulator plays a role in prevent-ing liquid slugging of the compressor

64. The Accumulator must also contend with off cycle refrigerant migration

65. At shut-down, the Accumulator is the coldest component in the system

66. Piston Accumulator and gas bottle combination may be more economical, especially large capacity sizes

67. Piston travel, confined to the Accumulator, must be calculated with ample margins to store the required fluid

68. Standard Ports The following ports are supplied as standard on all fluid ends and on the gas end of Accumulators ordered for use

69. An Accumulator variable has an attribute called value that is similar to what a broadcast variable has

70. It stores the data and is used to return the Accumulator's value, but usable only in a driver program

71. In this example, an Accumulator variable is used by multiple workers and returns an accumulated value.

72. An Accumulator is a place-able Building that stores up to 90 MJ of energy

73. When fully charged after placement it can be deconstructed to receive Accumulator(Full)

74. Alternatively Energy Exchangers can fill and empty Accumulators and Full Accumulators respectively

75. An Accumulator is an energy storage device

76. There are two types of Accumulators commonly used today

77. The Web Accumulator at the right was designed as a narrow web single pass self threading unit with a web clamp to prevent the web from slipping back thru the Accumulator

78. Synonym: share forward Accumulator

79. It is an Accumulator of the underlying stock with a contract period of 12 months.

80. Ava's Accumulator is a reward from the Animal Magnetism quest if the player's Ranged level is 50 or above

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What is the definition of accumulator?

Definition of accumulator. : one that accumulates: such as. a : a device (as in a hydraulic system) in which a fluid is collected and especially in which it is kept under pressure as a means of storing energy. b British : storage battery. c : a part (as in a computer) where numbers are totaled or stored.

What is an accumulator in a microprocessor?

The Accumulator. The accumulator is the principal register of the arithmetic logic unit of a microprocessor. Registers are sets of flip-flops which can hold data. The accumulator typically holds the first piece of data for a calculation.

What does accumulator register mean?

• ACCUMULATOR REGISTER (noun) Sense 1. Meaning: (computer science) a register that has a built-in adder that adds an input number to the contents of the register

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