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ACCUMULATION [əˌkyo͞om(y)əˈlāSH(ə)n]

accumulation (noun) · accumulations (plural noun)

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1. 1 : something that has accumulated or has been accumulated an impressive Accumulation of knowledge

2. 2 : the action or process of accumulating something : the state of being or having accumulated the steady Accumulation

3. Accumulation means the amount of something is increasing over time

4. In finance, Accumulation more specifically means increasing position size in …

5. Wealth Accumulation in the tech world has been eye-popping during the pandemic as the shift of everything from work, shopping, schooling and entertainment online has boosted demand for digital services

6. Accumulation: a mass or quantity that has piled up or that has been gathered over a period of time

7. Accumulation represents the relationship between the dosing interval and the rate of elimination for the drug

8. When the dosing interval is long relative to the time needed to eliminate the drug, Accumulation is low

9. When the dosing interval is short relative to the time needed to eliminate the drug, Accumulation is high.

10. Accumulation is a IPA - Belgian style beer brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO

11. Accumulation is the part of the water cycle in which water gathers in large quantities such as rivers, lakes, oceans, glaciers, ice caps and aquifers, according to the U.S

12. / əˌkjuː.mjəˈleɪ.ʃ ə n / C2 an amount of something that has been collected: Despite this Accumulation of evidence, the government persisted in doing nothing.

13. The Accumulation/distribution indicator (A/D) is a cumulative indicator that uses volume and price to assess whether a stock is being accumulated or distributed

14. Accumulation Conveyors Dorner’s Accumulation conveyors can ensure a steady supply of product to a machine or to hold a supply of product when a machine stops

15. Our Accumulation conveyors are designed to satisfy the needs of our customers requiring a solution for …

16. An Accumulation is a gathering or increase of something over time

17. You might cross your fingers in hopes of a large Accumulation of snow, so that you get a day off of school

18. Accumulation comes from a Latin word meaning "to heap up." The word continues to have this feeling of something growing upwards on top of itself, as if in a heap.

19. Accumulation When producers determine the regional value content of goods, the entire value of the materials used in the production of the goods that they acquire from suppliers is considered as wholly originating or wholly non-originating, as appropriate.

20. In rhetoric, Accumulation is a figure of speech in which a speaker or writer gathers scattered points and lists them together

21. Although we’re brewers (not meteorologists) it looks like the forecast is calling for heavy Accumulation

22. Brewing Notes; Find Accumulation; Related; Brewing Notes

23. Definition of Accumulation in the dictionary

24. What does Accumulation mean? Information and translations of Accumulation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

25. Accumulation A build-up, assembly; the process of accumulating, collecting together Therapeutics The amount of drug in the body relative to the amount lost by elimination, which is a function of ratio of the dose interval and the drug's half-life; Accumulation continues until the amount eliminated per dosage interval is equal to the amount administered during that time.

26. Accumulation n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

27. By utilizing opposing conveyor movement, the Bi-Flo™ is able to create a buffer for product Accumulation in a small footprint

28. Accumulation Distribution looks at the proximity of closing prices to their highs or lows to determine if Accumulation or distribution is occurring in the market

29. How this indicator works The actual value of the Accumulation Distribution is unimportant.

30. ‘Despite the enormous Accumulation of wealth by the wealthiest, the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.’ ‘The system they defend, based on the immense Accumulation of private wealth at the expense of society as a whole, has reached a dead end.’ ‘The business is an instrument of Accumulation of family wealth and status.’

31. Synonyms for Accumulation in Free Thesaurus

32. 33 synonyms for Accumulation: collection, increase, stock, store, mass, build-up, pile, stack

33. The Accumulation distribution line shows whether there is a buy pressure (Accumulation) or a seller side pressure (distribution)

34. If the last closing price is higher than the previous day closing price it means there is volume Accumulation.

35. An Accumulation of something is a large number of things which have been collected together or acquired over a period of Accumulation of experience and knowledge

36. American English: Accumulation / əkyumyəˈleɪʃən /

37. Accumulation is a process, it’s a process that in recent months more and more people have been placing on a range or an asset

38. Before furt h er going into gradient Accumulation, it will be good to examine the backpropagation process of a neural network.

39. Accumulation (countable and uncountable, plural Accumulations) The act of amassing or gathering, as into a pile

40. An Accumulation of earth, of sand, of evils, of wealth, or of honors

41. The Accumulation distribution indicator is an important stock selection and timing tool that helps investors with their buy or sell decisions by providing advance warning of …

42. BioAccumulation is the gradual Accumulation of substances, such as pesticides or other chemicals, in an organism

43. BioAccumulation occurs when an organism absorbs a substance at a rate faster than that at which the substance is lost or eliminated by catabolism and excretion.Thus, the longer the biological half-life of a toxic substance, the greater the risk of chronic poisoning, even if

44. An Accumulation of something is a large number of things which have been collected together or acquired over a period of time.

45. Decumulation is more involved than Accumulation and for many people more important

46. Capital Accumulation (also termed the Accumulation of capital) is the dynamic that motivates the pursuit of profit, involving the investment of money or any financial asset with the goal of increasing the initial monetary value of said asset as a financial return whether in the form of profit, rent, interest, royalties or capital gains.The aim of capital Accumulation is to create new fixed and

47. In The Invention of Capitalism (2000), Michael Perelman has pointed out that primitive Accumulation is linked to the social and sexual division of labor at least since the classical proponents of laissez-faire ideology (e.g., Adam Smith, James Steuart [1712 – 1780], and Edward Gibbon Wakefield [1796 – 1862]) were disguising a strategy for

48. The Accumulation phase is a period of consolidation following a downtrend but precedes an uptrend

49. Accumulation by Roland Kayn, released 05 February 2021 1

50. Accumulation With the jump-cut edits and staccato rhythms of its opening, ‘Accumulation’ is perhaps the closest Kayn’s unique approach came to that of his European contemporaries of the concrète school

51. Accumulation (Finance) Definition

52. In finance, the term Accumulation has a variety of meanings, they include the following; Accumulation is a situation whereby an investor builds up capital in a company through cash contributions (investment) towards the company.

53. The fundamental theorem of calculus and Accumulation functions

54. Functions defined by definite integrals (Accumulation functions) Practice: Functions defined by definite integrals (Accumulation functions) This is the currently selected item

55. Accumulation/distribution looks at the proximity of a closing price to its high and low price to determine if more traders are buying (accumulating) or selling a

56. Graph of an Accumulation Function

57. The graph of an Accumulation function F(x) measures the area under a graph of y = f(t) over the interval a < t < x.The lower limit a is fixed but the upper limit x is allowed to vary

58. Accumulation by For Døve, released 20 February 2021 1

59. Zero pressure Accumulation conveyor features a photo-eye sensor in each zone which sends a product presence signal to a zone controller

60. IntelliQ ZoneFlex is a belt-driven, zero-pressure Accumulation, high-speed conveyor featuring a narrow belt with a V-guide driving mechanism for efficient and quiet operation, long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.

61. Using both cellular and model organism studies, cholesterol Accumulation was found to contribute to the symptoms of seizures, ataxia, and movement abnormalities

62. Accumulation trust is an arrangement by which the settler directs the trustee to accumulate income and gains from sales of trust assets until the time specified in the document that created the trust

63. Therefore in Accumulation trusts the income is retained and not paid out …

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What do we mean by accumulation?


  • The act of gathering or amassing, as into a heap or pile: "Little things grew by continual accumulation" (Samuel Johnson).
  • The process of growing into a large amount or heap: the steady accumulation of knowledge.
  • An amount that has accumulated or been accumulated: an accumulation of debt.
  • What does accumulation mean?

    Definition of accumulation. 1 : something that has accumulated or has been accumulated an impressive accumulation of knowledge. 2 : the action or process of accumulating something : the state of being or having accumulated the steady accumulation of snow.

    What does accumulation mean in business?

    Accumulation means the amount of something is increasing over time. In finance, accumulation more specifically means increasing position size in one asset, increasing the number of assets owned/positions, or an overall increase in buying activity in an asset.

    What does accumulations mean?

    Accumulation(noun) the act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated, or that which is accumulated; as, an accumulation of earth, of sand, of evils, of wealth, of honors. Accumulation(noun) the concurrence of several titles to the same proof.

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