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ACCRUE [əˈkro͞o]

accrue (verb) · accrues (third person present) · accrued (past tense) · accrued (past participle) · accruing (present participle)

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1. Accrue definition is - to come into existence as a legally enforceable claim

2. How to use Accrue in a sentence.

3. Accrue synonyms, Accrue pronunciation, Accrue translation, English dictionary definition of Accrue

4. Accumulate, grow, increase; added as a matter of periodic gain: Accrue interest on a savings account Not to be confused with: ecru – a pale beige color, as

5. Accrue means to grow and accumulate naturally or to be added periodically. It’s especially used in the context of finance to refer to the growth of interest in an account

6. Accrue is the accumulation of interest, income, or expenses over time—interest in a savings account is a popular example

7. When something financial Accrues, it …

8. / əˈkruː / to increase in number or amount over a period of time: Interest will Accrue on the account at a rate of seven percent

9. Little benefit will Accrue to the city (= it will receive little benefit) from the new …

10. Get notified when Accrue is available for all banks

11. Find 20 ways to say Accrue, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

12. AccrueHealth is a consumer-focused, technology-driven solution for health care funding accounts

13. The proof is in the fact Accrue filled 6 of 11 available positions due to the speed and accuracy your team displayed.” Financial Services Client “We have been working with AccruePartners for many years and I trust their team, services and reputation

14. Accrued definition is - accumulated over a period of time

15. How to use Accrued in a sentence.

16. Players become vested in the pension plan from day one and begin to Accrue pension benefits after they're on a club roster for 43 days

17. Undeniably, program managers should take the first step to Accrue direct benefits to their programs

18. Definition of Accrue in the dictionary

19. What does Accrue mean? Information and translations of Accrue in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

20. Accrue provides compliance with industry-standard protocols

21. Examples of Accrue in a sentence I thought I was getting a good deal, but as the hidden fees began to Accrue I found I was actually paying more

22. Accrue to [sth] vi + prep (fall naturally to) derivare da, essere collegato a, essere connesso a vi verbo intransitivo: Verbo che non richiede un complemento oggetto: "Dormivo quando mi ha telefonato" - "Passate pure di qua" A better salary is one of the benefits that Accrue from higher education.

23. Accrue to someone or something [used of interest paid on money] to be credited to an account or to a person's account. Interest will Accrue to your account as long as …

24. Accrue - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

25. Inflections of 'Accrue' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Accrues v 3rd person singular accruing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Accrued v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man."

26. Conjugate Accrue in every English verb tense including present, past, and future.

27. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ac‧crue /əˈkruː/ verb 1 [ intransitive] if advantages accrue to you, you get those advantages over a period of time Accrue to benefits that Accrue to students Accrue from advantages accruing from the introduction of new technology 2

28. I use the accrual basis of accounting, so I must Accrue payroll equal to her wages for the last week in December

29. 31, I Accrue $600 in gross wages ($15 per hour 40 hours)

30. ‘There is a commitment to set up a National Transformation Fund if significant once-off revenues Accrue from the sale of state assets.’ ‘Various tax benefits Accrue from the operation of the company.’ ‘Significant savings could Accrue from reduced personnel costs, a …

31. See 4 authoritative translations of Accrue in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

32. For example, if a company makes $1 million in revenue but has not collected $250,000 before it must make its quarterly statement, it is said to have Accrued $250,000 in revenue

33. By the same token, the interest a bond has earned between coupon payments is said to Accrue

34. What does Accrue mean? The definition of Accrue means to accumulate or grow larger in amount

35. (verb) An example of Accrue is the interest added

36. [transitive] Accrue something to allow a sum of money or debts to grow over a period of time synonym accumulate

37. The firm had Accrued debts of over $6m

38. The money was placed in a special account to Accrue

39. A $100,000 loan at 7 percent interest Accrues interest at the rate of $7,000 per year, or $19.18 per day

40. Accrue definition: If money or interest Accrues or if you Accrue it, it gradually increases in amount over a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

41. Accrued revenue is a product of the revenue recognition principle which requires that revenue be recorded in the period in which it is earned.

42. Accrue: 1 v grow by addition “The interest Accrues ” Types: redound contribute Type of: increase become bigger or greater in amount v come into the possession of “The house Accrued to the oldest son” Synonyms: fall devolve , fall , pass , return be inherited by fall , light fall to somebody by assignment or lot Type of: change hands , change

43. Ability to think will Accrue to you from good habits of study

44. Interest will Accrue until payment is made

45. Interest will Accrue on the account at a rate of 7%

46. Interest will Accrue if you keep your money in a savings

47. Accrue Hit List is designed to help companies with medium Internet traffic volume understand and predict the interactions of their customers so as to make better business decisions

48. Accrue Software releases new version of Hit List software

49. Hi, everybody! I found this sentence in a Corporate Annual Report, but I can't uderstand the meaning of the verb "Accrue for" and I didn't find it in the dictionary.

50. The sentence is the following: "We Accrue for the tax benefit expected to be received in future years if, in our judgment, it

51. You always know exactly what you Accrue and for what amount

52. You can use the search criteria to choose what you want to Accrue and Accrue your receipts steps by steps

53. Interest will Accrue to your account as long as the account is active.

54. Definition of Accrue verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

55. Investors long the calls Accrue profits if shares surge 22

56. If Textron thought there was a chance that the IRS would disallow a deduction, it would set aside -- or "Accrue" -- a portion of the expected savings

57. Accrue synonyms, Accrue pronunciation, Accrue translation, English dictionary definition of Accrue

58. Accumulate, grow, increase; added as a matter of periodic gain: Accrue interest on a savings account Not to be confused with: ecru – a pale beige color, as: 35

59. Sentences for "Accrue" Maternity leave is typically separate from other Accrued PTO

60. Description The Accrue At field provides choices for how and when resource standard and overtime costs are to be charged, or Accrued, to the cost of a task.The options are: Start

61. Prorated (default) Best Uses Add the Accrue At field to a resource view when you want to view, filter, or edit how and when resource costs are to be Accrued to the cost

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