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See also: Accorded Afforded Accordingly Accordance Accordion According Accommodate Account Accord Accountability Accommodating Accomplished Accommodation Accompany Accolade Accomplishment Accountable Accountant Accoutre Accompanying Accost Accordant Accomplice Accordantly Accosted

1. To give or grant, especially as being due or appropriate: Accorded the president the proper deference

As, Appropriate, Accorded

2. 1: to grant or give especially as appropriate, due, or earned The competitors should all be Accorded equal respect.

As, Appropriate, All, Accorded

3. Accorded In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

Accorded, And, As, Adjectives

4. This more holistic approach is supposedly reflected in the importance now Accorded

Approach, Accorded

5. See synonyms for: accord / Accorded / according on verb (used without object) to be in agreement or harmony; agree

Accord, Accorded, According, Agreement, Agree

6. 41 synonyms and near synonyms of Accorded from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 22 antonyms and near antonyms

And, Accorded, Antonyms

7. Find another word for Accorded.

Another, Accorded

8. To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever Accorded to the human race.

American, Accorded

9. *:In respect of the protection of industrial property,a refugee shall be Accorded' in the country in which he has his habitual residence the same protection as is ' Accorded to nationals of that country

Accorded, As

10. To give or grant, especially as being due or appropriate: Accorded the president the proper deference

As, Appropriate, Accorded

11. Accorded Sentence Examples He died on the 4th of November 1771, and was Accorded a public funeral

Accorded, And

12. Government messages were Accorded a rate of 2S


13. It is Accorded the power to change size at will and to bring the rain that farmers need

Accorded, At, And

14. Theirs was a vision that Accorded primacy to culture, but in a dangerously narrow way


15. The greatest kudos, he says, is Accorded to those who have been caught more than once, yet continue to break the law.


16. He has been Accorded near-legendary status in the guitar community


17. The word Accorded is the past form of accord in the first person singular

Accorded, Accord

18. 1 with object Give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition) ‘the powers Accorded to the head of state’


19. ‘the national assembly Accorded the General more power’

Assembly, Accorded

20. ‘This was rejected, however, and full constitutional recognition was Accorded to them.’.

And, Accorded

21. Another way to say Accorded? Synonyms for Accorded (other words and phrases for Accorded).

Another, Accorded, And

22. Accorded (2 Occurrences) Multi-Version Concordance Accorded (2 Occurrences)


23. Synonyms for Accorded in Free Thesaurus


24. • At least she had Accorded him the Monsieur

At, Accorded

25. Meaning and definitions of Accorded, translation of Accorded in Hindi language with similar and opposite words

And, Accorded

26. Spoken pronunciation of Accorded in English and in Hindi

Accorded, And

27. Tags for the entry "Accorded" What Accorded means in Hindi, Accorded meaning in Hindi, Accorded definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of Accorded in Hindi.

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28. Synonyms for Accorded with include corresponded, fitted, fit, matched, squared, Accorded, agreed, coincided, tallied and conformed

Accorded, Agreed, And

29. Accord something to somebody/something Our society accords great importance to the family.; There were complaints about the special treatment Accorded to some minority groups.

Accord, Accords, About, Accorded

30. Ngrams suggests Accorded is the most prevalent but that doesn't necessarily mean in the usage you're thinking


31. He was Accorded certain favors because of his age

Accorded, Age

32. Her students Accorded her respect


33. = Her students Accorded respect to her


34. = She was Accorded respect by her students


35. As a general rule, the tax rebate Accorded for donations to associations, independently to its nature or purpose, is likely to be inspected by the services of the DGI

As, Accorded, Associations

36. IN Igboland, the first son is generally Accorded high recognition and respect by the family

Accorded, And

37. Judicial deference to administrative interpretation of statutes will be Accorded less weight when the legislative intent is clear from the words of the statute

Administrative, Accorded

38. The attention Accorded husband-wife relations in Muslim teachings thus confirmed the indigenous view of matrimony as a desirable state, with the birth of children considered essential for the full attainment of adulthood

Attention, Accorded, As, Attainment, Adulthood

39. Aug 25, 2020 - Explore Andrew Conner's board "Accorded Neutral Territory" on Pinterest

Aug, Andrew, Accorded

40. During the Renaissance permanent—rather than ad hoc—embassies developed, and the number of embassy personnel, as well as the immunities Accorded to them, expanded

Ad, And, As, Accorded

41. CHATTOGRAM: The Chattogram Zila Parishad Accorded a reception to 55 freedom fighters (FFs) on Tuesday, marking the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and golden jubilee of independence of the country

Accorded, And

42. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III was on Saturday Accorded the Guard of Honour at Vigyan Bhawan after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh received him at the venue

Austin, Accorded, At, After

43. 7:19 pm Air Chief Zaheer Ahmed Babar Accorded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Military) 6:47 pm NCOC re-imposes restrictions as COVID-19 cases surge across Pakistan; 6:18 pm Saudi Arabia announces COVID-19 SOPs for pilgrims

Air, Ahmed, Accorded, As, Across, Arabia, Announces

44. US Defence Secretary Austin Accorded Guard of Honour at Vigyan Bhawan: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III was on Saturday Accorded the Guard of Honour at Vigyan Bhawan after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh received him at the venue.

Austin, Accorded, At, After

45. 1 day ago · So far, sanction for prosecution has been Accorded in 366 cases

Ago, Accorded

46. 16 hours ago · Farewell Accorded to EOC staff By Reader correspondent on 3:06 pm March 23, 2021 No Comment

Ago, Accorded

47. Pg 125 Worship: the devotion Accorded to a higher power or deity


48. VANEZ VINO Accorded was thinking about making a change

Accorded, About

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ACCORDED [əˈkôrd]


Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for accorded with?

Some common synonyms of accord are award, concede, grant, and vouchsafe. While all these words mean "to give as a favor or a right," accord implies giving to another what is due or proper. accorded all the honors befitting a head of state

What does in accord mean?

Definition of 'in accord'. in accord. phrase. If one person, action, or fact is in accord with another, they are in agreement and there is no conflict between them. You can also say that two people or things are in accord.

What does according mean?

The definition of according is agreeing or being in harmony. An example of according is when a woman doesn’t wear white after Labor Day because it is an unwritten rule of fashion. An example of according is telling someone a story using the facts received from a newspaper article.

What does on my own accord mean?

"Of my own accord" means of my own will, without coercion or force. It is the correct form of the idiom.

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