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ACCESSIBLE [əkˈsesəb(ə)l]

accessible (adjective)

  • (of a place) able to be reached or entered:
  • (of an object, service, or facility) able to be easily obtained or used:
Synonyms: reachable . attainable . approachable . within reach . available . on hand . obtainable . nearby . ready . convenient . handy . inaccessible . available . in circulation . on offer . in season . at hand . gettable . procurable . securable . acquirable . realizable . achievable . attainable . ready .
  • (of a person, typically one in a position of authority or importance) friendly and easy to talk to; approachable:
Synonyms: approachable . available . easygoing . informal . friendly . welcoming . hospitable . pleasant . agreeable . obliging . congenial . affable . cordial . unapproachable .

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1. Accessible definition is - capable of being reached; also : being within reach

2. How to use Accessible in a sentence.

3. Accessible synonyms, Accessible pronunciation, Accessible translation, English dictionary definition of Accessible

4. Easy to approach, reach, enter, or use: an Accessible road; attainable: Accessible evidence Not to be confused with: assessable – able to determine the

5. Accessible definition, easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use

6. 20 synonyms of Accessible from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 49 related words, definitions, and antonyms

7. Find another word for Accessible

8. Accessible: being within the financial means of most people

9. Synonyms: affordable, popular, acquirable… Antonyms: inAccessible, unattainable, unavailable…

10. Possible to approach, enter, or use: The island is Accessible only by ferry

11. Public areas and buildings are now more Accessible to people with disabilities

12. By using more illustrations, he made the magazine more Accessible

13. Find 23 ways to say Accessible, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

14. has efficient, effective, and affordable accessibility remediation services specifically designed to help small businesses

15. For enterprise support, contact [email protected]

16. The Internal Revenue Service is committed to making its website Accessible to all people

17. Access Board is a federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in Accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards for the built environment, transportation, communication, medical …

18. Accessible is defined as something that you can obtain, get to or use

19. An example of a handicap Accessible building would be one that had ramps and wide doorways.

20. Adjective If a place or building is Accessible to people, it is easy for them to reach it or get into it

21. If an object is Accessible, it is easy to reach

22. The Centre is easily Accessible

23. MetroAccess is a shared-ride, door-to-door, paratransit service for people who cannot independently use the Accessible bus and/or rail system due to a disability

24. All Metrorail stations and rail cars are Accessible.

25. Accessible Space offers affordable, Accessible housing for people with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries

26. What Is Accessible Yoga––My Take March 18, 2021; Yoga for All March 16, 2021; Yoga Report from Berlin Part 2: Are Studios Open and Have You Tried Restorative Yoga? March 10, 2021; If It’s Not Accessible It’s Not Yoga March 3, 2021

27. When your documents are Accessible, you unlock your content to everyone and people with differing abilities can read your content and work with your files

28. Accessible can mean easy to get to

29. If the mall is easily Accessible, you might be tempted to spend a lot of money on your lunch breaks

30. The "within reach" definition of the adjective Accessible does not just refer to physical distance

31. An Accessible town or mountain (specifically) Built or designed as to be usable by people with disabilities.

32. Thanks to AI, the dream of an Accessible web is finally attainable! By levering machine-learning, we are revolutionizing the way websites are made Accessible and have set out to make the entire Internet Accessible by 2025

33. AccessiBe makes thousands of websites Accessible in the time it …

34. ‘It is Accessible to any listener who can understand Barber's Adagio for Strings or Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht.’ ‘The result is a complex, overlapping set of rules which is most undesirable in the sphere of consumer protection where remedies should be Accessible and understandable.’

35. Accessible University (AU) is a fictional university, and this is its fictional home page

36. Accessible - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

37. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Accessible adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (place: reachable) accesible adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo.Puede ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo ("casa grande", "mujer alta").

38. Accessible - capable of being read with comprehension; "readily Accessible to the nonprofessional reader"; "the tales seem more approachable than his more difficult novels" approachable comprehendible , comprehensible - capable of being comprehended or understood; "an idea comprehensible to …

39. When your slides are Accessible, you unlock your content to everyone and people with differing abilities can read and use your slides

40. Accessible in diverse colors and styles.

41. Accessible in various colors and styles.

42. Wigs are easily Accessible in the marketplace.

43. Now through deregulation reforms, fertiliser is now Accessible in the open market.

44. Free WiFi is Accessible in the rooms, although sometimes I had trouble connecting.

45. Also, try not use a bag that is easily Accessible in a crowded area like a subway.

46. An Accessible town or mountain ; Easy to get along with

47. * The best information at present Accessible

48. • The banks of the River Holbeck are easily Accessible to walkers and anglers

49. Easily Accessible • Now there is a lot to do year-round, and all of it is easily Accessible

50. • They are easily Accessible and hidden from view

51. • Never fear, it is a huge and easily Accessible boot …

52. The Accessible route must connect each level served by the new stair or escalator (except where a compliant connecting Accessible route already exists)

53. An Accessible route to stories or mezzanines may be required as part of an Accessible path of travel to …

54. Ensure Forms are Keyboard Accessible

55. If the Accessible route is located in front of the space, install wheelstops to keep vehicles from reducing width below 36 inches

56. Sign with “van Accessible” and the international symbol of accessibility mounted high enough so the sign can be seen when a vehicle is parked in the space

57. Accessible parking spaces may be clustered in one or more facilities if equivalent or greater accessibility is provided in terms of distance from the Accessible entrance, parking fees, and convenience

58. Van-Accessible parking spaces located in parking garages may be clustered on one floor (to accommodate the 98-inch minimum vertical height

59. We have prepared hundreds of tax forms and publications that can be downloaded or viewed online in text-only, Braille ready files, browser-friendly HTML, Accessible PDF, …

60. The text is extremely Accessible and the language beautiful

61. The programme tries to make science more Accessible to young people

62. A very Accessible account of Korean history; The cartoon strips are designed to make Shakespeare Accessible to children

63. It is written in simple language, immediately Accessible to the reader.

64. Accessible: adjective achievable , amenable , approachable , assailable , attainable , available , convenient , obliging , open , open-minded , penetrable , pervious

65. Furthermore, typeface selection is only one part of the typographic solution for creating Accessible typography

66. Accessible Archives provides full text searchable databases of primary source material from 18th and 19th Century publications

67. Developed by dedicated instructors and students of American history, Accessible Archives contains the rich, comprehensive material found in leading historical periodicals, newspapers and books

68. Accessible: adjective Within reach; referring to a lesion that can be managed by a standard surgical technique, as the lesion is not too deep in the brain or adjacent to vital structures (i.e., inAccessible)

69. With surgical robots, inAccessible sites are becoming increasingly rare.

70. Our Accessible room had all the necessary amenities and ample room for a wheelchair

71. 2 days ago · An Accessible component library No Style Design System, by Adam Silver

72. As a system created for and used in his book on Form Design Patterns, Adam’s library provides a set of Accessible components for everything from autocomplete, checkboxes and password reveal to radios, select boxes and steppers

73. Creating an Accessible home doesn’t have to be overwhelming

74. To make them Accessible, it’s important to have wheelchair ramps with handrails

75. Accessible Design: Accessible generally means that the dwelling meets prescribed requirements for Accessible housing

76. Mandatory requirements for Accessible housing vary widely and are found in state, local, and model building codes, in agency regulations such as in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s program 202 and 811,

77. Definition and synonyms of Accessible from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

78. This is the British English definition of Accessible.View American English definition of Accessible.

79. Accessible PDFs are tested using a combination of automated testing tools and manual procedures

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