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Word suggestions (6): Ascended, Accent, Ascent, Assent, Accident, In






underline, underscore, accentuate, highlight, spotlight, foreground, feature, heighten, stress, weight,

"Accented" in Example Sentences

1. The past participle of verbs in er was formerly isdo (u t u s) in most cases; at present ido serves for all verbs in er and Cr, except some ten or twelve in which the participle has retained the Latin form accented on the radical: dicho, hecho, visto, &c. It ought to be added that the past participle in normal Castilian derives its theme not from the perfect, but from the infinitive: habido
2. The lines of text below use accented in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for accented. Also see sentences for: accent, accents. 8. accented definition is - spoken or written with an accent. How to use accented in a sentence. 9. Example sentences for: accented How can you use “accented” in a sentence
3. accented in a sentence 🔊 Definition of accented . simple past tense and past participle of accent. Short Example Sentences for accented . 1. It is here accented on the penult. 🔊 2. She accented the word with bitter irony. 🔊 3. Note which signs indicate the accented syllables. 🔊 4.
4. accented in a sentence, 1- New words are often accented while given words are not.2- Leather accented features and upholstery may co
5. 1. 1. 1. How to use accented in a sentence. Example sentences with the word accented. accented example sentences. accented Rings: In addition to central gems, princess cuts are stunning accents to other diamond shapes, particularly those with flat edges such as Asscher cuts or emerald cuts.: 2.
6. How do you use accented in a sentence? Asked in . Example Sentences. How do you use accented in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User May 28, 2013 10:05PM. The hotel's exterior pastels were pleasantly
7. accented definition is - spoken or written with an accent. How to use accented in a sentence.
8. Examples of accented sentences. ESL students, professors, and people looking to increase their vocabulary might especially enjoy this webpage. The lines of text below use accented in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for accented. Also see sentences for: accent, accents.
9. Example sentences for: accented How can you use “accented” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Williams, who had played on landmark sessions with reedmen Eric Dolphy and Jacky McLean, accented the backbeat in the drums and played just a little above everyone else, creating a polyrhythmic, vaguely African template for his band mates.
10. How to use syllable in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word syllable? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Where a line ends with an accented syllable, it is deemed to have a strong ending and is thus described as masculine rhyme.
11. I believe I still retain some of my hearing accent when I use American Sign Language. The Latin accent attaches itself to the long paenultimate or antepaenultimate syllable of a word. In polysyllables the penultime is accented if the syllable be long, but in all other cases the accent is laid upon the antepenultime.
12. Sentence Examples for accented. He dismissed his uneasy thoughts at his eldest brother's accented voice. How to use accented in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of accented.
13. accented definition: Verb 1. simple past tense and past participle of accent
14. Translations of the phrase IS accented WITH from english to spanish: Crisp white bedding is accented with graphic prints and bold color
15. "Hence" is a final conjunction; hence it should not be used at the beginning of a sentence in formal writing, according to the Chicago Manual of Style. And, if the cause is accented, you had better use "because" reversing the order of the clauses. Please correct me if I am wrong.
16. What is the meaning of accented in Chinese and how to say accented in Chinese? accented Chinese meaning, accented的中文,accented的中文,accented的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
17. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word accented: . See accented used in context: 5 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog
18. How to conjugate accent , What is the base from of accented How do you spell accent in a sentence? conjugation of accented . Search any verb conjugation. Translate Cambridge Dictionary Meaning Longman Dictionary Meaning
19. Home > Alphabet in a sentence. Alphabet in a sentence up(1) down(1) 159. For example, you can't fit both the accented characters used in Western Europe and the Cyrillic alphabet used for Russian into the 128-255 range because there are more than 127 such characters. 160.
20. Insert accented Letters. Most standard fonts include commonly used accented letters, such as É, ã, and ç. Use this method if you want to insert accent marks and letters at the same time. 1. Place your cursor where the accented letter should appear in your text. 2. Select the Insert tab in the ribbon.
21. There are two basic ways to use an em dash in a sentence: After an independent If it's the latter, return the dashes to your punctuation tool bag and use a comma, colon, or semicolon instead, or revise the sentence so that you can omit the dreaded dash. How To Type Spanish Characters and accented Letters on Your Mac. Using Sentence Case
22. accented is a 8 letter word, used as a article or as a adjective satellite, and has the letters accdeent (acdent). Starts with a, ends with d, five consonants, three vowels and three syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.
23. Sentence example with the word 'glide' glide accented, bilabial, drift, go by, lax, pass, retroflex, ski, sonant, throaty, weak Definition n. a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant Last update: January 31, 2017
24. How to use accented in a sentence? Haskell Wexler:. It was the best day of my life, ever since then, whenever I've done a shot I'm happy with, I hear his Chinese-accented voice in my head.
25. As you write words, the readers who read your writing may need pronunciation assistance, especially for unfamiliar words. A writer who wants to include this pronunciation key usually adds small marks to accent syllables. Once you learn how to mark accented syllables in words, your readers will know how to pronounce the words they read verbally.
26. Unaccented definition, not accented; unstressed. See more. D. Word of the Day; Quizzes; Word Finder & Unscrambler; T; Everything After Z. Video; Word Facts (Use These Synonyms Instead) Hilarious Misheard Lyrics You Still Are Singing. Words Of The 20s: What Dapper Flappers Used to Say.
27. Since the accented syllable is the loudest and has the strongest vowel sound, their chin will drop further on the accented syllable. Try it out with the words “pencil” and “button.” The key to using this strategy is to say the word naturally. It may even help to use it in a sentence.

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