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ACANTHUS [əˈkanTHəs]

acanthus (noun) · acanthuses (plural noun)

  • a herbaceous plant or shrub with bold flower spikes and spiny decorative leaves, native to Mediterranean regions.
  • a conventionalized representation of an acanthus leaf, used especially as a decoration for Corinthian column capitals.

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1. Also called Acanthus, it bears spikes of tall geometric flowers with white petals and prickly purple bracts in late spring into early summer

2. Fun fact: The Acanthus leaf motif was incorporated in the design of the crowns on Corinthian columns; this architectural detail can

3. Acanthus prefers to grow in partial sun conditions in rich soil and does not tolerate wet feet

4. Once established, an Acanthus plant can tolerate some drought

5. Although most people grow Acanthus plants for their attractive, shiny, lobed leaves, they also produce a wonderful 2 …

6. Acanthus spinosus, commonly called bear's breeches, is a clump-forming perennial which is grown as much for its attractive foliage as for its architecturally bold flower spikes.Features pure white, snapdragon-like flowers enclosed (hooded and subtended) by spiny, reddish-purple bracts and arranged in vertical rows on substantial flower spikes which rise well above

7. Acanthus is a Mediterranean plant that boasts magnificent blooming all summer long

8. Name – Acanthus Family – Acanthaceae Type – rhizome perennial

9. Bear’s Breeches (Acanthus mollis) is a flowering perennial that is often prized more for its leaves than for its blossoms, which appear in the spring.It’s a good addition to a shade or partial shade border garden

10. Acanthus Whitewater - Common name:Bear's Breeches - Splashed with white, the deeply-lobed, toothed foliage is rippled with frothy white margins

11. Acanthus mollis Common Bear’s Breeches: This is the most popular species, but it can also be the most temperamental about blooming, with buds being damaged by late spring frosts.

12. Acanthus, in architecture and decorative arts, a stylized ornamental motif based on a characteristic Mediterranean plant with jagged leaves, Acanthus spinosus.It was first used by the Greeks in the 5th century bc on temple roof ornaments, on wall friezes, and on the capital of the Corinthian column.One of the best examples of its use in the Corinthian order is the Temple of Olympian Zeus in

13. Acanthus spinosus – a statuesque architectural plant, that brings classical elegance to the garden

14. The leaves are smaller and more finely cut than Acanthus mollis, with spiny tips, but the plant produces more flower spikes

15. The Acanthus leaf is a popular architectural design element that developed in the Greek world

16. Statuesque and rewarding, Acanthus spinosus (Armed Bear's Breech) is an upright, clump-forming perennial boasting a profusion of strikingly elegant spikes of hooded, pure white flowers adorned with spiny, red-purple bracts

17. Stately and dramatic, Acanthus hungaricus (Bear's Breech) is an upright, clump-forming perennial boasting strikingly elegant spikes of hooded, pink-flushed to white flowers adorned with spiny, red-purple bracts

18. Acanthus is a magical path whose ruling Arcana are Fate and Time.Mages on this Path are also known as the Witches and the Enchanters on the Path of Thistle, Scions of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn in the Realm of Arcadia, Kingdom of Enchantment and Abode of the Fae and the realm of illusion, enchantment and constant change

19. Acanthus spinosus NC State University and N.C

20. Botanical denomination: Acanthus spp

21. Parentage: AcanthusבSummer Beauty’×Acanthus mollis TASMANIAN ANGEL®

22. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a new and distinct cultivar of Acanthus, given the name, ‘Whitewater’

23. Acanthus is in the family Acanthaceae.

24. About the Acanthus Flower The Acanthus Flower – Family, Genus, and Taxonomy

25. Commonly called bear’s breeches, Acanthus is a genus containing roughly 30 species of herbaceous, perennial, flowering plants

26. The Acanthus genus belongs to the Acantheae tribe, which belongs to the Acanthoideae sub-family, under the Acanthaceae family.

27. Acanthus Security is the premier IT support and consulting firm in Illinois

28. If you have a wild area that needs leafy ground cover, or a dramatic floral statement in a large border, look no further than Acanthus

29. Acanthus leaves are among the most common plants to be used as ornamental elements in architecture and interior design, and historians say the earliest known example is the Temple of Apollo

30. Acanthus mollis, commonly known as bear’s breeches, is a clump-forming perennial that is grown as much for its attractive foliage as for its architecturally bold flower spikes.It is native to the Mediterranean region

31. Acanthaceae – Acanthus family Genus: Acanthus L

32. The Plants Database includes the following 5 species of Acanthus

33. Acanthus definition is - any of a genus (Acanthus of the family Acanthaceae, the Acanthus family) of prickly perennial herbs chiefly of the Mediterranean region.

34. Acanthus paint color SW 0029 by Sherwin-Williams

35. Acanthus mollis ‘Whitewater’ has dark green leaves heavily splashed with white, with bold margins

36. Acanthus definition, any of several plants of the genus Acanthus, of the Mediterranean region, having spiny or toothed leaves and showy, white or purplish flowers

37. The Acanthus plant also goes by the name of “bear's breeches and sea dock” but it is mostly refer to as the Acanthus plant

38. The Acanthus plant is a perennial plant which is a plant that comes back every year and does not need to be reseeded.

39. Designed by Acanthus (more…) Continue Reading Marigold Sarovar Portico Hotel & Resort, Shimla

40. Acanthus synonyms, Acanthus pronunciation, Acanthus translation, English dictionary definition of Acanthus

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42. Our Acanthus wallpaper design is a bold, beautiful take on the traditional vertical stripe, taking the staggered foliage motif popular in Classical and Renaissance architecture and giving it a crisp twist for modern homes

43. Designed by Acanthus Galgotia University in Greater Noida is architectural design by Acanthus that have been a milestone in institutional architecture and design in …

44. ‘Abutilon, Acanthus, and nandina provide a back-drop, and double impatiens and coleus add seasonal color.’ ‘We took an Acanthus flower from a popular Georgian wallpaper design and blew it up so large that a single flower filled an entire wall.’

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48. A privileged holiday with a stylish, modern touch Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, overlooking the deep blues of the Mediterranean Sea in Side, offers an unlimited holiday experience, featuring a new concept with a range of rich and creative options.

49. Jul 16, 2020 - A collection of wood carved Acanthus leaf decor and trim products

50. See more ideas about leaf decor, Acanthus leaf, Acanthus.

51. 17 reviews of Acanthus "Anne is simply a genius at upholstery

52. Acanthus (uh-can’-thus) derives from the Greek word akantha, which means thorn or prickle; mollis (moll’-liss) means soft

53. While a number of Acanthus species are rather prickly, the thorniest part of A

54. Direct Children: Species: Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl – Acanthus : Species: Acanthus mollis L

55. – bear's breech : Species: Acanthus polystachyus Delile Species: Acanthus spinosus L

56. – spine Acanthus : Species: Acanthus syriacus Boiss

57. Acanthus Mollis Description Add beauty and interest to your landscape! Architecturally bold yet pleasingly pretty, Acanthus mollis features statuesque, 3–5' spikes accented with attractive foliage and plenty of charming, creamy white blooms that resemble snapdragons and are highlighted by spiny, redpurple bracts.

58. A common theme in furniture and architecture ever since Ancient Greece, the Acanthus leaf is deeply divided and gracefully arching, which makes it perfect for adorning curved surfaces

59. Our Acanthus Leaf Corbel selection features many Legacy Signature and Artisan corbels that have been hand-carved and machined by skilled artisans, so that you

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What does acanthus mean?


Is an acanthus a perennial?

The acanthus plant is a perennial plant which is a plant that comes back every year and does not need to be reseeded. This type of plant lies dormant in the ground during the autumn and winter months. It comes back each year on its own.

What is acanthus leaf motif?

Fun fact: The acanthus leaf motif was incorporated in the design of the crowns on Corinthian columns; this architectural detail can still be seen adorning pillars today. Commonly called bear's breeches, this plant is grown for its glossy, large-leaved foliage that can be jagged or spiny.

What is acanthus climate?

The Mediterranean climate is sunny with hot and dry summers, the winters mild and rainy. It is a large leafy plant that has jagged and spiny leaves. The acanthus plant also goes by the name of “bear's breeches and sea dock” but it is mostly refer to as the acanthus plant.

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