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ABSTINENTS [ˈabstənəns]

abstinence (noun)

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1. Abstinent (plural Abstinents) One who abstains; a faster

2. Cependant, les sujets Abstinents récents continuent à présenter plus de difficultés à exprimer leurs sentiments que les sujets témoins (sous-dimension T2)

3. By aiming their activities at the pool of youth Abstinents and other disillusioned voters, Otpor contributed to one of the biggest turnouts ever for the September 24, 2000 federal presidential elections

4. Controlled drinkers in comparison to Abstinents and relapsed drinkers with regard to attitudes and social adjustment

5. Referring to previous research and theoretical reflections the hypothesis was formulated that controlled drinkers follow a different model of alcoholism and its therapy than Abstinents or relapsed drinkers.

6. Abstinence, soft or hard drug intake) was clearly mirrored by significant differences in the hormone profiles: the group of "Abstinents" showed remarkably higher melatonine and cortisole levels than the acute relapsive cases.

7. The earliest Apostolics (known also as Apotactici, meaning “Abstinents”) appeared in Anatolia about t

8. What does Abstinents mean? Plural form of abstinent

9. Find more ways to say Abstinents, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

10. Pour la flexibilité cognitive dans l’addiction à la cocaïne, nous avons montré un comportement des patients Abstinents intermédiaire entre celui de participants témoins et celui des

11. A Th 1/T helper 2 imbalance characterizes T-cell responses in active drinkers with ARC, whereas IL-4 production prevails in Abstinents

12. Synonyms for Abstinents include abstainers, ascetics, avoiders, dodgers, refrainers, shunners, withholders, teetotallers, teetotalers and teetotalists

13. Alcoolodépendants et Abstinents Levels of emotional awareness in alcohol-dependent patients and abstinent alcoholics L

14. Cette étude menée sur 28 patients alcooliques Abstinents a dans ce cadre permis de tester les liens entre ces compensations, les stratégies de coping et les expériences de rechute au cours de la prise en charge de ces patients.

15. Abstinents in a sentence - Use "Abstinents" in a sentence 1

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17. The words abstinence, Abstinents sound the same but have different meanings and spellings

18. Why do abstinence, Abstinents sound the same even though they are completely different words? The answer is simple: abstinence, Abstinents are homophones of the English language.

19. (PŁYTA DOSTĘPNA OD 30 LIPCA)Chcesz pomóc? Masz szansę! Kup płytę -- wspomóż Marikę.Wpisz nazwę zespołu The Abstinents na Allegro.Cała kasa z płyty, której pr

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21. Abstinents (ladina sõnast abstinentia 'karskus; paastumine; omakasupüüdmatus') on teadlik hoidumine mingist ahvatlusest, näiteks alkoholi või teatud toiduainete tarvitamisest või söömisest üldse või seksist.Enamasti tarvitatakse seda sõna karskuse või seksuaalse kasinuse tähenduses.

22. Narkoloogias mõistetakse Abstinentsi ehk Abstinentsisündroomi all sõltlase

23. Wpisz nazwę zespołu The Abstinents na Allegro.Ten dzień istnieje zawsze, ten dzień należy do mnie.

24. The adverse effects of smoking or vaping are much more serious when it comes to this infection than among Abstinents

25. Wpisz nazwę zespołu The Abstinents

26. Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found 2 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word Abstinents: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "Abstinents" is defined.

27. (PŁYTA DOSTĘPNA OD 30 LIPCA)Chcesz pomóc? Masz szansę! Kup płytę - wspomóż Marikę.Wpisz nazwę zespołu The Abstinents na Allegro.Cała kasa z płyty jest przezn

28. Deux semaines après leur congé, 48 % des clients disaient être demeurés Abstinents

29. Au suivi de 3 mois, 32 % étaient encore Abstinents et après 6 mois, 30 % l’étaient toujours.Les MWSS donnent des résultats positifs pour de nombreux clients, leurs familles et les communautés.

30. Veaux, s'ils restent Abstinents, deviendront des anciens, comme Tim., Au cours d'un exposé au Forum territorial du Nord-Est tenu à Portland, Maine, la déléguée du New Hampshire (Groupe de délé-gués 38) Lou G., a rappelé cette métaphore bien connue: "On dit …

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32. Find top songs and albums by The Abstinents including Colors and Colors.

33. Category: Abstinents Six months after the first contact with the Blue Angel Association

34. January 7, 2016 a123 Abstinents, Child Pornography Users, Our Stories, Pedophiles

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Is abstinence the only answer?

Abstinence is the only form of birth control that always prevents pregnancy. Practicing abstinence ensures that a girl will not become pregnant because there is no chance for sperm to fertilize an egg. Many other birth control methods have high rates of success if used properly, but they can fail occasionally. Does Abstinence Help Prevent STDs?

What are some cons of an abstinence?

List of Cons of Abstinence It causes you to miss out on the experience. Sex naturally feels good, and if you have not had such a feeling, then it could be that you have ... It would make for difficult relationships. For people who abstain from sex, relationships can be very difficult for them. ... It can cause you to lose motivation. ... It prevents you from having children.

What does the name abstinence mean?

Definition of abstinence. 1 : the practice of abstaining from something : the practice of not doing or having something that is wanted or enjoyable ... ate with a haste and an apparent relish, that seemed to betoken long abstinence from food.- Walter Scott.

What are the different types of abstinence?

Types of Abstinence. Generally, there are two types of abstinence: complete and partial. Complete abstinence involves abstaining from participation in all sexual acts, both with potential partners and with oneself (masturbation).

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