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1. Abruptness synonyms, Abruptness pronunciation, Abruptness translation, English dictionary definition of Abruptness


2. The quality of Abruptness is an almost rude bluntness or suddenness

Abruptness, An, Almost

3. When you act with Abruptness, you do something quickly, with no warning or consideration of how other people feel about it.

Act, Abruptness, About

4. Find 80 ways to say Abruptness, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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5. Abruptness (usually uncountable, plural Abruptnesses) The state of being abrupt or broken [First attested in the early 17 th century.] Suddenness; unceremonious haste …

Abruptness, Abruptnesses, Abrupt, Attested

6. Definition of Abruptness in the dictionary


7. What does Abruptness mean? Information and translations of Abruptness in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Abruptness, And

8. Synonyms for Abruptness include suddenness, unexpectedness, hastiness, quickness, rapidity, precipitateness, swiftness, rapidness, haste and briskness

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9. We found 10 answers for “Abruptness

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10. This page shows answers to the clue Abruptness, followed by 5 definitions like “An abrupt discourteous manner”, “Suddenness; unceremonious haste or vehemence” and “The state of being abrupt or broken”.Synonyms for Abruptness are for example brevity, brusqueness and curtness.More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

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11. See authoritative translations of Abruptness in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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12. ‘The Abruptness of the closure announcement has left them shocked and desperately searching for an alternative venue.’ ‘Although they had long feared for the future of their club, they were not prepared for the Abruptness of the end.’

Abruptness, Announcement, And, An, Alternative, Although

13. Synonyms for Abruptness in Free Thesaurus


14. 11 synonyms for Abruptness: brusqueness, curtness, gruffness, shortness, precipitousness


15. The Abruptness would mean that, as astronomers look farther into the early universe, the number of supernovae should drop precipitously, with vast numbers of …

Abruptness, As, Astronomers

16. Dictionary entry overview: What does Abruptness mean? • Abruptness (noun) The noun Abruptness has 3 senses:


17. The quality of happening with headlong haste or without warning Familiarity information: Abruptness used as a noun is uncommon.

Abruptness, As

18. The choice of words, the degree of Abruptness, formality, friendliness, and softness all may have ethical dimensions.: Contrasting the Abruptness of earthquakes is the slow drift of tectonic plates.: He permitted himself to think that it was the Abruptness of events that bothered him.: Although they had long feared for the future of their club, they were not prepared for the Abruptness of the end.

Abruptness, And, All, Although

19. Translations in context of "Abruptness" in English-French from Reverso Context: What surprises me is the Abruptness of the thing.


20. The Abruptness of the ending comes as a shock after the long slow build-up

Abruptness, As, After

21. How to say Abruptness in English? Pronunciation of Abruptness with 2 audio pronunciations, 25 synonyms, 2 meanings, 1 antonym, 11 translations, 4 sentences and more for Abruptness.

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22. ‘The Abruptness of the closure announcement has left them shocked and desperately searching for an alternative venue.’ ‘Although they had long feared for the future of their club, they were not prepared for the Abruptness of the end.’

Abruptness, Announcement, And, An, Alternative, Although

23. Abruptness n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


24. Abruptness definition: an abrupt discourteous manner synonyms: rudeness, discourtesy, curtness, brusqueness, gruffness, shortness antonyms: courtesy

Abruptness, An, Abrupt, Antonyms

25. Such a network is realistic and, thanks to its size, helps us to further confirm the increasing Abruptness of the breakdowns with the size

And, Abruptness

26. To evaluate the timing and Abruptness of the dust flux rise at the end of the AHP, we applied the same bioturbation model used to investigate the end-YD change (Section 6.2.2)

And, Abruptness, At, Ahp, Applied

27. He often expresses, in the same way, the nature of the sentiments which animate him: violence, by Abruptness of movement; anger and impatience, by striking hard and repeated blows, like some one who stamps angrily on the ground; occasionally he upsets the table.

Animate, Abruptness, Anger, And, Angrily

28. Newman's Abruptness and straightforward manner mask a morally robust character equipped with an innate honesty and a strong intuitive sense of right and wrong: 10

Abruptness, And, An

29. The Abruptness man is a person whose action respect other people seldom: 11

Abruptness, Action

30. Given the Abruptness of the fourth - quarter contraction this inventory cycle rebound may be quite strong


31. The hill, crowned with wood, which they had descended, receiving increased Abruptness from the distance, was a beautiful object.


32. Listen, you'll have to excuse my Abruptness, but this is a win-win situation, - and I don't want to waste your time with small talk

Abruptness, And

33. The Abruptness man is a person whose action respect other people seldom

Abruptness, Action

34. Abruptness translate: sự bất ngờ


35. Excuse my Abruptness, but I'm o'erjoyed to return home


36. Excuse mi aspereza, pero estoy ansioso de regresar a mi hogar: If, however, the borders do not betray a gradual change, in fact, the degree of Abruptness is the determiner of the degree of texture, or difficulty of change.

Aspereza, Ansioso, Abruptness

37. Break 'Abruptness' down into sounds: [UH] + [BRUPT] + [NUHS] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them

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38. Record yourself saying 'Abruptness' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen

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39. Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce 'Abruptness'.


40. Another word for Abruptness: curtness, sharpness, shortness, bluntness, briskness Collins English Thesaurus

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41. Abruptness Hindi Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Abruptness in Hindi


42. Adding Abruptness to a negative response may not change its meaning

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43. Abruptness Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Abruptness in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu


44. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Abruptness in Urdu is ابھار, and in …

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45. Abruptness - traduction anglais-français

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46. Forums pour discuter de Abruptness, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions


47. Abruptness definition in English dictionary, Abruptness meaning, synonyms, see also 'abrupt',aptness',abruption',artiness'

Abruptness, Also, Abrupt, Aptness, Abruption, Artiness

48. Italian Translation of Abruptness” The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online


49. Abruptness (n.) kin goi homologacja vapausaste gas stove nevyzpytatelnost friser grepsti (v.) organism stan převinutelný sure be graduated, to graduate, graduation minui valicabile ciliary movement napomena groundless fear, thinking too much, making too much of temporary debt addig ameddig moraali inner wall wb menggosok intercom file Amor

Abruptness, Addig, Ameddig, Amor

50. Piper: Coming to terms with the Abruptness of 'The End' 5


51. Piper: Coming to terms with the Abruptness of 'The End' 3


52. But this one is personal and thugs the heart, as its Abruptness had ask me, straight to my face to hold on to people I love and family dearly as much as I can

And, As, Abruptness, Ask

53. I wanted to express the Abruptness and craziness of social life in general and

Abruptness, And

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ABRUPTNESS [əˈbrəp(t)nəs]


Synonyms: abrupt .

abrupt (adjective)

  • sudden and unexpected.
Synonyms: sudden . immediate . instantaneous . hurried . hasty . quick . swift . rapid . speedy . precipitate . unexpected . surprising . startling . unanticipated . unforeseen . violent . headlong . breakneck . meteoric . gradual . unhurried .
  • brief to the point of rudeness; curt.
  • (of a style of speech or writing) not flowing smoothly; disjointed.
Synonyms: curt . brusque . blunt . short . sharp . terse . brisk . crisp . gruff . snappish . snappy . unceremonious . offhand . cavalier . rough . harsh . rude . discourteous . uncivil . surly . churlish . bluff . no-nonsense . laconic . friendly . polite . expansive . jerky . uneven . irregular . disconnected . discontinuous . broken . rough . inelegant . smooth . flowing .
  • steep; precipitous.
Synonyms: steep . sheer . precipitous . bluff . sharp . sudden . acute . perpendicular . vertical . dizzy . vertiginous . declivitous . gradual . gentle .

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