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ABRASION [əˈbrāZHən]

abrasion (noun) · abrasions (plural noun)

  • the process of scraping or wearing something away:
  • an area damaged by scraping or wearing away:
Synonyms: wearing . erosion . scraping . corrosion . chafing . rubbing . stripping . flaying . excoriation . graze . scrape . scratch . cut . gash . laceration . tear . rent . slash . injury . contusion . sore . ulcer . trauma . traumatism .

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1. Abrasion definition is - a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction

2. How to use Abrasion in a sentence.

3. An Abrasion is a type of open wound that’s caused by the skin rubbing against a rough surface. It may be called a scrape or a graze

4. (Medical) graze, scratch, trauma (Pathology), scrape, scuff, chafe, surface injury He had severe Abrasions to his right cheek.

5. A scraped spot or area; the result of rubbing or abrading: Abrasions on his leg caused by falling on the gravel

6. Wearing away of tissue by sustained or heavy friction between surfaces. Abrasion of the biting surfaces of teeth is common

7. Skin Abrasions are among the commonest of all minor injuries

8. Deliberate Abrasion in the cosmetic treatment of ACNE scars or other disfigurement is called dermAbrasion.

9. An Abrasion is an injury caused by superficial damage to the skin no deeper than the epidermis level

10. People get Abrasions all the time when their exposed skin comes into contact with a moving rough surface

11. Abrasion is the result of repeated contact between a tooth and something hard, like teeth. So, when two or more teeth come together, even with regular chewing with an ideal bite, some Abrasion will occur

12. An Abrasion is a skin scrape that may involve just the top layer of skin (epidermis)

13. An avulsion is a severe version of an Abrasion where all layers of the skin have been torn away

14. You can encourage optimal healing of Abrasions by:

15. An Abrasion, also known as an excoriation or “brush burn,” is a minor injury that occurs when the skin is rubbed or torn off. It is a shallow wound, typically a wearing away of the top layer of skin (the epidermis) due to an applied friction force against the body.

16. An Abrasion is a scrape on your skin

17. Some examples of an Abrasion include rug burn, a skinned elbow, or road rash

18. Abrasions can be many shapes and sizes

19. Abrasions are the milder form of injury between the two types, typically scraping away portions of the surface, but not often do they get very deep

20. In an Abrasion, healing usually takes place over a few days.

21. Dental Abrasion is tooth wear originating from friction or mechanical forces from a foreign object, and it predominantly impacts premolars and canines

22. Tooth wear from Abrasion typically looks like a wedge or V-shaped indentation of the tooth at the gum margin, and it appears worn, shiny and is often discolored at the cervical margin.

23. (Medical)graze, scratch, trauma(Pathology), scrape, scuff, chafe, surface injuryHe had severe Abrasions to his right cheek.

24. ə-brā'zhən The definition of an Abrasion is an area that is sore, scraped or rubbed away

25. A spot on one's arm that is scraped from falling off a bike is an example of an Abrasion.

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27. There seems to have been some Abrasion of the surface

28. [ C ] medical a place where the surface of something, such as skin, has been rubbed away: She had a small Abrasion on her knee.

29. Synonyms for Abrasion in Free Thesaurus

30. 32 synonyms for Abrasion: graze, scratch, trauma, scrape, scuff, chafe, surface injury, rubbing, wear

31. Verbs for Abrasion include abrade, abraded, abrades, abrading, abrase, abrased, abrases and abrasing

32. Abrasion is the pathologic loss of tooth structure secondary to an external mechanical action

33. A corneal Abrasion is a superficial scratch on the clear, protective "window" at the front of your eye (cornea)

34. What is a corneal Abrasion? The cornea is the clear area in the center of the front of the eye

35. When the cornea is scratched or scraped by a fingernail, contact lens, tree branch, or other object, the injury is called a corneal Abrasion.

36. Abrasion Resistance of Cloth: Rotary Platform, Double-Head (Taber) Method This method is intended for determining the Abrasion resistance of cloths in terms of percent change in breaking strength, or breaking strength after a given period of Abrasion, or the number of Abrasion cycles required to produce a specified state of destruction.

37. A corneal Abrasion is a scratch on your eye.It can happen in an instant

38. Abrasion definition: An Abrasion is an area on a person's body where the skin has been scraped

39. A mild corneal Abrasion may not need much in the way of treatment, although making sure a doctor looks at it and checks for any foreign bodies will help to prevent complications

40. A severe corneal Abrasion can take three days or slightly longer to heal

41. While it is a good idea to see a doctor for any corneal Abrasion, a severe corneal Abrasion

42. Glacial Abrasion is commonly characterized by glacial striations

43. The Arctic is particularly susceptible to the Abrasion of groundcover and to the disturbance of the rare breeding grounds of the animals that are characteristic to the region.

44. Abrasion resistance resists mechanical wear

45. Abrasion-resistant materials are useful for both moving and fixed parts in settings where wearing is an issue

46. Abrasion resistance has close proximity to the compressive strength of concrete

47. Strong concrete is more Abrasion

48. Taber Abrasion test is a method to simulate the Abrasion of materials in the laboratory, which is widely used in all kinds of materials, including plastics, coatings, laminates, leather, paper, textiles, floors and so on.In this paper, the test method ASTM D4060 is used to explain how to conduct the Taber Abrasion test in four ways.

49. Eradi-Lite® features a unique blend of plasticizers and elastomers which make the material resistant to plasticizer migration and staining or Abrasion, while still remaining highly flexible.

50. ‘They are resistant to Abrasion and grease, and have good hardness.’ ‘This special elastomer is available in various properties of hardness and toughness and is resistant to Abrasion.’ ‘The lifeline is a long, heavy, braided rope that is resistant to Abrasion, sunlight, and moisture.’

51. Abrasion is a kind of wear in which rubbing away of component fibers and yarns of the fabric takes place

52. During Abrasion, a series of repeated applications of stress takes place

53. Abrasion may be classified as flat Abrasion, edge Abrasion or flex Abrasion

54. Abrasion resistance can be seen is the capacity to absorb energy.

55. The TABER® Rotary Platform Abraser (Abrader) was introduced in the 1930's, and rapidly became the world standard for evaluating Abrasion resistance

56. An Abrasion can happen to a person, as in a skinned knee, or to an object, as in what you get when you apply sandpaper to wood.

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