Use About in a sentence


ABOUT [əˈbout]


  • on the subject of; concerning:
  • so as to affect:
Synonyms: regarding . concerning . respecting . on . apropos . re . anent .
  • used to indicate movement within a particular area:
Synonyms: around . throughout . over . through . all over . encircling . surrounding . everywhere .
  • used to express location in a particular place:
  • used to describe a quality apparent in a person:
Synonyms: around . in circulation . current . going on . prevailing . prevalent . widespread . pervasive . endemic . happening . abroad .

about (adverb)

  • used to indicate movement in an area:
Synonyms: around . abroad .

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1. About definition is - reasonably close to

2. How to use About in a sentence.

3. About definition, of; concerning; in regard to: instructions About the work; a book About the Civil War

4. Approximately; nearly: The interview lasted About an hour

5. To a reversed position or direction: Turn About and walk away slowly

6. In no particular direction: wandering About with no place to go

7. All around; on every side: Let's look About for help

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10. […] Roaring, leaping, pouncing, the tempest raged About the wanderers, drowning and blotting out their forms with sandy spume.

11. Synonyms for About include around, hereAbouts, near, nearby, close by, About the place, at hand, in the neighbourhood, in the vicinity and not far away

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What does about mean?

About means moving around. An example of a person who is up and about is a teacher standing and walking around a classroom. About means almost. An example of a job that is about finished would be a job that is almost completed.

What does see about mean?

See about a thing, to consider it; See one through, to aid in accomplishing or doing, esp. something difficult or dangerous; See out, to see to the end: to outdo; See through one, to understand one thoroughly; See to, to look after: ( B.) to behold; See to it,...

What does be up and about mean?

The definition of up and about is someone who is standing and moving freely or who is able to do so, especially after having been sick or immobilized for a period of time. An example of up and about is someone who was ill for a while and confined to her bed, but who is now able to go places and do things again.

What is about me definition? is a personal web hosting service co-founded by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young in October 2009.

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