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1. About turn synonyms, About turn pronunciation, About turn translation, English dictionary definition of About turn

2. The About turn is done in all obedience heeling exercises and is problematic for many dogs and handlers

3. As the About turn is executed dogs often loose focus and lag or swing wide

4. About turn TURN believes no one should be cut off from essential electricity, gas or phone service

5. A video demonstration of the About turn on the march as per 7th edition of the RAF's Drill and Ceremonial manual AP818 as recently adopted by the Air Cadet O

6. A St Aubyn's Cadet Corps Guide to the 'About turn'

7. Definition of About turn in the dictionary

8. What does About turn mean? Information and translations of About turn in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

9. About turn (plural About turns) (Britain, military) Of a formation of soldiers, to reverse the direction in which they are facing; an about face

10. (originally as a military command): shortening of right About turn

11. What's the origin of the phrase 'About turn'? Originally a military command in the English Army - it is still used in the British Army

12. About turn IN QUICK TIME Taking you a stage further in your foot drill I am now going to teach you the About turn in Quick time

13. About turn bičaš synes (v.) hostie tsuya paakkuistutus isprika lockersten hawaii fornire instruction, assignation abscessus ani indiferencia it goes without saying; it is self-understood/a matter of course/a foregone conclusion; it stands to reason; certainly; of course; that needs no saying; sl

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What does about-turn mean?

about turn(Noun) Of a formation of soldiers, to reverse the direction in which they are facing; an about face. about turn(Noun) A complete change of opinion, direction, etc.

What does about turn mean?

about turn synonyms, about turn pronunciation, about turn translation, English dictionary definition of about turn. or interj a military command to a formation of men to reverse the direction in which they are facing n a complete change or reversal, as of opinion,...

What does Turnabout mean?

Definition of turnabout 1 a : a change or reversal of direction, trend, policy, role, or character b : a changing from one allegiance to another c : turncoat, renegade

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