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ABORTION [əˈbôrSH(ə)n]

abortion (noun) · abortions (plural noun)

  • the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus by natural causes before it is able to survive independently.
Synonyms: termination . miscarriage . feticide .

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1. Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus

2. An Abortion that occurs without intervention is known as a miscarriage or "spontaneous Abortion" and occurs in approximately 30% to 40% of pregnancies

3. When deliberate steps are taken to end a pregnancy, it is called an induced Abortion, or less frequently "induced miscarriage".

4. Abortion, the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it has reached the stage of viability (in human beings, usually about the 20th week of gestation)

5. An Abortion may occur spontaneously, in which case it is also called a miscarriage, or it may be brought on purposefully, in which case it is often called an induced Abortion.

6. There are two ways of ending a pregnancy: in-clinic Abortion and the Abortion pill

7. If you’re pregnant and thinking about Abortion, you may have lots …

8. An Abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy

9. What is Abortion? Abortion is when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn't result in the birth of a child

10. Proponents, identifying themselves as pro-choice, contend that choosing Abortion is a woman’s right that should not be limited by governmental or religious authority, and which outweighs any right claimed for an embryo or fetus

11. They say that pregnant women will resort to unsafe illegal Abortions

12. The term Abortion is more commonly used as a synonym for induced Abortion, the deliberate interruption of pregnancy, as opposed to miscarriage, which connotes a …

13. Abortion is a very safe procedure

14. Here are the facts about your options, the different kinds of Abortion, and what to expect

15. What are the different kinds of Abortion? Medication Abortion, also known as the “Abortion pill,” is when you take medicines that you get from a …

16. For an in-clinic Abortion, you’ll probably get local anesthesia, meaning that your cervix will be numbed but you’ll be awake

17. Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States each year

18. More than 40% of all women end a pregnancy by Abortion at some time in their reproductive lives.

19. Abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy

20. Abortion laws around the globe (2018) 01:33 (CNN) One of the largest studies about women's emotions after an Abortion finds most feel relieved and don't regret their choice, even if they struggled

21. Abortion definition is - the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: such as

22. How to use Abortion in a sentence.

23. Abortion is the removal of pregnancy tissue, products of conception or the fetus and placenta (afterbirth) from the uterus

24. Warren Hern is a late-term Abortion practitioner, author of “the nation’s most widely used textbook on Abortion standards and procedures,” a participant in crafting “the first version of the National Abortion Federation Program Standards for Abortion Services,” and “one of the experts in late Abortion sought out by the

25. What is Abortion? When a pregnancy is deliberately eliminated at an early stage it is known an Abortion

26. On occasion an Abortion may take pace by itself, that is, naturally

27. In this case, it is called a miscarriage, also known as spontaneous Abortion.

28. Abortion is, once again, center stage in our political debates

29. According to the Guttmacher Institute, over 350 pieces of legislation restricting Abortion have been introduced

30. Abortion has been an issue in presidential campaigns ever since the 1973 Roe v

31. Abortion The spontaneous or artificially induced expulsion of an embryo or fetus

32. As used in legal context, the term usually refers to induced Abortion.

33. Abortion is legal throughout the United States and its territories, although restrictions and accessibility vary from state to state

34. Abortion is a controversial and divisive issue in the society, culture and politics of the U.S., and various anti-Abortion laws have been in force in each state since at least 1900

35. Since 1976, the Republican Party has generally sought to restrict Abortion

36. Anthony, wrote against Abortion

37. They opposed Abortion which at the time was an unsafe medical procedure for women, endangering their health and life

38. These feminists believed that only the achievement of women's equality and freedom would end the need for Abortion.

39. An Abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy

40. The Bible does not use the word “Abortion” in the sense of an induced expulsion of a human fetus

41. Abortion Procedures Surgical Abortion (aka suction curettage or vacuum curettage) is the most common type of Abortion procedure

42. Surgical Abortion performed later in pregnancy (after 12-16 weeks) is called D&E (dilation and evacuation).

43. Noun Also called voluntary Abortion

44. Abortion has been legal in every U.S

45. Abortion in the early stages of a pregnancy was common and generally not considered immoral or murderous

46. Abortion synonyms, Abortion pronunciation, Abortion translation, English dictionary definition of Abortion

47. Abortion is the removal of pregnancy tissue, products of conception or the fetus and placenta (afterbirth) from the uterus

48. 113, changed the legal status of Abortion by striking down a Texas law that criminalized Abortion except as a means of saving the mother’s life.The case pitted individual privacy rights against States’ interest in regulating the life of the fetus.

49. This series of fact sheets provides data on the incidence of Abortion as well as Abortion service provision at the state level.

50. Conservative Supreme Court justices have demonstrated a desire to reverse prior decisions on Abortion rights

51. The courts have protected safe, legal Abortion throughout the United States since 1973, when the U.S

52. Supreme Court affirmed access to Abortion as a constitutional right in its Roe v.Wade decision.

53. Yet for years, Abortion opponents have fought to turn back the clock: stacking federal courts with anti-Abortion judges; passing unconstitutional legislation; spreading deceptions; imposing

54. Abortion has been practiced since ancient times, but its legality and availability have been threatened continuously by forces that would denigrate women's fundamental rights

55. Currently, while efforts to decrease the need for Abortion through contraception and education continue, access to Abortion remains crucial for the well-being of millions

56. There are three Abortion classifications—surgical Abortion, medical Abortion, and chemical Abortion

57. They are defined as follows: Surgical Abortion: These are Abortions that involve an invasive procedure

58. Major types of surgical Abortions include: Suction aspiration: This is the procedure most often used in the first trimester of pregnancy (the first three months)

59. This article gives an overview of the moral and legal aspects of Abortion and evaluates the most important arguments

60. The central moral aspect concerns whether there is any morally relevant point during the biological process of the development of the fetus from its beginning as a unicellular zygote to birth itself that may justify not having an Abortion after that point.

61. Unintended pregnancy and Abortion by income, region, and the legal status of Abortion: estimates from a comprehensive model for 1990–2019 The Lancet Global Health Published:July 22, 2020; Self‐administered versus provider‐administered medical Abortion Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2020, Issue 3

62. There are two common, very safe methods for terminating a pregnancy: medication Abortion, in which you ingest pills, or a procedural Abortion, in which a clinician uses techniques such as suction to empty your uterus

63. "The Abortion rate is 37 per 1,000 women in countries that prohibit Abortion altogether or allow it only to save a woman’s life, and 34 per 1,000 in countries that allow Abortion without

64. Abortions are common in the United States, with an average of 3 out of 10 women in the United States having an Abortion by age 45

65. There are two types: the Abortion pill (also

66. The four classic symptoms, usually present in each type of Abortion, are uterine contractions, uterine haemorrhage, softening and dilatation of the cervix and presentation or expulsion of all or part of the products of conception.

67. The Abortion debate asks whether it can be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth

68. Some people think that Abortion is always wrong

69. Some think that Abortion is right when

70. President Biden’s administration is mulling an order that could take the clinics out of the Abortion equation in early pregnancy — and bring Roe v

71. Probe's Sue Bohlin explores the reason Abortion is such an emotionally volatile subject, as well as biblical and medical reasons it is wrong, concluding with some personal stories dealing with handicaps

72. Why Abortion is So Volatile Abortion is one of the most divisive and controversial issues of our day

73. People generally have strong views about Abortion.

74. Problem/Condition: Since 1969, CDC has conducted Abortion surveillance to document the number and characteristics of women obtaining legal induced Abortions in the United States

75. Description of System: Each year, CDC requests Abortion data from the central health agencies of 52 reporting areas (the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and New York City).

76. An Abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy

77. The length the pregnancy has gone on, and the method used to do the Abortion influence these rates

78. According to data collected in the United States, 88.2% of Abortions were done in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, 10.4% between week 13 and week 20 of the pregnancy.

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