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ABORIGINALS [ˌabəˈrijənl]


  • an aboriginal inhabitant of a place.
  • a person belonging to one of the indigenous peoples of Australia.
Synonyms: native . indigene . aborigine . local . autochthon .

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1. The language nearly died out in the 20th century, when Aboriginals could be jailed for speaking their native tongue in public

2. The Aboriginals were the first humans to arrive in Australia

3. Aboriginals were nomadic hunter-gathers

4. There were about 320,000 Aboriginals in about 250 tribal groups at the time the first European settlers arrived in 1778.

5. Aboriginals had the continent to themselves for 50,000 years

6. Somehow the Aboriginals have managed to survive military onslaught and massacres as well as deliberate poisoning and even testing

7. Aboriginals synonyms, Aboriginals pronunciation, Aboriginals translation, English dictionary definition of Aboriginals

8. Aboriginals Our Aboriginal fabrics come from M&S Textiles of Australia, "Where Dreams Come Alive

9. Ancient cave art also suggests that ancient Aboriginals understood much about the heavens and perhaps ancient alien visitors (see Wondjina Figures below)

10. Australian Aboriginals had over 200 languages

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14. Aboriginals Our Aboriginal fabrics come from M&S Textiles of Australia, "Where Dreams Come Alive

15. Aboriginals Women Dreaming 2 Blue

16. Aboriginals Women Dancing for Rain Red

17. According to this article, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph, referred to Aboriginals as "Indians": Australian Aboriginal cricket team in England in 1868 - Wikipedia

18. Aboriginals by ihearofsherlock published on 2021-01-31T04:18:15Z "a group of people who seemed to be intensely amused" [BLAN]   Once upon a time, a man invited a group of his friends to join him for lunch and conversation about his favorite literary figure.

19. Objectives: To determine the prevalence, clinical features, HLA type, and viral infections associated with MS among Aboriginals in Manitoba, Canada

20. When the British came to Australia in 1788, they called these native people “Aboriginals”, meaning people who had lived there since the earliest times

21. Study Shows Tasmanian Aboriginals Witnessed the Laschamp Geomagnetic Excursion

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23. Another word for an Australian Aborigine Collins Discovery Encyclopedia, 1st Explanation of Aboriginals

24. ‘The Aboriginals of Taiwan number several hundred thousand.’ ‘Regulations under the Tribal Reserve Act, originally passed in 1956, allow only Aboriginals to enter the tribal lands.’ ‘Once one of the provinces is run by Aboriginals, what is to stop an aboriginal man or woman from holding the highest offices in …

25. What happened to the Aboriginals when the European settlers first came? The first European invasions started huge waves of disease that killed thousands – many others were massacred.In just over one hundred years from the first invasion of their land, Aboriginal numbers were reduced from up to an estimated 750,000 to only 60,000.

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27. (The Aboriginals would breed the eels that were then smoked and traded

28. This was a way of life for these Aboriginals who began this practice around 8000 years ago) Explain firestick management

29. The paper will mainly answer the question if the Aboriginals should be given back their land rights

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What is the difference between "Aboriginal" and "indigenous"?

The main difference between aboriginal and indigenous is that aboriginal is mostly used to refer to the indigenous people of Australia.

What does the name Aboriginal mean?

Aboriginal - of or pertaining to members of the indigenous people of Australia; "an Aboriginal rite". 2. aboriginal - characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning; "native Americans"; "the aboriginal peoples of Australia". native.

What does it mean to be Aboriginal?

aboriginal - an indigenous person who was born in a particular place; "the art of the natives of the northwest coast"; "the Canadian government scrapped plans to tax the grants to aboriginal college students". Adj. 1. Aboriginal - of or pertaining to members of the indigenous people of Australia; "an Aboriginal rite".

What are Aboriginal people called?

‘Indigenous peoples' is a collective name for the original peoples of North America and their descendants. Often, ‘Aboriginal peoples' is also used. The Canadian Constitution recognizes three groups of Aboriginal peoples: Indians (more commonly referred to as First Nations), Inuit and Métis.

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