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1. Abolitionist definition is - a person who wants to stop or abolish slavery : an advocate of abolition

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2. How to use Abolitionist in a sentence.


3. An Abolitionist, as the name implies, is a person who sought to abolish slavery during the 19th century. More specifically, these individuals sought the immediate and full emancipation of …

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4. The Abolitionist movement emerged in states like New York and Massachusetts

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5. The term Abolitionist generally refers to a dedicated opponent to slavery in the early 19th century America. The Abolitionist movement developed slowly in the early 1800s

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6. Facts, information and articles about Abolitionist Movement, one of the causes of the civil war Abolitionist Movement summary: The Abolitionist movement in the United States of America was an effort to end slavery in a nation that valued personal freedom and believed “all men are created equal.”

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7. The Abolitionist Club is an exclusive group of monthly donors committed to putting an end to modern-day slavery

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8. Our Current Abolitionist Club Impact


9. John Brown, (born May 9, 1800, Torrington, Connecticut, U.S.—died December 2, 1859, Charles Town, Virginia [now in West Virginia]), militant American Abolitionist whose raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now in West Virginia), in 1859 made him a martyr to the antislavery cause and was instrumental in heightening sectional animosities that led to the American Civil War (1861–65).

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10. Abolitionist The Abolitionist was, constitutionally speaking, neither officer nor prisoner and as a consequence may stand for the ordinary citizen - "society," the people at large

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11. Abolitionist synonyms, Abolitionist pronunciation, Abolitionist translation, English dictionary definition of Abolitionist


12. Abolitionist Teaching Network's mission is simple: develop and support educators to fight injustice within their schools and communities

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13. Utilizing the intellectual work and direct action of community organizers, Abolitionist Teachers will organize and take action for educational freedom.

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14. Almost 50 Abolitionist groups formed in 10 states

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15. What does Abolitionist mean? One who favored the abolition of slavery in the U.S

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16. Abolitionist (n.) person who favors doing away with some law, custom, or institution, 1792, originally in reference to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, from abolition + -ist.By 1825 (in Britain) in reference to abolition of slavery as an institution.

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17. As the century progressed, branches of the Abolitionist movement became more radical, calling for the immediate end of slavery

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18. But Abolitionists found enough strength in their commonalities—a belief in individual liberty and a strong

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19. The Abolitionist movement was one of high moral purpose and courage; its uncompromising temper made the slavery question the prime concern of national politics and hastened the demise of slavery in the United States (see also slavery)

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20. Abolitionist and educator Charlotte Forten Grimké was the granddaughter of Philadelphia Abolitionist James Forten

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21. Abolitionist (comparative more Abolitionist, superlative most Abolitionist) In favor of the abolition of slavery

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22. Abolitionist (plural Abolitionists) A person who favors the abolition of any particular institution or practice

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23. Abolitionist definition: An Abolitionist is someone who campaigns for the abolition of a particular system or Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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24. Countries which retain the death penalty for ordinary crimes such as murder but can be considered Abolitionist in practice in that they have not executed anyone during the past 10 years and are believed to have a policy or established practice of not carrying out executions.

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25. Being a sex industry Abolitionist means: You support human dignity and recognize people are never commodities to be bought and sold.; You oppose any legislation which seeks to legitimize pimping, brothel-keeping, or sex buying.; You recognize that ending demand for commercial sex, including pornography consumption, is the key to ending sex trafficking and prostitution.

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26. Not surprisingly, Quakers freed their slaves in the 1700s and many activists in the Abolitionist and women’s rights movements were Quakers

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27. When the Anthony family moved to Rochester in 1845, their farmhouse became a meeting place for Abolitionists, including Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison

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28. For thirty years, to the very eve of the Civil War, the word “Abolitionist” was an insult

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29. Why Are They Forgotten? After the Civil War, Abolitionists were lionized.

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30. Abolitionist University Studies: An Invitation is the text I wish I had when I finished my MA program in higher education and began my doctoral program in educational foundations six years ago

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31. In the 1800s in the US, the movement to end slavery found a voice in a number of Abolitionist newspapers


32. In the 1830s opposition to slavery grew from the Abolitionist movement, whose leaders included William Lloyd Garrison who published an anti-slavery newspaper, The Liberator and Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote a famous novel about a slave called Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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33. Vice President Kamala Harris and Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin met virtually on Wednesday with 22 college students who will retrace the journey of Black Abolitionist

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34. The Network to Advance Abolitionist Social Work (NAASW) is a group of social workers from different parts of the US, building a year-long initiative to support Abolitionist work in the field of social work

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35. Definition of Abolitionist written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

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36. Find 4 ways to say Abolitionist, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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37. ‘Truth, also born into slavery, was an Abolitionist and the first Black female orator to speak out against slavery.’ ‘It was already established practice that black American Abolitionists travel to England, Scotland and sometimes Ireland on speaking tours.’

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38. The Digital Abolitionist is a platform on prison abolition

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39. We track Abolitionist efforts, create a platform for those directly impacted by the criminal legal system, and workshop alternatives to punishment.

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40. Current Page: The Abolitionist Map Preventing Executions COVID-19 and Abolition Folder: Study

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41. The Abolitionist Library Daily Abolition Transformative Justice Get Involved The Abolitionist Map

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42. Looking for opportunities to join Abolitionist groups in your community? Explore our Abolitionist Map below to find organizing hubs where you live!


43. The recently-landmarked Abolitionist home at 227 Duffield St

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44. Abolitionist Teaching-Bettina L


45. Love-We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom ImpressiveDesignCo

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46. The most revolutionary Abolitionist groups, headed by F


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name abolitionist mean?

What Is an Abolitionist? An abolitionist, as the name implies, is a person who sought to abolish slavery during the 19th century. More specifically, these individuals sought the immediate and full emancipation of all slaves.

What does the word abolitionist mean?

abolitionist(Noun) A person who favors the abolition of any institution. abolitionist(Noun) Somebody who favors the abolition of slavery. abolitionist(Adjective) In favor of the abolition of slavery.

What did the abolitionist believe in?

The abolitionists were people who were against slavery in the 1800's, and believed in the immediate end of slavery in America. Abolitionists disobeyed laws to help slaves escape slavery. They helped Southern slaves escape to Canada, many using the organized network of the Underground Railroad.

What are facts about abolitionists?

10 Facts about Abolitionists slavery in North America. the notion of slavery. abolish the slavery. prohibition of Slaves. slavery in South. abolitionist sentiment. David Walker. Gabriel Prosser. the first American Anti-Slavery Society Convention. Southern states.

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