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1. Abnegate Has Latin Roots There's no denying that the Latin root negare has given English some useful words


2. Abnegate definition, to refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject; renounce


3. The verb Abnegate means to deny or renounce something


4. Scientists Abnegate the existence of little green spacemen from Mars


5. The verb Abnegate also means to surrender a position of power

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6. / ˈæb.nə.ɡeɪt / to not allow yourself to have something, especially something you like or want to not accept something, or to say that you do not have something: to Abnegate responsibility / guilt

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7. She spurns the doctrine that it is woman's position to Abnegate and to immolate herself

Abnegate, And

8. THE SALAMANDER OWEN JOHNSON The quality of Mantchou has thus by degrees become a very costly affair, and many, of consequence, seek altogether to Abnegate it

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9. See authoritative translations of Abnegate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

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10. Here it is almost synonymous with Abnegate, which means to deny oneself something or to surrender a privilege

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11. Because abdicate has taken over much of Abnegate ’s territory, the latter is now rare

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12. What does Abnegate mean? To deny (oneself something); to renounce or give up (a right, a power, a claim, a privilege, a convenience)


13. Definition of Abnegate in the dictionary


14. What does Abnegate mean? Information and translations of Abnegate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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15. Abnegate (v.) "deny (something) to oneself," 1650s, from Latin abnegatus, past participle of abnegare "to refuse, deny," from ab "off, away from" (see ab-) + negare "to deny," from PIE root *ne- "not."

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16. English verb TO Abnegate conjugated in all forms, with full audio, irregular highlighting, negative forms and contractions.

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17. The most God-like man is the one who can Abnegate without feeling the sacrifice


18. In the vanity typical of the insecure, they Abnegate all foreign knowledge

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19. She spurns the doctrine that it is woman's position to Abnegate and to immolate herself.

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20. Future perfect; I: will have Abnegated: you: will have Abnegated: he, she, it: will have Abnegated: we: will have Abnegated: you: will have Abnegated: they: will have


21. Abnegate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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22. Dictionary entry overview: What does Abnegate mean? • Abnegate (verb) The verb Abnegate has 3 senses:


23. Deny or renounce Familiarity information: Abnegate used as a …

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24. Examples of Abnegate in a sentence


25. The athlete decided to Abnegate the unhealthy snack even though she really wanted to have a bite

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26. 🔊 Because he doesn’t drink more than two beers a night, Jase chose to Abnegate the third


27. 🔊 Although they really wanted to go, the couple decided to Abnegate the cruise in favor of working all week

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28. Abnegate: To give up (rights or a claim, for example); renounce


29. Self-abnegating deference, on the other hand, expresses an attitude that is more intuitively self-undermining--to Abnegate oneself is, in some sense, to deny or to efface oneself

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30. The verb Abnegate means to deny or renounce something


31. Scientists Abnegate the existence of little green spacemen from Mars.


32. How do you use Abnegate in a sentence? Abnegate is a verb


33. As an atheist, I Abnegate all gods and godd

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34. What emergency things that let persons Abnegate their lifes


35. She learns to detach, to Abnegate, from all earthly concepts andmateiral objects, even bodily form.

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36. Synonyms for Abnegate include surrender, relinquish, renounce, cede, resign, abdicate, yield, waive, forgo and abandon

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37. From AbnegateVideo by Red Boss [email protected]/redbossproductions …

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38. Abnegate means to give up; to surrender; to renounce


39. The following is an example of a case law referring to Abnegate: A state can not Abnegate or surrender its duty which is perpetually upon it to consult the physical and moral good of the people.

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40. As verbs the difference between abdicate and Abnegate is that abdicate is (obsolete) to disclaim and expel from the family, as a father his child; to disown; to disinherit while Abnegate is to deny (oneself something); to renounce or give up (a right, a power, a claim, a privilege, a convenience) .

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41. Find 11 ways to say Abnegate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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42. Abnegate translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also 'abnegation',abominate',aerate',abbreviate', examples, definition, conjugation

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43. Sentence with the word Abnegate


44. As we call on science to explain, elaborate, and justify issues in civil and personal life, we need to be careful that we don't Abnegate our responsibility to monitor the effects of this intervention.

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45. He was instead enthusiastic about the opportunity to obey and self-Abnegate by using it.McCain's "preparation" is the pathetic track record of a moral coward

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46. She attempts to Abnegate personal responsibility How to use Abnegate in a sentence is shown in this page

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48. (1) he attempts to Abnegate personal responsibility (2) ‘Distant’ is the sort of spare, demanding work whose pared-down aesthetic requires a viewer who's prepared to Abnegate movie-going's instant gratifications

Attempts, Abnegate, Aesthetic

49. (3) It is the Romantic-humanist heresy which holds that we should nurture our egos rather than Abnegate them.


50. There are very little information about Abnegate

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51. Artist: Signal The Firing SquadAlbum: AbnegateYear: 2012Country: AustraliaI do not own any rights

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52. Abnegate Meaning in English to Urdu is ترک کرنا, as written in Urdu and Tark Karna, as written in Roman Urdu

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53. There are many synonyms of Abnegate which include Abstain, Decline, Forbear, Forgo, Refrain, Reject, Give Up, etc.

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ABNEGATE [ˈabnəˌɡāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does abnegate mean in Latin?

abnegate Has Latin Roots. There's no denying that the Latin root negare has given English some useful words. That verb, which means "to deny," is the ultimate source of the noun "abnegation," a synonym of "denial" that began appearing in English manuscripts in the 14th century.

What does abnegated mean?

1. To give up (rights or a claim, for example); renounce. 2. To deny (something) to oneself: The minister abnegated the luxuries of life. [Latin abnegāre, abnegāt-, to refuse : ab-, away; see ab-1 + negāre, to deny; see ne in Indo-European roots .] ab′ne·ga′tor n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What are some examples of the word 'abnegating'?

That root is also an ancestor of other nay-saying terms such as "deny," "negate," and "renegade." Recent Examples on the Web Abnegating this responsibility is going against the will of the people and we were voted in to protect the interests of the people.

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