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1. Ablated synonyms, Ablated pronunciation, Ablated translation, English dictionary definition of Ablated


2. Get a Ablated mug for your daughter Julia.


3. Synonyms for Ablated include eroded, evaporated, melted, molt, molten, vaporised and vaporized

Ablated, And

4. Laser ablation or laser stripping is a method of wire stripping where enamel coatings can be removed from precise locations with non-mechanical means, thus creating laser Ablated wire

Ablation, Ablated

5. The Ablated (or destroyed) areas of tissue inside your heart may take up to eight weeks to heal

Ablated, Areas

6. Briefly, the Ablated tumor was removed in a block-by-block, superficial-to-deep manner, and was further Ablated and subsequently removed as much as possible to maximize its elimination

Ablated, And, As

7. My thyroid was Ablated via radioactive iodine treatment about a year ago

Ablated, About, Ago

8. Since my thyroid has been Ablated


9. If your thyroid has been removed or Ablated, sometimes the stressor that this is causing on the body could be enough to throw off TSH levels


10. Ablated: 1 adj made smaller or less by melting or erosion or vaporization “the rocket's Ablated head shield” Synonyms: decreased , reduced made less in size or amount or degree

Ablated, Adj, Amount

11. To become Ablated; undergo ablation

Ablated, Ablation

12. The Ablated material interacts with the laser pulse to produce a highly energetic plasma


13. The Ablated material also aggregates into small particles that can be sampled, atomised

Ablated, Also, Aggregates, Atomised

14.Ablated (adjective) Sense 1

Ablated, Adjective

15. Context example: the rocket's Ablated head shield


16. Phospho-Ablated Id2 inhibits G1/S transition


17. The manner in which phosphorylated and phospho-Ablated Id2 affected myoblast proliferation was measured by bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) incorporation into S-phase of the cell cycle (Figure 1A).S-phase myoblasts were determined from flow cytometric analysis of BrdU expression (y-axis) and DNA content (x-axis).

And, Ablated, Affected, Analysis, Axis

18. The stiffness inside the Ablated zone represented a radial distribution with downtrend, following a linear law


19. The stiffness at the inner edge of Ablated zone is stable and significantly higher than that at the outer edge

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20. Synonyms for Ablated in Free Thesaurus


21. 2 words related to Ablated: decreased, reduced


22. There are plenty of veins to take the blood back to the heart when the saphenous system is Ablated

Are, Ablated

23. The Ablated channels represent a relatively small surface and volume fraction of the epidermis and upper dermis, and heal very fast

Ablated, And

24. A pilot study was performed to explore the benefits of treatments through Ablated conduits for skin tightening, cellulite, and acne scarring.

Ablated, And, Acne

25. Chocolate increased cataplexy in double-Ablated mice, but did not increase DT sleep


26. Clomipramine significantly decreased cataplexy in double-Ablated mice, but did not affect the number of bouts or mean bout duration of DT sleep.

Ablated, Affect

27. Ablation for AF does not increase the 30-day operative mortality or perioperative morbidity compared to non-Ablated

Ablation, Af, Ablated

28. T =thickness of the tissue Ablated in microns; S = diameter of the optical zone in millimeters; D = dioptric correction; The ablation depth does not include the transition (blend) zone of the surgery which usually adds extra 8 microns.

Ablated, Ablation, Adds

29. A smaller laser Ablated opening width may easily lead to the formation of voids under screen printing and co-firing backside aluminum

Ablated, And, Aluminum

30. The effect of laser intensity on characteristics of the plasma Ablated from a low-Z (CH) planar target irradiated by a 250 ps, 0.438 µm laser pulse with the intensity of up to 10 16 W/cm 2 as well as on parameters of the laser-driven shock generated in the target for various scale-lengths of preformed plasma was investigated at the kilojoule Prague Asterix Laser System (PALS) laser facility.

Ablated, As, At, Asterix

31. Heat Shield Sample, Gemini, Ablated square piece of honeycomb heatshield; Ablated grey and black upper surface, white center section and brown lower section; flat back

Ablated, And

32. Ablated Records, Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio)


33. Ablated Records distributing musick and sick brutal merch

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34. Number of Ablated spots in the course of renal sympathetic denervation in CKD patients with uncontrolled hypertension: EnligHTN vs


35. Avicenna Technology is a leading provider of laser Ablated fine wire and laser machine polymer tubing for the medical device market

Avicenna, Ablated, And

36. All Ablated lesions were at least partially heterogeneous on both T1- and T2-weighted MR sequences, but each mass was generally hyperintense to normal renal parenchyma on T1-weighted sequences and hypointense to normal renal parenchyma on T2-weighted sequences

All, Ablated, At, And

37. No enhancement was noted at any time in the Ablated tumor or the ablation cavity, as

At, Any, Ablated, Ablation, As

38. Ablated endometrium, also endometrium post-ablation procedure, is endometrium that has been destroyed to render it nonfunctional.

Ablated, Also, Ablation

39. In this paper, a high performance manipulation strategy for gas bubbles is proposed by utilizing ferrofluid-infused laser-Ablated microstructured surfaces (FLAMS)


40. With the decrease of mesh number, the water intrusion pressure of the laser Ablated copper mesh decreases as is shown in Fig

Ablated, As

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ABLATED [əˈblāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ablation considered surgery?

Uterine Ablation is also known as endometrial ablation, uterine ablation is a procedure done to remove the tissue that lines the uterus. This tissue is known as endometrium. The procedure is not considered a surgery, therefore, you will not have any incision or cut in your body.

When is ablation needed?

Cardiac ablation is a procedure that is necessary when the electricity within the heart malfunctions and the heartbeat becomes irregular.

Are heart ablations dangerous?

The main danger to cardiac ablation includes what happens at the site of entry. The procedure has an increased risk of bleeding or infection at the site of entry of the catheter into the vessel. In some instances, blood clots can form making removal difficult and slowly down healing to the area.

What is ablation mean?

ABLATION (noun) The noun ABLATION has 2 senses: 1. surgical removal of a body part or tissue. 2. the erosive process that reduces the size of glaciers. Familiarity information: ABLATION used as a noun is rare.

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