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Looking for sentences with "Abide"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Obey 2. Observe 3. Follow 4. Uphold 5. Heed 6. Accept 7. Acknowledge 8. Respect 9. Flout 10. Reject 11. Tolerate 12. Bear 13. Stand 14. Endure 15. Suffer 16. Accept 17. Brook 18. Support 19. Take 20. Countenance ...21. Face 22. Handle 23. Stick 24. Swallow 25. Stomach 26. Hack 27. Wear 28. Continue 29. Remain 30. Survive 31. Last 32. Persist 33. Stay 34. Fade 35. Disappear 36. Reside 37. Live 38. Lodge 39. Stay 40. Sojourn 41. Bide 42. Legal See more »
1. They have got to abide by the rules
2. abide with me a while longer
3. I can't abide that man
4. I can't abide that man - he's so self-satisfied
5. You must abide by what you have said
6. I can't abide people with no sense of humour
7. How can you abide such a person?
8. Please feel assured that we will abide by our promise
9. He couldn't abide the thought of being cooped up in an office
10. I can't abide her
11. She can't abide watching horror films
12. Everyone should abide by our social norms
13. Competitors must abide by the judge's decision
14. They would abide in the summer house
15. If you make a promise abide by it
16. You have to abide by the referee's decision
17. You shall abide in my love
18. He will abide my coming
19. May joy and peace abide in us all
20. You must abide by the results of your mistakes
21. You'll have to abide by the consequences
22. How could you abide such conditions?
23. She can't abide coarseness and stupidity
24. How can you abide him?
25. They abide in a remote village
26. Members must abide by the rules of the club
27. She can't abide his rudeness
28. We will abide by their decision
29. We are not free agents; we abide by the decisions of our president
30. Though the sources are wildly different, in each of these particular examples, abide is used as it is defined at the first intransitive sense: "to remain stable or fixed in a state." In the phrase "abide in me," Jesus is asking his followers to stay constant in their relationship to him.
31. Perfect for women who abide by the "grab and go" mentality as they rush out the door in the morning, an Orla Kiely Multi-Stem holdall is a great choice for everyday use. 4 3 Those groups that agreed to abide by the main TAPS philosophy and methodology joined the network of paranormal researchers now called the TAPS Family.
32. To use deerhounds today, you must register your pack annually with the FWC and abide by strict rules about how and where you can run your dogs. We will ask them to abide by the Bill of Rights with no selectiveness or discrimination based on nationality or social identity.
33. Definition of abide . tolerate an unpleasant thing or person; endure. Examples of abide in a sentence. Although my daughter hates the school dress code, she knows she must abide by it. 🔊 I find it difficult to abide the narrow-minded attitude of a prejudiced person. 🔊 The students must abide by the classroom rules or else suffer the
34. 1. They have got to abide by the rules. 2. abide with me a while longer.
35. A misproud man resolves to abide by the evil words which he has spoken in anger. I will not abide by the arbitrement of a Pope who has dared to affix a curse upon freedom. Be good, deserve it, and abide by Mr. jagger's instructions. It calls upon the government in Gaza to fully abide by the law and stop summonses and arrests on political grounds.
36. Use "abide by" in a sentence The players have to abide by the umpire's decision. The players must abide by the rules. We must abide by the law.
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39. abide 'ABIDE' is a 5 letter word starting with A and ending with E Crossword clues for 'ABIDE' Clue Answer; Live, dwell (5) ABIDE: Follow, with "by" (5) If you have a moment, please use the voting buttons (green and red arrows) near the top of the page to let us know if we're helping with this clue. We try to review as many of these votes
40. Use abide in a sentence. Example Sentences for abide I abide by game theory. I miss "The earth abides". The dude cannot abide lame websites. It is easier to abide by simple, though unfair, law than complicated and arguably fair law. I think people speculating in this thread would greatly enjoy Earth abides by George Stewart.
41. abide means to stay with or remain. To remain married for life is an example of abide.
42. To dislike somebody/something so much that you hate having to be with or deal with them synonym bear, stand I can't abide people with no sense of humour. He couldn't abide the thought of being cooped up in an office. I can’t abide people who look down on others.
43. abide definition, to remain; continue; stay: abide with me. See more.
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45. Examples of abide in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: The nature of that empire has been of abiding interest, as the extensive…
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47. abide in a sentence - Use "abide" in a sentence 1. The annoyance turned otherwise law-abiding individuals into tax cheats. 2. A misdemeanor conviction to most law-abiding citizens is devastating. click for more sentences of abide

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