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1. Unlike most other conjunctions, Aber need not be the first word of a clause: Ich bin dafür, er Aber lehnt es ab

Aber, Ab

2. — “I’m in favour, but he rejects it.” In such a construction, Aber might be considered an adverb, though the usual interpretation is that it is still a conjunction

Aber, An, Adverb

3. After a negative, sondern is used to express a contrast, while Aber expresses a gradation or

After, Aber

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An, Abercrombie, Amp, Account, And

5. Aber translate: but, used to qualify a statement, but, used to reinforce a statement, but, now, now!, only


6. Find the latest 13350 (Aber) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing.

Aber, And

7. Aber : New sets Catalogue Sale Gallery Links About company Contact: advanced

Aber, About, Advanced

8. Ich bin hungrig, Aber ich habe keine Zeit etwas zu essen


9. Sie spricht drei Sprachen: Englisch, Russisch und Arabisch Aber leider kein Deutsch

Arabisch, Aber

10. Wir hätten gerne drei Cheeseburger, Aber ohne Zwiebeln


11. Er hat gesagt, er bringt Kartoffelsalat mit, Aber er hat Nudelsalat mitgebracht.


12. 1425 rows · Aber Catalogue 2017: CB-055 : Thin electric cable diameter 0,55mm length 5m: HR 10 : …


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At, Abercrombie, Amp

14. Aberystwyth Tourism: Tripadvisor has 35,246 reviews of Aberystwyth Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Aberystwyth resource.

Aberystwyth, Attractions, And

15. Shop full range of Aber photo-etched parts, metal barrels for armour, aircraft &ship plastic model kits

Aber, Armour, Aircraft, Amp

16. Aber Instruments Ltd is a successful global company supplying thousands of advanced systems for use in the Brewing, Biotech & Biofuel industries.

Aber, Advanced, Amp

17. The historic region of Austria is the birthplace of the esteemed surname Aber

Austria, Aber

18. The name is derived from "Aber," a personal name of Teutonic origin, popular in various forms throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, meaning "illustrious." The surname was most likely first borne by the son of one called Aber.

Aber, Ages

19. Aber goes back to Common Brittonic.In Old Welsh it has the form oper (later aper) and is derived from an assumed *od-ber, meaning 'pouring away'.This is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *bher-, 'carry' (English bear, Latin fero) with the prefix ad-, 'to'.It is found in Welsh, Cornish and Breton.

Aber, Aper, And, An, Assumed, Away, Ad

20. Place names with Aber are very common in Wales.

Aber, Are

21. Definition of Aber in the dictionary


22. What does Aber mean? Information and translations of Aber in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Aber, And

23. Aber, Aber! now, now!, tut, tut!, come, come! Aber ich kann nichts dafür! but I can't help it! Aber das wollte ich doch gar nicht! but I didn't want that! das ist Aber schrecklich! but that's awful! das mach ich Aber nicht! I will NOT do that! dann ist er Aber wütend geworden then he …

Aber, Awful

24. Aber definition: (in Wales ) an estuary , or the mouth of a river Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Aber, An, And

25. Aberystwyth University- University of the Year for Teaching Quality


26. Check 'Aber' translations into English


27. Look through examples of Aber translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.

Aber, And

28. English Translation of “Aber” The official Collins German-English Dictionary online


29. What does Aber mean? (UK dialectal) Sharp; keen


30. Eko Fresh's neue Single - Aber (produced by Samy Deluxe) ist da


31. Aber Fence is widely recognized for our great customer service, supreme workmanship, and quality fence installations

Aber, And

32. Aber Bergen (TV Series 2016–2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Aber, And, Actors, Actresses

33. Aber's Truck Center in Ashland, OH is a proud owner of a well-equipped GMC dealership

Aber, Ashland

34. Aber Valley community allotment first started in 2004 as a lifestyle, healthy living and environmental initiative by the community partnership

Aber, Allotment, As, And

35. Community allotment grows on locals Those two shock early strikes blew the final wide open with Aber looking to use Geoff Kellaway's pace down the right flank to cause Saints further problems.

Allotment, Aber

36. Aber der Nutzen der Kraftwerke geht sogar noch weiter: „Unsere Partner übernehmen Aufgaben, die für die Verwaltung anfallen – zum Beispiel, wie man ein Stromtarifsystem aufbaut oder welche Prozesse angestoßen werden müssen, wenn eine Reparatur ansteht“, so Hofmann.

Aber, Aufgaben, Anfallen, Aufbaut, Angesto, Ansteht

37. Chuck Aber, Actor: The Silence of the Lambs

Aber, Actor

38. Chuck Aber was born on April 22, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Aber, April

39. Aber is a novel dual-issued wholesale CBDC which addresses the all important question of cross border payments

Aber, Addresses, All

40. Aber is a world expert manufacturer in the domain of the oil-hydraulic and on the power transmission: piston pumps, gear pumps, power take off, power pack.

Aber, And

41. Both Aber and sondern are coordinating conjunctions that can translate into English as but.However, the two are not interchangeable! (Note: coordinating conjunctions are words that connect two main or "standard word order" clauses.

Aber, And, Are, As

42. Love AberAber Social is purely volunteer work to promote tourism in mid wales (Aberystwyth & nearby) and to share events, news and blogs with students of …

Aber, Aberystwyth, Amp, And

43. Aber Bergen: Episode 09 (Sn 1 Ep 9) Episode 9


44. Aber Bergen prepares to take Elea’s father’s firm to court


45. 44:19 Aber Bergen: Episode 10 (Sn 1 Ep 10) Episode 10


46. Aber Bergen: Episode 10 (Sn 1 Ep 10) Episode 10


47. Erik Aber wakes up to his biggest crisis yet


48. Aber railway station is a railway station serving the town of Caerphilly, south Wales.It is a stop on the Rhymney Line 8 1 ⁄ 4 miles (13.3 km) north of Cardiff Central on the Valley Lines network.


49. When you use Aber as a modal particle it has 3 meanings/uses

Aber, As

50. 1) In a statement, Aber expresses a surprised reaction


51. Der Film war Aber gut! = The film was good! 1a) ja can also be used to express surprise, but Aber expresses surprise to the degree that something is a certain quality

Aber, Also

52. Der Kaffee ist Aber heiß!> the coffee is hotter than you


53. 19 reviews of Aber Nail & Spa "Update - went back for a nail fill and had another tech do it

Aber, Amp, And, Another

54. Aber: (1) Auditory brainstem evoked response, see there

Aber, Auditory

55. (2) Abduction and external rotation; see Aber positioning.

Abduction, And, Aber

56. Aber 972 followers on LinkedIn


57. Manufacturing Hydraulic Excellence Since 1972 Aber is an expert in the domain of the oil-hydraulic and in the transmission of power applied mainly on trucks

Aber, An, And, Applied

58. Project Aber Final Report 8 Executive Summary Project Aber was an initiative launched by the central banks of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to explore the viability of a single dual-issued digital currency as an instrument of domestic and cross-border settlement between the two countries

Aber, An, Arabia, And, Arab, As

59. The conjunction Aber can link two main clauses to each other:


60. Zuerst wollte ich fliegen, Aber der Flug ist ausgefallen

Aber, Ausgefallen

61. If two clauses are linked with Aber, the second clause limits the …

Are, Aber

62. Cheryl "Shaindy" Aber brings to our dermatology practice a comprehensive medical background and an appreciation of how connected our skin, hair and nails are with our overall health and lifestyle

Aber, And, An, Appreciation, Are

63. Aberystwyth University - Departments


64. Contact for this page: Aberystwyth University, Visualisation Building, Penglais, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion , SY23 3BF


65. Al Aber was born on Sunday, July 31, 1927, in Cleveland, Ohio

Al, Aber

66. Aber was 23 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 15, 1950, with the Cleveland Indians


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aber mean?

aber ( comparative mair aber, superlative maist aber ) ( Shetland) sharp, keen. ( Shetland) clear, distinct. ( Shetland) sharp - sighted, observant, watchful. ( Shetland) eager.

What does Aber and Inver mean?

Aber and Inver are common elements in place-names of Celtic origin. Both mean "confluence of waters" or "river mouth". Their distribution reflects the geographical influence of the Brittonic and Goidelic language groups, respectively.

Is Aber an adverb?

In such a construction, aber might be considered an adverb, though the usual interpretation is that it is still a conjunction. After a negative, sondern is used to express a contrast, while aber expresses a gradation or nuance. Compare: Er ist nicht genial, sondern dumm. ― He isn’t brilliant but stupid. Er ist nicht genial, aber ziemlich klug.

What is the plural of Aber?

aber n (definite singular aberet, indefinite plural aber or abere, definite plural abera or aberne) a problem, an obstacle, a difficulty

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